Sunday, 30 September 2012


It is a few hours until Sundown and the moon will be out, I am writing this so that in case something goes wrong you know the affect of the plant in proximity to werewolfs.

Grey has become increasingly aggressive and agitated whilst we've had the plant, and actually tried to attack one of us, I'm not telling you who it was, but since he's still alive you can guess who it was. This behavior may be due to the proximity of the full moon but regardless precautions have been made we've soundproofed  the entire house in case Grey makes so much noise he draws attention to us, and with him shouting so much whilst being strapped to the chair it's a real probability, he broke the leather belt I was using to restrain his wrists, so we attained some handcuffs for the moment, but what we'll do when he changes I don't, and the stuff isn't ready yet, so I will have to leave it to the last minute. Hence the post, Grey may get me and take his own life out of guilt. He's yelling again  he must have chewed through the gag again, well I'll be seeing you tomorrow hopefully, if not.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Damn Werewolves

I got it, though as you expect there was someone protecting it, well something it's hard to call the thing I saw human anymore, the wolf had taken over, even in it's 'human' form you could see the wolf in his eyes, he warned me to turn back and leave, well that didn't happen.

Werewolf: Turn back, from this place, I don't not wish to kill you.
M: Why would you kill me this is a plant that can cure you, don't you want to be free of this curse that has been placed upon you, surely this is not the life you wish to live?
W: The wolf demands you die, lest it die, the wolf sustains me and makes me strong, I must guard this plant from any who would wish to use it to kill the wolf.
M: You know I have come too far and lost too much to be killed by a werewolf, so if you wanted to live you should turn and leave.

I saw the man and the wolf battle with each other in the mans head, the man turns away apparently heading my warning but not accepting my help. I heard a sharp crack and the mans was facing me but his feet were pointing backwards, the wolf was evident in his face.

Wolf: NO! *It barked* you shall not kill me or one of my kin, you men are weak, we wolves are strong and proud, we will not run from battle like our shells do, tonight you die.
M: You think so, do you?

I actually saw my first transformation, his legs seemed to crack and muscles warp, his nose grew with his mouth so he had a snarling mouth, his stomach distended and his chest expanded his arms did the same thing as his legs now all his body seemed to expand until it was a wolf up to the bottom of my ribs.

M: Well, this will be fun won't it, to the death I presume?

The wolf snarled, I guess in agreement.

From the size I guess the subject was an old wolf being more than twice the size of grey, and if they grow every year they are alive this would be expected.

He jumped at me and I rolled away, with creatures that large their size is as much a hindrance as it is an advantage. Proven when the wolf skidded about two feet before it got it's claws in for traction. I saw from the gouge marks in the earth that the claws were extremely long. 

I  had a knife in laid with alot of silver, cost a shit load I can tell you that, and a lump of lead large enough to kill a chimera. So I took out the knife first and started my attack, every time I dodged it I got a shot at its underside even castrated it once I think, though it was hard to tell cause it always healed and nothing I did caused it any lasting damage, except a few scars possibly due to the presence of silver. I had a chance of killing it in one fell swoop but it was risky I fell back, the wolf stood over me ready to strike I took my bag as if to protect myself, it went for my throat, I took my bag and shoved it down the gaping maw, the teeth closed around my arm severing enough muscle as to make it useless, well almost, I barely got my arm out and put the knife through the top and bottom jaw and used a rock to bend the end so it stayed in place.

The wolf tried to cough up the lead and dislodge the knife but it couldn't do wither I stumbled to the place the plant grew there seemed to be enough I took it put it in a bag and put it in my pocket as I didn't exactly have my bag anymore in my susceptible state I must have accessed an old part of my mind because my arm started to itch and it healed itself. I kept telling myself, everything is possible, nothing is certain. I heard the wolf choke and opened my eyes saw that it's movement were becoming more subdued and was reverting back to human form. I walked over and took the knife out of the jaw I wouldn't make him suffer.

Wolf/Man: Thank you, I'm free.

With that I put the blade through his skull he twitched and stopped I took an hour to bury him then left with my prize, it is currently being made three more days and Grey is cured, hopefully. Though he does seem strange since I brought the plant back, he seems really hostile, I'll have to keep an eye on him, this might not end well.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Monday, 24 September 2012

Uncomfortable Questions

Why am I alive?

That's what Grey asked the other day, I had to lie to him, if he found out that I had re cursed him I don't think he'd be too pleased. He confronted me with this whilst I was watching Television, I have a lot of time on my hand since I was injured so badly and I can't get the 'antidote' for a couple of days.

M: Well, maybe it was the energy given off by Slendy so it inhibited your abilities whilst there was enough residual radiation. So therefore when he left for a long enough time your abilities restarted.
G: Really is that what happened?
M: Well I think that's what happened, why, what else could it have been?
G: I just think it's a bit suspect that I was dead for I think what must have been a couple of hours, so unless you did something really sneaky I wouldn't have wanted you to do, I find your theory more than lacking.
M: If you're accusing me of making you a werewolf again just say it
G: I'm not accusing you of anything, just saying I think there is something more to it than what you say.
M: Well, from what I saw that's all I can think it could be.
G: Hmmm, well I guess I can't ask more from you.

*Grey leaves the room then Kat piques up from beside me*

K: You know you shouldn't lie to him, he trusts you so much and you're abusing that, why don't you just tell him the truth?
M: As you said he trusts me, if I told him the truth he may go crazy, do you really want that wolf coming out and causing trouble for us. We have to protect ourselves and Tom and Aoife we aren't the only people.
K: I still think you should tell him, he's your friend you owe him the truth at least.
M: He doesn't need to know, I'll cure him regardless before teh full moon, he's better off not knowing.
K: Well, atleast be careful, people like grey don't like being lied to and so if he finds out you've been keeping it from him and you aren't the one to tell him, it may not go well for you.
M: Well, aren't you cheerful today.

So it's a short post today, not much to report.

Stay Safe Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Friday, 21 September 2012

the attack

My God, how many proxies were there, how did the authorities not report that, how did they all ignore it, there must have been I don't know 40 or 50 proxies all gathered outside, with our old friend Slendy with them.

Two sharp cracks, one of them had a gun, yeah,

The gun totting proxy called me out as revenge and retribution for all of my crimes, Grey came down after the gun shots and asked what was going on, he didn't look that good, I saw the scars on his shoulder and stomach for the first time, they were large, but he also looked quite ill, he doesn't even wait to cook his meat these days. And he looks like he is ready to attack any one of us, and is quite irritable I have come so close to kicking him out so many times.

So this proxy called me out  and who was I to disappoint.

I went out to confront them with everyone huddled in the doorway and the proxies assembled before me
amongst them Slendy stood, then the really annoying proxy said in a self important tone.

Prick: You Rogue proxy Manic Muse are charged with the assault of 206 proxies, of which you murdered 154 of them. Therefore by the authority granted to me by our Father, as Overseer of the Northern London Area, Sentence you to termination on order of our Father, who has come to ensure this order. Do you have any last words before you are escorted to the designated  termination point?

M: Yes, Come have a go if you think your hard enough.

*He seemed to find this slightly annoying as his expression hardened*

Prick: So be it.

* I say to Kat,* When you hear me say so turn and run into the house, I don't care what you hear after hat don't look.
K: But...
M: Do it.

I walk forwards and one of the proxies comes forwards, and I punch him in the shoulder then dislocate his arm, one down, two down, I take the knife from one of them, 3, 4, 5, Bang.

Prick: That is enough you will come with us now or I will shoot you where you stand.

I don't know what happened next, but Grey started to change I heard a sound akin to bones breaking, and muscles tearing, an animal dying, I saw Grey contorted in some........ impossible ways, I can't describe how, but a wolf stood where he was a minute later. The Prick didn't seem to notice this cause I saw him about to pull the trigger, All I saw next was his bottom half fall down and hit the ground, Grey was now working his way through the proxies until Slender Man took him and threw him against a tree, I heard a yelp and Grey stopped moving. I then saw him in front of me again looking pissed.

M: So here we are again we need to stop meeting like this.

He reached down with one of his tentacles and squeezed my waist so hard I swear my intestines almost came out one end and my lungs the other. Brought me to his eye level like he would to make a point.

S: Try using your little weapons now, even if you do I have my proxies here you won't get through all of them.

M: Maybe,  but I might as well use my little toys one more time.   NOW!

I stabbed the syringe into the Slender Man's  'skin' and depressed the syringe, I closed my eyes as Sub- Mixture 6 coursed through his system, I felt him spasm and I felt the ground next, and heard screaming of all tones and pitches, it was anarchy and then, then I fell unconscious.

By the time I woke up, I saw all the bodies littered the front garden, and Slendy was gone, I saw smoke in the back garden and I also saw Grey (now in human form against the tree), I crawled toward him as I thought my legs were broken, because of the amount of pain I was in. I shook him he seemed to rouse a little I shook him again.

G: Hey dude, did we win?
M: Yeah we won, why did you do that, you didn't need to.
G: Yes I did, if I didn't there would have been no chance of you curing me would there.
M: But.... But..... You could of died.
G: It feels like I'm close to dying now
M: No, no you'll be fine.
G: I've always been able to tell when you were lying.
M: I'm not lying I'll save you, like I said I would, I'll fucking save you.
G: No Manic, no you won't, don't you see I am free I'm not healing, the Slender Man killed me, I can be free from this curse at last.
M: Don't think like that, I can heal you, I can make you better.
G: You can rebuild me huh, So we have the technology do we.
M: What?
G; *He chuckles* Never mind, but you know what sort of damage has been done to me, my spine is broken I can't move my legs, 4 broken ribs, 3 on my left, 1 on my right. Punctured lung, feels like my heart is about to burst. Don't worry, I want it this way, to be free.
M: No I won't let you die due to me again, I can't, I won't have your death on my conscience again.

* I put my hands on him and try to heal him like I used to do, Grey looked slightly expectant, nothing happened, nothing changed*

G: * He chuckles again, excepts he coughs up blood this time as well* Manic, you always smart, but you're not smarter than death. Good bye Brother.

He slumped against me, his heart beat gone. I shook him, he didn't wake up,

M: No, come on, NO!

K: Manic, what happened what... *I guess she saw Grey and stopped* Is he gone?
M: Yes.
K: I'm sure he's in a better place.
M: I hope so.
K: At least he doesn't have to have you tearing chunks out of him all the time now I suppose.
M: Wait, maybe....
*I started running to the house*
K: Manic what are you doing?
M: Not smarter than death, Pah, I outwitted it once I can fucking do it again.

I took the last tissue sample I had from Grey, I checked them, they still had the lycanthropic hallmarks.

I was outside again. I injected them into his heart if I could just get that working. I pound his chest getting it pumping.

K: No Manic stop.
M: Why I won't let him die for me again, not this time, I can save him.
K: But why should you?
M: What do you mean, I can save him I have his old werewolf cells if they still convert old tissue then they can repair him.
K: But he died human like he wanted, if you bring him back ass a werewolf do you really think he'll thank you.
M: But I can cure him after I save him.
K: But he's at peace now.
K: Well, if you know best try, and save him, but if you fail you'll feel bad that you lost, if you succeed then you'll be pissed cause Grey would be pissed at you, but what do you care what I think. I'm not important in anyway.

*I start pumping again, I must have done it for an hour, it got dark before he stirred again, I heard crack as vertebra snapped back in place, as ribs mended and his breathing, he opened his eyes*

G: Wha... What, if this is heaven I'll be royally pissed.
M: No not heaven.
G: Then.... Why ain't I dead?
M: Cause I have the fucking technology.

*Grey laughs*

We spent yesterday resting, God knows we need it, all the bodies are gone, either burnt or thrown into the path.

So my most heart felt parting words for a while,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


As I can't seem to do anything for Grey at this moment in time I have reverted to my old project Kat seems to be happier with this, Tom has made little progress as little as we were making before, but hopefully it should work. Maybe I could incorporate it with my project for Grey, that may cause a more lasting change but looking at the components I think it would run into the same problems as the others, namely rejection or being combated and negated.

I think, I shall wait a while longer before revealing the project in it's entirety, as proxies probably read this I know this as yesterday one, just one was just sitting outside with a cricket bat.
I gave him the choice to run, to not be another one of my victims to go back to his kin and he would live, he charged at me as always I just sidestepped him and caught his arm and took the bat from his hand and threw it into the bushes.

M: Leave.
Proxy: No.
P: No.
M: You're leaving here one way or another either with your life or without it, your choice.
P: The latter's the one I came for.
M: What do you mean, you want me to kill you?
P: Yes.
M: Why did you come to me?
P: Because you're infamous, you've killed so many proxies and runners  I thought you'd do it without asking any questions, if I just attacked you then you would do it. But obviously that didn't work. Just kill me.
M: Why?
P: Because I can't take it anymore, that Thing I serve, enslaved to, it hurts all the time I never wanted this, I only wanted to protect my sister, I didn't want to kill them, I hear them scream when I close my eyes, see their faces in my dreams. Imagine the families I destroyed in order to protect my own. Kill me, it's the only way I can think they'll remain safe.
M: How old are you?
P: 16
M: 16? Too young, too soft. How long ago?
P: 18 months, 3 weeks, 4days.
M: How many?
P: 2
M: *I chuckle automatically at this* 2, your age?
P: One was the other was an old man that tried to help me but I had to kill him too.
M: Kid, do you know how many people I've killed, how long I've been part of this shit?
P: Since you were 6, and No.
M: Neither do I, I see all my victims faces too, I'm too scared to count, because I know the number would be too high for me to live with. I don't want to add yours to my list.
P: Then what do I do? I can't let him kill me.
M: Why not?
P: It's not on my terms.
M: Why wouldn't it be.
P: Because I didn't choose to serve and die for him I was forced to do it, he will win if he kills me.
M: But if I kill you, then you win, how does that work?
P: I choose to come to you, you aren't that Thing, you will understand.
M: Nothing is different only one of the beings is mortal, you wouldn't win.
P: If you don't kill me, I'll just come back again and again, until you do, so do it, KILL ME!
M: No.

*Kat comes out at this point probably to investigate the noise*
P: If you don't I'll come after her and I'll hurt her.
M: I'd like to see you try, and it wouldn't be me you would have to worry about.
What's your name Kid?
P: *looks apprehensive*....... James
M: Your sister's?
P: Jane
M: Your Parent's?
P: Dominic and Emma.
M: The place you live?
P: Bath.
M: Keep thinking about those things, your home, what it's like on rainy days, sunny days, good days, bad days, think of what it means to you.

*I was advancing on the kid all this time, and just came to him now*
M: Close your eyes

He seemed to do this which barely contained excitement, and quivered with it, I put my hand on his shoulder and he flinched a bit but didn't withdraw, this kid was ready to die.

M: Too young to die, young enough too live.

He tried to pull away at this moment but I kept my grip firm and did the same thing to him I did to Tom and Aoife.

M: Sleep now, you're safe, they  can't haunt you anymore.

 I took him home, hopefully he's free now.

K: What happened to you Manic, you don't do that they'll be coming for him and you again, you handed him a death sentence.
M: Haven't you learnt anything from being around me. I didn't sentence him to death. I sentenced him to life. I'll protect him if I think he's in danger, he deserves the life we never got.
K: I hope this won't come back on us.

*I smile my cheeky smile*
M: Of course not my dear.

I still don't like the box, but I'm still quite busy, so that is it for today, maybe someone will die next time,

see you next time on That's so Slendy,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Attempt two


Cyanide, reasoning behind it being that again the highly respiring lycanthrope cells would take in the cyanide and die, hopefully taking in all of the cyanide leaving any human cells that remain.


I took a larger tissue sample from grey to test it, I also took some of my own cells and put them in with Grey's to see how they interacted. I put these into a dish and applied the cyanide to the cells, the lycanthrope  cells did indeed absorb more of the cyanide, as they seemed to lose their rigidity, whilst my unaffected cells seemed healthy, but at this point the lycanthrope cells seemed to move towards my cells, then the lycanthrope cells took in my cells this seemed to fix them, using the materials to fix themselves.


Unsuccessful, Lycanthropic cells are too hardy to be affected by normal materials, I think I must wait for the wolf death to bloom so I can use it.

In other news I got the answer to the riddle,

A weapon,
Again Muse you reason well and seek the answer true. But riddles are riddles, while many are put forward few are then solved. And for you Muse I'm the hardest of all. One more riddle you'll solve for me then one question hopefully.

"He who makes it, sells it,
  He who buys it, doesn't use it,
  He who uses it, doesn't know it,
  What is it?"
" A coffin"

"Now my question, probably the hardest of all, what am I?"

"A box"


"A box!"


"Fuck you then, there is other things I could be doing"

I've left the box there, I have more important things to do.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The library

Was uneventful, no Bone spiders, No army personnel to deal with, I'm surprised it was so easy, it was almost too easy like they wanted me to find it, I would be surprised if I hadn't already spent what felt like an eternity in it.

I came across the section concerning the proxies of the fears Some of them were written in the fear tongue, I learned a part of it during my imprisonment in these dimensions so I could converse with a fear if I wished, and I know their fear names.

I looked for the book containing the language, and I took the Book I saw named Der Großman, as far as I'm aware the oldest and most well documented term for him (Unless you subscribe to the Dark Harvest thought that his name is Gorelehotep). Now I read the book, and mainly it told the history of the being in this dimension, he may have a name in another dimension separate from ours where he goes by another name, which also resides in this library. I came to the part regarding proxies of the Slender Man, I saw Agents, Hallowed (Numb as I call them), Revenant, skimming them, then I saw one 'Lycanthrope' it told the history of the proxy from the beserkers and such, from the Greek's who believed they were sorcerers that wore animal hides, a reference to the native Americans and the Mai-cob. spanning millenia to even the Meso- Americans and Mayans.

It talk about some ways to kill the proxy if it become too dangerous to keep it alive and kills more servants than it does hunted.

It mentions a substances that from the language says Lupus mortem,   wolf's death, it doesn't specify whether it reverses the change or kills the affected person. I looked for other ones but yet again none specified if they cured or killed, or both. And I don't know what any of the things that are mentioned are, My best chance is Lupus Mortem, it gave a slight description of a long stalk with leaves covered in what looks like fur, it grows 4 days before a full moon and requires 4 days to be effective against the target, it grows under covered areas  by a stream of pure water, though the nearest werewolf will defend it till teh death for fear of losing his power, and will change regardless of the moon. And yet again it grow's most prosperously in Ireland, fucking Grand.

So I guess that's my plan of action, go to Ireland, find a rare plant that grows one day a month, fight any werewolfs nearby, hopefully stop the Slender Man also killing me and the rest of them, Oh and stop Kat and Aoife killing each other.

So much Fun.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Attempt one


'Grey' *Birth name redacted*


Lycanthropy (Werewolf)


Bodily fluid (Blood) deposited in side wound (Bite to neck, and gored stomach due to claw)


Proxy T-984403, known as blood moon, or Canis, real name Peter Cassidy.

Test: (Initiated by Manic Muse *Birth name redacted*) Sample of blood was taken to asses how different it is from Homo Sapien, Genes markedly different denotes possible sub species Homo lupus. Initial substance silver Nitrate combined with a binding antigen to facilitate endocytosis into cells, with diluted wolf's bane also known as aconite, monks hood or Devils helmet, considering in higher doses it is poisonous, with a lower dose it may attack the cells and clear those most severely affected by the ailment, which require more oxygen and such to respire, hence absorbing more of the substances.

Result: Initial observation proved encouraging, with severely affected lupus cells absorbing the substance and dying. 2 hours later, after (I assume) the toxins leached out of the tissues cells reanimated, and showed more characteristics of wolf tissue.

Conclusion: Either continuous injection or treatment would be needed to cleanse the system, or a higher doses over longer periods of time. problems comes when the silver and Wolf's Bane reach the peak of their toxicity which would kill the subject permanently, as liver would never repair due to the presence of the silver in the cells, neither would the kidneys.

First Mixture: Failure

Personal Note: Subject Grey did not acquire his curse through old medieval or in ways that the Greeks, Romans and other Eurasian and Nordic people thought a person became a werewolf, he was infected the modern way through a bite which was only reported during the 18th or 19th century. In these accounts there there is no form of salvation from the curse unlike the medieval sources say. This may mean that the sources would be unreliable and useless concerning his condition.

I may need to visit the library, to see if I could find any reference to a cure or inhibitor of the affliction. hopefully the worst I will run into is Zeke or one of his army lot, hopefully.

Stay Safe Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A strange Encounter

Well I don't know how to react to this but Grey came yesterday, He looked rough, as hell, I guess I know now.

Some background on this guy, looking back you may have thought from the context of the post where I first saw him it was Sirus, he's dead I checked that. Grey......... He was my partner when I was a proxy, the closest thing I could call to a friend in that organisation, he was in essence my brother when Sirus couldn't. He died 1 month before I left, or I thought he did, I made a poor decision chasing a group of runners, or were they cultists, I can't remember, and my poor decision ended up with Grey having a massive knife sticking out of his chest, I held him as he died, cried for the first time in a while, watched as he choked on his own blood, as he quivered and fell still, as the life left his eyes.

He turned up to my door, I saw him and greeted him with the same hostility as before:

M: How did you survive?
G: Luck I think, pure unadulterated luck.
M: But how?
G: Actually....... That's why I need your help Manic, you're the only one I trust to do this, the only one I believe who could do it.
M: Do what?
G: Cure me.
M: Of what?
G: Do you remember I went on that mission without you to Tahiti, hunting down a rough proxy, well you remember those stories we heard about the Slender Man creating proxies with powers and abilities akin to creatures found in our mythology.
M: Yeah, but what does that have to do with it?
G: Well, They weren't stories, the proxy I hunted was what you would call a werewolf, but he didn't walk upright, he just turned into a large wolf. The reason he went rough was because he couldn't control the wolf when he changed, but he managed to keep it under control by forcing himself to change and giving the wolf enough freedom that he didn't force himself out during full moons it was more a yearning to be free, but it didn't force a change. Now I caught up with him when he was in wolf form, so I couldn't negotiate with him, I only found out he was a werewolf after the mission.
M: Is there any point to this story?
G I'm getting to that. Now as I said he was in wolf form hen I caught him, but he didn't want to go, the wolf didn't want to be cage, I don't know who controlled whom at that point of time, I think the man was mostly gone by that point. So it ran at me and went for my throat, and as you had always said to keep your knife out when attacking something, I brought it up but it bit into my shoulder unimpeded, like nothing had touched it. I remembered the stories heard and remembered  the silver operator symbol in my pocket, I stabbed it again with the knife but shoved the symbol in before the wound closed, which it did, sealing the symbol in, the beast writhed and thrashed bleeding everywhere, including onto me. It bit half way through my leg, gored me with a claw across the stomach. I thought I was going to die.
M: But I saw you a week after that mission you looked fine.
G: *Small chuckle* I was picked up by a scouting team coming to see if I succeeded, they said I was found next to the mans human corpse in the morning, and noticed I was healing extremely quickly. They didn't think anything of it, so just let me off before a week that was when you saw me. A few weeks later the full moon came, I was in a random barracks for a mission when I turned I don't remember anything except the pain as I changed, until the morning when most of the proxies I was staying with were dead.

M: Wait you are telling me that you are a werewolf, an occult creature that is turned by the full moon, and has weakness to silver?
G: Pretty much.
M: You want me to cure you of lupinism?
G: Yes.
M: And how am I suppose to do that, I'm getting chased by fears who are staying away only because they are scared of the Sub- Mixtures, and the proxies are too scared of me to try and attack me, but that may change, they may find antidotes, and then I'm up shit creek with a bleeding paddle. I have no starting point to cure it, if there is one.
G: Then kill me.
M: What?
G: Kill me, I can't do this any longer, there were two full moons last month, it almost killed me, I killed more people.
M: Then kill yourself, I have too much blood on my hands to add yours.* I turn away to go and lean against the sofa with my back still to him*
G:  I can't I'm not brave enough, I put a gun with silver bullets to my head but I can't pull the trigger, So Manic if you're not going to kill me, you should cure me, unless you're like the proxies you condemn.
M: * I turn and see him slumped and dejected* I'll try but if I don't have a cure by the next full moon..
G: The 30th.
M: Then you are either gone or I kill you, clear.
G: *Massive grin* Very.
M: You also have to sleep on the sofa, and don't piss off Aoife or Kat stuff is hard enough around here without WW III.

So now I have a werewolf under my roof, I can't catch a break can I, For fucks's sake.

Stay Safe, stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kat here

Hi, I don't know how to start this off apart from saying sorry to Aoife, she isn't really talking to me, and with Manic and Tom doing their thing I have no one to talk to, so I'm talking to all you faceless people, yay.

I don't even know what to say to you all, Manic is the one who talks, and talks and makes it seem like there's a plan, that he's not just winging it as he goes. He can make people listen if he want's but he doesn't want people to know what he's doing right now, he won't even tell me, all I hear is swearing and explosions. And as you lot probably think I'm soft in the head already I can't say much that will convince you otherwise, you see me as crazy when Manic is talking to some random block of wood that is just fucking with him, and reading a book that won't even help him I bet, and he's not paying enough attention to 'ME!'. I put on the face that I'm fine, I know what he's doing is of some importance but I still want him to come and lie with me all day or atleast at all night, so I know that my world hasn't completely fallen apart.

But no he has his project that seems to take up most of his and Tom's time, I never feel him slide into bed before 1 o'clock in the morning. I'm not bitter, I know what he's doing is important to him, but I get this thoughts, I just can't control them, HE gets in, He tells me to do bad things, that if I do them I'll get Patrick back, HE says if I kill Manic we can all be free, I've even found myself standing over Manic with a pillow in my hands, I've come too close so many times, 3 days ago I had the pillow almost over his face, that face, his face that almost cocky grin on it even in sleep. But I can't do it and I won't do it, Slender Man isn't going to use me that way, I won't kill Manic, I lost him once I won't again.

I think we've done a good job over the few month to portray like we have some sanity left, I don't know how long the veneer will last before it crack and all the shit it hides comes spewing forth.

Manic's coming down for lunch now, I have to go I'll make sure he doesn't check for a couple of days, he'll forget about me typing on his laptop by then.

From Kat

Friday, 7 September 2012

The update

Kat has calmed down, abit and so I was doing abit of reading, firstly of some dead blogs, Zero's, Reach's, I also read Patch's. It is strange still being able to see his words and knowing that he's not goin to come back with some wooden sword and come at me with some obscure comic book reference, I think... I'm finally feeling the sadness associated with Patch's death.

I've also started reading my Granddad's old journal, nothing much of interest was in there from the little I read, just superficial observations about me and Sirus. But nothing that really helps.

I also figured out the riddle it was a book,

Box: "Again Muse you answer with wit beyond measure, but you let your mind drift like a feather. Much you have done can be counted in jest, of your efforts, none are the best. But listen now to the warnings of old, those that rise highest have the furthest to fall."

Again the symbol moves to another corner and another riddle appears:

" My first is in wield, sever bone and marrow.
  My second is in blade, forged in cold steel.
  My third is in arbalest, and also in arrow.
  My fourth is in power, plunged through a shield.
  My fifth is in honor, and also in vows.
  My last will put an end to it all. What am I?"

I don't know how many more riddles I'll have to solve before I find out the truth about this box, but again trust is what I need in this time, I trust Kat and Tom,  like I always have, and always will, I trust Tom to help me finish my project to help me help Kat, who will also support me regardless of what I do. I need to trust my Granddad, that he had a reason to keep everything, that he knew I would find this and therefore it has a purpose I just need to find it.

Until then as always,

Stay Safe Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The answer

I walked down stairs yesterday to find Aoife cowering in a corner and Kat screaming and crying on one of the chairs she had a knife in her hand and Aoife had a gash in her arm.

I asked Aoife what happened, she said that came down normal enough with the same hostility as ever, but half way through making the breakfast she broke down and started screaming, Aoife went to see what was wrong but basically got stabbed and Kat kept trying to attack Aoife so she just ran to a corner and picked up something to defend herself with and Kat lost interest in her and went to the chair and hadn't moved since. I'm surprised by her saying Kat had been screaming for awhile because I only saw Tom coming out of his room the same time as me, so neither of us heard it. Maybe She imagined it, but Kat did have a bloody knife, and was crying and screaming, how could Tom and I not have noticed it, Tom and Aoife went back up to their room to fix the wound, Tom and I exchanged worried looks, we have to get the project complete before she does anything too terrible like actually kill someone.

I approach her slowing saying her name and coaxing her out of her state, but nothing worked, I eventually just had to go up to her and shake her, she tried to stab me as well, but I unlike Aoife caught her wrist and twisted the knife out of her grip, this just meant she started clawing and punching me, I just hugged her close until her screaming had settled to sobs and she stopped trying to attack me.

M: What happened?
K: HE CAME! That fucker he taunted me with images of you dead I thought I saw your rotting corpse trying to attack me crush me. I was in the kitchen making breakfast with Aoife, when suddenly she was gone and it looked like the Slender Man had taken her place so I attacked do the only thing I could. I chased him, he seemed to run, then it changed so I saw Patrick huddled in the corner dead, so I just broke down in the chair, I.... I ..... I

*She breaks down into more sobbing now*
M: shhhh, shhhh, I'll get him back, it will be fine, I'll fix it like I always do.

* Tom comes down the stairs checking on me looking slightly anxious*

T: How is she?
M: *I shake my head* How's Aoife?
T: She's alright it will heal well enough, she's just in shock and really pissed off.
M: That time of the month then.
*We both attempt a mockery of a smile, but we barely manage it*

T: It really is that bad Manic, isn't it Manic.
M: Yes, it's why I brought you on board with this, are you still stuck on the same problem.
T: Yes, it's too unstable and it denatures too quickly to be useful, and we can't even get a test subject, to be honest I don't even know if it's safe enough for us to handle, we may be killing ourselves doing this.
M: We're dead anyway, not even me wiping your memories saved you, as long as I'm connected to you in someway you are in danger. And believe me I tried to die.
T: *Speaking to Kat (probably to avoid that statement)* Hey Kat, how you doing?
K: * She just keeps her face buried in my chest sobbing silently*
M: I think it's best if you just leave her with me now, look after Aoife she probably needs you most now.
T: Ok *looking dejected* But look after her this time.

I actually manage a grin at this, and thought to myself it's not always the best to burn too many of your bridges.

The realisation struck me like a train, I got the box quickly from my room, I said aloud, bridges. I saw the eyes in the pages blink and the words faded, the image moved to another corner leaving what looked like a burnt imprint where it used to reside.

Box: Well done, Muse. You have passed one of the tests put to you, but many more will come, and even then you might not find out my secrets. There is a truth that many, have found out about me, but you still are blind to it. 

The words are then replaced by another riddle:

" I am knowledgeable, I am hard or soft, divided yet whole. You may not understand me and not everyone can use me. What am I?"

You know what I'm getting bored of autonomous pretentious objects, if it was just another block of wood I would just scrap it now, but it isn't it can't be. 

My same wishes to all of you,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Monday, 3 September 2012

Ahhhhhh, food.

Yesterday was the first time in months I had a proper dinner, a Sunday roast with bleeding everything, Kat can really cook, along with a shower and my old bed I actually feel rested for once. So I can finally concentrate on my projects, I even have a prototype of one of them, but it only works with one of the constituents. With Tom here its also helped me perfect it, but I still don't know if it will even work, Aoife and Kat are at odds with each other, this won't be conducive to a working environment, I wouldn't even be surprised if I saw one of them (Kat) threatening the other with a knife anytime soon.

I also have plenty of concentration on the box, if I was still running, I would have accepted that what I saw yesterday was my imagination, but I can't the Symbol one the box has moved from the middle to one of the corners, with a riddle in the center where the symbol used to be :

Man walks over; man walks under; in time of war he burns asunder.

I wonder if I find the answer to this, if it would open the box or merely make another barrier appear, I wouldn't be surprised, it has been worth too much trouble, spent too much time examining the pointless object, it may just be a block of wood, but why would my Granddad have kept it if that was what it was, he kept that journal and it has showed me that he suspected told me more about my past that I didn't know. I think I just have to trust him, he was smarter and cleverer than me, so I should. 

Well that is all I have for now I will try and test the little project and if it works I will tell you lot, it's not like I hide anything from you anyway.

Stay Safe Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse