Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Work Terms, Initiation?

OK, so you always see me refer to the hallowed, husks whatever call them the numb.
I do have a reason for this, as I believe their minds have not been scooped out, their souls have not left their bodies or been removed. They were merely unable to take the mental weight that PRE 01 exerts on its victims, as we know he distorts the electro magnetic spectrum sometimes due to it, causing cameras to malfunction, just for a laugh I saw he could boil a packet of microwaveable rice, It worked. Sorry my terms I will use an example here, if you put to much weight on your arm or get punched in it many times it eventually gets numb or breaks, which may be numb depending on severity and whether you've seen it. Again sorry, concentrate, so this is what I think happens to the numb their mind has so much weight put on it, it just stops sending thought there, or it's broken but signals aren't received telling the person their crazy, so their mind is sleeping like you might say your leg has fallen asleep after sitting on it. That's also why I refuse to kill them even though "they are only hallowed they can't feel anything" (erroneous generic runner statement).

One of my next experiments involves the numb to see if I could help them.

Stay Safe, is simple I wan't people to stay alive and the best way they can do that is staying safe.
Stay Sharp, If you aren't thinking am I in danger you probably are, so think and question if you can get out of your situation or move to make it safer.
Stay Alive, Basically this is just the reiteration of the first two so to maintain life you must do what you believe to be necessary, I know all don't share my beliefs but I can at least will others to act like I do, but they are all as autonomous as I am.

I guess today was my Initiation?, Seeing if I was a 'good' or a 'bad' guy, I was walking back from getting food and another notebook ( I have hundreds), when  I was walking past a park, you can see where this is going can't you, and I saw Tall, Dark and Eldritch at first I thought he was just staring at me but noticed I was looking at the back of his head. I felt silly, then I noticed a child walking towards our emotionless pursuer, so I did what I would hope any would do, I picked up a sizable rock about the size of a fist and threw it at our invincible keeper and I actually landed a hit, no damage was done however drat. This as it always seems the case broke what control was over the kid and he did the sensible thing and pegged it as fast as he could away from there, I didn't. Now I know people talk about him looking angry but I thought they just applied it to the situation and what was the outcome, but I never knew such a featureless face could express that rage, I am currently in a cast for my broken leg that Slendy was helpful enough to give me and 15 stitches, don't worry I have beer to numb the pain. I woke up wit hthe kid shaking me, he wanted to know what happened I said a strange man was trying to take him, and left it at that.

I went to the hospital thank whatever God exists for the NHS I don't care what you American think it is the best thing in welfare since clean water. Any way the kid helped me call an ambulance, for some reason he stayed with me, after I told him he should run and never look back, Blkame TV for making them courageous motherfuckers. I found out after having opiates injected into my bloodstream taht his name was Johnny and his parent had recently divorced and neither of them wanted him, some people get the bad luck if I hadn't saved him I doubt anyone would have noticed. So I asked if he wanted to stay at my house, despite the occasional slender apperence it is safe and I he will prove its merit.

I htought I had lost my humanity, Half the reason I started this blog to be impartial, to condense and get information out there, now look at me less than a week and I saved I life I didn't know I may die sooner than I though. I am currently talking to Johnny seeing if he'll go home less timewill be spent on this, I hear the collective hallelujah.

Also Nathan if you read this is there an autonomous proxy following me,  as one of my notebook is missing, I wouldn't have noticed it if I wasn't looking for it for you, If you know of such a proxy invasion of my hoem can you get the notebook back you may find it useful thoguh I can't make promises. FFS Johnny uor only allowed one guinness If you have more, I will hand yo over to the strange man myself.

Be Happy, Be MeRRY, Be Free,
My Fruity darlings
TBP: I fell freer than I have for a while, even before Slendy, I'll try and get Johnny home,  but he refuses to tell ,me wher he lives, if I have to drive, or if he has a home. I shall keep trying , hheheh maybe he's a fear, the fear of getting drunk out of house a nd home by a 9 year old. I like this kid If no one notices he's gone or he refuses to tell me where he lives I may keep him, like apet, OOOOO, I just realised I lost my BAcon.

Thoughts after Publish: Another month has rolled round, the new year really begins as the old one is dead



  1. I'll check around, but no promises I'll find anything.

  2. Thanks, I hope what I have in mund can help you

  3. "I saw he could boil a packet of microwaveable rice, It worked. " Whelp time to sell the Microwave XD