Monday, 30 July 2012

Intitial testing

After my post regarding the visit I received from the Blind Man, Zeke gave me a.... strange offer, he offered me samples of the Sub-Mixtures, those he uses against the fears. He didn't give me any information regarding the main mixtures probably as I have a very slim chance of coming into conflict with Larvae. I didn't wan't to impose myself to much on him, but I did take the information regarding the constituent parts and how they are thrown together to get the Sub-Mixtures. Personally to me they are quite interesting I rarely get to see how certain materials interact with  fear biochemistry.

The main component of all of these, as I'm sure Zeke won't mind me leaking this one little secret, is synthetic fear blood, now according to Zeke it has the same chemical make up of fear blood just that it isn't made by the fears body itself. The composition may be due to an aggressive macro protein saturated with something akin to (Sigma?)  the radiation fears like the Slender Man exhibit in such cases as Everyman Hybrid, and may be linked with the others. This protein may be an enzyme of some sort that due to its chemical composition being similar if not the same as the fears, isn't attacked by what is used as a immune response in fears. Due to the fact that the fears haven't needed to evolve or adapt often, if at all, with their Biochemistry changing the least of all probably. This means that they have no tolerance of the substance, meaning it potency would stay the same regardless of how many times it is used against a fear.

This may explain the result of Sub-Mixture 1, which cause Paralysis in the target fear, I believe that this is caused by the Fears body purging itself of the substance, causing a build up of a material in the target so that movement either become extremely painful, or the 'muscles' can't move as signals aren't received, I have been led to believe this affect should last for 5 minutes.

This is all I feel I have the leniency to divulge at the moment, so the other Sub-Mixtures shall be secret to me and who ever Zeke chooses to share the information with. I will however share an observation about the components of some of the Sub mixtures, the components which me they will be ineffective against certain fears, I'm sure you are aware of those I'm referring to. Perhaps we should consider trying to adapt them to have complete potency against all Fears.

I just remembered that he has shown Sub-Mixture 7, it's ability to expel fears is truly fascinating, I have never experienced something like that, which has that much influence over the fears. I really do have to put more attention on how the constituents act on Fear tissue, especially due to the rarity and difficulty of the components that have to be obtained. And considering them it may have the best blanket affect over all the fears.

Up until now I have only pitted myself knowingly against a couple fears at a time. But... this study, these.... 'weapons' I have appropriated, I declare war on them if I proceed with this research, I will never be safe, whatever reason they keep me alive for will mean nothing what so ever. If, no when Zeke's plan and truce with the fears fails, we will be in the epicenter of the war that will probably consume many, the Fears will not stop until the weapons are destroyed. This is my choice, however, and i won't give up on saving people and I won't endanger anymore people by passing this information to any, their ignorance will be their sanctuary. I may not help many now, look at my followers, I only have 11, and I probably have none outside these that find anything I say of use, but in the future when I'm dead and gone those stalked may come across this blog, and blogs like it. They will see hope, hope for a chance that there is a tomorrow, that they may have a chance to survive, if only a little longer.

So today I may save none, but tomorrow I may save hundreds, I can only hope that all this pain and loss saves someone. Gargoyle remember, this is why we fight and survive, no matter how little we feel we achieve, how pointless we see our trials. We change the world and tide of whatever war we fight, we can atleast hope we save lives we never knew existed, and probably never will.

These Sub-Mixtures are a weapon, and I remember like it was yesterday when I posted my disdain for them in this blog, I want it to be about knowledge and hope. But now I understand fully, everything in this war against the fears is a weapon, the knowledge I share the stories that are told. And Hope, possibly the most potent of all our weapons, as we never truly lose it from our hearts, the singular belief that we will survive, we will win.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp And Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

TBP: After my little speech I feel quite pumped and energetic, I may start training my body, push up, shuttle runs, it's been a while since I've tested my bodies proper limits.


Saturday, 28 July 2012

He died

Like I said, he's dead, the nurse called, on my pretty much defunct mobile, me saying he died at around 5 O'clock, and if I wished to pick up any of his personal belongings. I thought of his book which I left behind my last visit and said I'd be over as quickly as possible, she didn't expect me to come so quickly, or looking like i hadn't eaten in 5 days, which I haven't. She showed me to my Granddad's room, I could still smell him, I asked the nurse if I could have a moment alone, she obliged. I pushed open the secret compartment I made for him and his 'special medicine', took a swig of it and started going through his draws, finding nothing particularly interesting until I got to the bottom draw, which was not only locked, but felt significantly heavier than the others, I got a heavy object and bashed the lock, using a pillow to lessen the noise. Inside was a tape, cliche I know, his book, and another box, I say box but it was more just a cube, I couldn't see any hinges or seams in the block of wood, but it was incredibly light for a cube of wood that size, so I just assume it's a box. I took all of these and put them into my bag, along with the 'medicine'. I thanked the nurse and left quickly, I tried teleporting, I got about 10 feet, then came out again, luckily my mini Noname appeared "10 feet, better than last time" I said. He grabbed my shoulder, and I saw the nurse running out to me looking slightly angry before we vanished, that will probably end her up in a hospital.

 When I got back I examined the box, again no seams, edges, bulges or depressions denoting a lock or catch. so I put it aside put the tape inside the VHS machine, old school right, as you'd expect there was nothing but static, but I left it playing, next was his book. It was full of writing and pictures, but when I went to put it away something slipped out.

"You could have warned me"

It was a letter of some kind, written in a script I'd only seen one other place.

it read;

' So you finally decided to let me die without telling me, very kind, I see why you did it, but atleast you could have let me known so I could have drank more. The Grandfather came an hour ago and told me the hour of my death, a last courtesy to a good servant, he blessed me and left. I see now why he said it was you're choice, because it would be the right choice, to be a good man, he played me.

But I'd trust him despite his status, he made me a promise hopefully that promise extends to you, and he wouldn't focus such attention on you if he wouldn't atleast keep you safe. And I assume you you are going to contact him now considering I'm dead, it is the best choice just bear this in mind, our intellect and reason  seperates us from the mindless slaves don't lose that and don't give up. If I see you a month after me I'm kicking your arse all the way back to your fucking birthday.

Won't be seeing you for a long time,

Your Grandad,*Omitted*'

Short and to the point, just like him, there was a symbol on the back, of an old man carrying books, wearing a pair of blacked out glasses, it glowed, I thought to myself 'fuck not again' and he was there I hadn't seen him in a month roughly, he was limping. 'Did the Hatter really hurt you that badly', even without eyes he can give a withering look. He took the chair and produced a book from nothing, 'Lets see what you owe me, you're soul, and 250 years of reading in my library, do you accept these charges?' ' My memory's a bit foggy, all these fears you know how it is, and I technically never sold my soul', 'Yes, but he did' he blind Man pointed at the letter.

BM: Don't worry I won't kill you, that would be counter productive, I just wish recompense at the moment for the knowledge you've taken by giving some knowledge.
M: Well you were present for most my childhood and took some of it I learned...
BM: I gave it back didn't I?
M: So what price do you want it can't be the normal archivist price
BM: No, it isn't, I want your journals, the culminated studies you have concerning all the fears, especially your study of the Slender Man, my Brother has become particularly troublesome you see.
M: Yeah I heard, atleast Zeke got a pop off at him with that mixture shit, I hypothesised something like that never thought it would actually exist, kudos to him.
BM: You also have other theories for combating the fears.
M: Yes but they're just that, theories. I don't know whether they'd actually work, I only had a sniff of Larvae I could only make the broadest generalisations. Why would you want stuff on the other fears anyway it's all sketchy I haven't had the same sources as with Slender Man, the other fears aren't doing anything too out of the ordinary only Slendy is.
BM: Contingency. When Larvae is gone who is to say that now that most the world governments know we exist and some may have to publicly acknowledge it with the latest plan we have, if they won't continue after the plan is done, you read what the Doctor planned whilst he talked to Zeke.
M : Yeah but one of my theories for him revolved around disinfectant and Marigolds, they aren't going to be of any use.
BM: Well, perhaps maybe, but neither are you so we have to take a chance with your books, the perception of us is slipping, we no longer are seen as above you as before, Hatter harmed many of us, and we come to some of you to glean knowledge on down fall of the others. If they don't work nothing will change.
M: If I'm wrong, people will die, I don't want that, too much blood, innocent and guilty, has been spilt by my hands, I won't facilitate anymore.
BM: Don't try my patience Muse, you are not the only one with a temper.
M: I'm the one you want, my knowledge is what you seek, for the downfall of your brothers and sisters that oppose you, the mighty Blind Man, just as petty as the rest of them, I won't kill a fear anymore than I would kill a human, both are important to the turning of the world the continuation of the universe.
BM: I could just take the information from your head without killing you, I merely ask out of courtesy.
M: You know what take them, I don't care, but let it stand that the blood of those that die will not be on my hands, and I will not be held accountable for you incompetence.

I spit this last word and he looks annoyed, why do I always have to piss off fears, I seem to have a real knack for it.

Then he starts to laugh
BM: You remind me of your mother a woman with solid resolve, not easily deterred, you even have her serious tone of voice,
M: what do you mean?
BM: Don't play dumb, you don't really think your Grandfather was the only one who worked for me. You're mother was one of my best archivists, she was good at her job, however she quit the same time your grandfather made the deal, so i had to let her go, but now Muse I have you, and personally I think we will get along swimmingly, despite your fathers slender oriented past.
M: Won't Zeke be unwilling to go into conflict with information that hasn't got much bases in fact or testing.
BM: Maybe but he won't know what information is which, he won't even know it originated from you until you type up your post, and by that time he'll be on his mission so he won't be able to read it until he gets back, besides he doesn't 'need' to use it, I just urge him to, to test whether you are full of shit or not.
M: What is his mission?
BM: Oh that is a secret I won't share with you, you shall be a useful angent of mine I can tell already.

Then he left, my mini Noname came out form where he was hiding and started rifling through my pocket for gears, unfortunately I had run out, I opened the catacombs and  found some inactive bone spiders and took there parts and gave them to my Noname, he's happily playing with them now. I wonder what death trap he'll make next.

And Zeke, sorry for what I may have brought on you, if you read any of my books take the theories with a pinch of salt.

It's felt like eons since I've written these words.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive.

-Manic Muse

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Final visit

I felt stronger today just, finally got at least 4 hours of sleep last night, not substantial enough to work fully, but at least partly.So I got my little Noname to take me somewhere, to see my Granddad, for the last time.

I dressed slowly, as my muscles spasmed and cramped every so often, and my mind becoming fuzzy and light at odd intervals. But I did get up, an important step. Little Noname teleported me to the care home, the Nurse greeted me in the same way as before, but commented on the way I looked, haggard, she said I looked like a zombie. I went to see my Granddad, he was strapped up to a machine, it showed his heart rate, it was faster than it should have been, his body was working harder to keep him alive.

M: You look like shit old man.
*I said falling into the only chair in the room*
G: *Turning his head with great effort* So do you, I guess it didn't work.
M: No, He was expecting me. trapped me.stripped me of everything.
G: Well you still have me boyo. * He had a look of false optimism on his face*
I only give a half smile back.
G: You're not giving up, that's all I know.
M: *Chuckle* No, no I'm not. Though I need to know how you know about the blind man?
G: Who? * looking truly confused*
M: Maybe you know him better as the grandfather?
*He flinched only very slightly but I still caught it*
G: God *Omitted*, how many of these things have you bothered?
M: Only Two or three, I know about all of them however.
G: You know I really thought I had protected you from them, I really did, you're parents didn't tell me when you ran off, I thought you had died in that fire, you turn up saying you were orphaned, and I believed you. Well I might aswell tell you;

I used to be an agent of some of them when I was younger, though we didn't call them collectively what you call them now, 'Fears', no to us they were old Gods, gods of vengeance and blood. I served the Grandfather mainly since he seemed to be one of the more........ stable ones, so he wouldn't command the destruction of my family. But I was also acquired by others to do their dirty work, you know your Plague doctor thing, that you've pissed of more than once in your old life, he got me to infect a young child with a flesh eating virus, I had to watch and take notes whilst I saw this child writhe in pain scream for me to help, beg, calling out to her parents, who we had quarantined for 'safety' reasons. * He took out a bottle and took a good swig of it before continuing* When you were born I knew you were special I was almost 60 and I was still doing their dirty work, I have watched all these teenagers with knives and masks kill each other. The Grandfather gave me a chance to get out, me and my family would be safe. If the youngest child would be guarantied as his if he came, and you would be able to choose. I thought I really had kept you clear of them all, but.

He handed me his book in it were notes and long entries, but also.... pictures, of me. I would look in everyone, almost everyone a fear was in it, most prominently the Blind man, and Slender Man, from the time Tom, Kat and I were living in my old house, Noname appeared in some of the photos.

G: They've always wanted you because you were always special, that's why The tall man made you a proxy so he could own you. Don't go back to that path, what you are now separates you from them, killing them will not give you peace, you are better than them.

*His heart monitor started going off, the nurse told me to leave*

G: See the Grandfather, he will protect you, he will help you like he already has so many times.

I stumbled out of the room and fell against the wall, took out a bottle of my own and drank, the little Noname appeared with the toy and gave it to me, he was very insistent. He teleported me back and I fell asleep, I woke up again due to the dreams, I don't know how long I'll be able to last like this, I truly don't.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I can't sleep, I keep having dreams, dreams I shouldn't be having. I can't go out because I'm too tired from sleep deprivation and the thing Noname did to me. So all I can 'try' and do..... is sleep, and following in what seems to be runner tradition I'm showing some of them to you to see what you think they may mean.

The first dream was disconcerting, I came around in a forest and I was looking for something, I heard a child crying, bawling for help, to be saved. So not knowing whether I was running to or from it... I ran towards it.
I ran for what felt like an hour, the crying intensifying whenever I tried to rest, never truly getting closer, and the sun never rose. I was in eternal night. When I finally stumbled upon a small thing in the middle of one of the clearings, it looked like a baby wrapped in a blanket, when I picked it up it stopped crying and giggled, It had my eyes, the giggling grew more regular, and it wasn't looking at me but rather, behind me. I turned and saw the Slender Man, and Kat hanging from one of his tentacles, bloody, and asking the same question, Why? Why didn't you save me?

This one faded out, and I woke up in a cold sweat, mini Noname was looking at me with a curious head tilt, much like Slender Man. The little toy it made starting to play as I woke up, I was soon asleep again.

The second dream was like a memory, from before, my Dad was having a barbecue and showing me how to start the fire and cook the food, all my friends were there, and all the adults, though one man didn't seem like he belonged, an old man who was reading a book, he wore sunglasses, the odd thing is he wore something akin to formal wear, whilst everyone else was in shorts and T-shirts. He looked up from his book and gave me a smile, took of his glasses, he couldn't see, I couldn't tell if he had no eyes or if they were just completely black. I asked my dad who the old man was, he glanced over his shoulder, and told me I shouldn't worry about it, he  wouldn't hurt me.

The next one was surely a dream, I was in the middle of a city, somewhere I didn't recognise, there was fighting, and I was running through it looking for someone, I didn't know who. I saw names above heads, like in a video game, I saw people tossed about and killed, I saw names I recognised on both sides of the battle. I saw Patch's Name above his head, and he was fighting off a few proxies, I tried to help but went right through them. I saw Maya, she was in a little crevice where none of the fighters could get to her, she couldn't or wouldn't run, nor fight. I saw something curious, I saw my name floating above a mass of people, from both sides, I saw myself, looking cold, looking dead, fighting off everyone, I saw fears surround me, and drag me down until when they parted nothing was left but dust. Again I ran, faster and father than I ever have, I saw a name that caught my eye but didn't remind me of anyone.I went to it, I saw a little boy, fighting men much larger than himself clawing at them like a savage, this one seemed to seem me, I know this because he ran towards me and started clawing me. Shouting a question clawing at my face my eyes, my arms. WHY!? WHY!?

I woke again, the mini Noname was closer than before, perched on the chair next to the bed, poking my face, again the little toy started to play, I fell asleep again.

I was in a forest again, this time with a little boy with me, it felt like a memory I shouldn't have, something that isn't mine. HE was holding my hand and I was showing him through the forest telling him stories, stories from my past, the things I've done, there were also stories I din't remember or didn't think I'd actually done. I told him that stories held power, and that he had the power to shape his own, a woman came out of the darkness, and hugged me, the child covered his eyes as she kissed me. I said "I found you", we both smile, I saw the Slender Man from a distance and didn't feel afraid, just nodded to him and he nodded back. The kid was playing with a small thing, it looked like the small toy, but old and tarnished. Then I saw the blind man again he just sat and watched, smiling to himself, I smiled back and winked at him.

This scene dissolved into one memory that felt too familiar, I was in a little cave, or cavern but not just randomly out in the forest I heard cars and the traffic. I was on a table with people with operator symbols on their chests, I saw a man that looked like I do, reading from a book, I saw Slender Man, I was filled with terror, battled against my restraints, used my limited vocabulary to beg for release and insult them. The Slender Man was just about to lay one of his tentacles on me when The blind man came between us, the disciples withdrew from the sight,  a mental pulse was sent out, and I felt something snap in my mind. If this actually happened I don't remember it this way, the two creatures seemed to be fighting but neither of them moved, all the disciples just dropped down after the first pulse, I now recognise, as dead. Only the man that looked like me remained, he must have had similar defenses against these things as I did. The Slender Man vanished, leaving only the blind man who put his hand on my head, and there was black I woke next to what I remember to be Tom in a random city. So was my reason for running fabricated? I don't know.

I had a few more dreams, but, I'm not sharing them here just yet.

-Manic Muse

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Damn priests

They knew I was coming, the dicks, I saw their meeting during midnight, and the doors were locked so I tried teleporting in, I did. But that was a bad idea I appeared in the middle of the room, and .... couldn't move, I was frozen in place just stuck in position, knife drawn, crouched, even my clothes were stuck in teh position they appeared in, it looked like I was stuck mid fall.

The head priest, obviously found this entertaining, and came up to me examining me, I felt very uncomfortable just only being able to stand there whilst a person analyses you checks your eyes, and build, taking every weapon you have and bind you to a chair. Then the other priests came and analysed me, poking and prodding, they all had symbols for Noname on their robes, and I knew they had expected me, and noname has given them a way to suspend me.

I was let go of the hold that was on me, only the restraints on the chair kept me in place. I was about to teleport out of it when;

HP: céad míle fáilte Muse
M: cad a dhéanann tú ag iarraidh?
HP: Bhí tú an ceann a tháinig chugainn, cuimhnigh?
M: Sea, ach bhí tú ag súil leis ar ndóigh dom.
HP: Bhuel tá ár Ordú éis rabhadh do ..... cuairt a thabhairt ar
M: Ansin tá tú na daoine Táim ag lorg ansin?
HP: tá, agus go bhfuil tú ar ndóigh nach cliste chomh againn gur rabhadh, go háirithe má bhí tú ar tí é a athdhéanamh do iarracht roimhe seo.
M: Bhuel ní raibh mé ag súil leis a bheith in ann a dhéanamh ar a bhfuil an méid a tharla díreach, agus d'fhéadfaí a rá cad de dom más rud é nach raibh mé iarracht.
HP: B'fhéidir. B'fhéidir, ach is ámharaí an tsaoil chun tú ár n-dóiteán ar tí tús a chur.
M: Cad é? Nach bhfuil tú ag dul chun iarracht a thoghairm, agus tú ag fucking mheabhair.

* They started a ritual and nuns came out of a random hallway, a sense of dread filled the pit of my stomach and I struggled against the restraints even harder*

M: No this Can't happen not this way, not by Fucking Priests!
Answer me! Come ONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HP: Tá troid, lagú tú féin a bheidh sé a shásamh aingeal dia nuair a thagann sé.
M: Speak English, I haven't got the patience to deal with you.
HP: Beidh na hÉireann leor, má leat éalú nó ar bhealach slán go mbeadh do léitheoirí a bheith ró-leisciúil is dócha seo a léamh mar sin beidh ár n-rúin a bheith sábháilte.
M: Impigh mé leat, le do thoil nach bhfuil an mbealach seo, ach ní ar an mbealach seo.
* I start crying and begging, straining against the restraints on my body, the head priest just ignored me and continued with the ritual*

An image of a lake and two faceless figures by it were on the floor, it glowed and grew, melded into a black mass that grew, and grew. Until the color in room faded, and Noname was there.

NN: Well aren't you the helpless little fish?
M: What did you do? Why couldn't I move?
NN: Muse you are not the powerful being you think you are, and I am here to make sure you aren't a threat anymore.
*I struggle more bite at anything that comes towards me, spitting at them, but Noname only came to me and grasped my head, pain radiated throughout my being, I felt myself get weaker, and I felt parts of myself die*

NN: Untie him.
HP: What? But why do you not want to send him to meet the maker?
NN: What did I just say?

*The head priest begrudgingly released me*
I tried to stand up and punch the priest but fell, and landed on my face.

NN: This is your punishment Muse, too weak to fight, and not saving the woman, or the child that could be.
M: I...... will...* I breath hard through my nose* Kill you, I.... Will...... Save..... Her... I will Survive.
NN: Good luck with that.
*Noname leaves, the priest look at me looking unsure*

I Felt for the gap in reality, I felt so weak, I was able to open the path, and something dark came out of it, and took the priest, last thing I remember is the little Noname looking at me taking my shoulder and teleporting me as the black.... thing dismembered the priests.

I woke up in the room I was staying, I.... I can't do anything, I can only teleport with great effort, I can't save Kat like this, This post has taken it out of me. My little Noname, is still here, crouching on top of the chest of drawers, I fell.... safer with him there. When I fell stronger I will contact the thing I need to, and the little Noname will be very useful. He's happy with that.

He's just given me a little toy, a sort of music box, that looked like it had little creatures and planets inside of it. Like it contained an entire little universe in it, it's pretty. Hopefully none of the priest will have survived I should have peace, peace, at.... atla....

He is sleepy, I'm glad he like my little toy, I like making stuff, it's fun, and good that he likes it.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ummmmm, I lied

Through out this entire blog I lead you to believe that Sirus was my only living relative, this....... isn't exactly true. My granddad, from my mums side, is still alive until the 28th at 5 o'clock, he'll suffer a heart attack and die, natural death. This has led me to risk going back to my home, visit him one last time and ask him about Noname, he's one of the oldest people in the village he must know something.

This is what happened:

N: Oh, hello, Mr *Omitted*, we haven't seen you for a month how has it been?
M: Busy, Is my Granddad alright?
N: He's doing fine, but he wishes you visited more often than twice a more than twice a month.
M: So do I but my life doesn't allow for it, last month you  didn't see me due to.... extenuating circumstances.
N: Ah, that's too bad, he does miss you, he's proud of you always talking about you to the others. He is so proud of you.
M: *little chuckle* Good for him.

*Sign my name down on the visitor sheet and go to his room*

I see him sitting in his chair looking at a book, it wasn't his usual scrapbook of pictures, it was more like one of my old notebooks without a number carved into it. When I knocked on the door he placed it down and smiled at me.

G: *Ommitted*! Why do you leave me like this, you know an old man can die of boredom, if you leave him to rot?
M: Well, Granddad the nurse tells me you've been annoying the other residents, I hardly think you're bored.
G: Ah what would you know coming in like you've spent you're life outside, running. You don't know how it is just sitting in a room with nothing else to do.
M: Well maybe I do, and maybe that's why I brought you.......this * I take out a bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses*
G: Ai, good lad son. You are truly the son of your mother * he says pouring some*
G+M: Slainte. *We drink the first glass*
M: So old man, have you been behaving yourself?
G: Old Man! oughta show you, when I was your age I'd come back from the pub after 10 pints and feel nuthin, ai, you're alder than I was at that age, you've even got a fecking problem with you're shoulder.
M: I'd like to see you take me in a fight?
G: Ai, go-on.
*We do a mock wrestle, and laugh after it*
G: Me old, pah, the cheek of it.
M: Ai Granddad, I have sumthing to ask you.
G: Spit it out boy, the less we talk the more we drink. Hahaha.
M:* I smile* Do you remember the story of Noname you used to tell me and Sirus.
G: * He shifts uncomfortably, and looks weary* Yes, Why? What interest does it hold you?
M: I'm just curious, Kat's pregnant and I want a story to tell the kid, and I thought it was a good one.
G: * He relaxes at that statement, and Beams broadly* That's wonderful news, she's a cracking lass, when 's she due?
M: 7 months.
G: How could you go two month without telling me you bastard, I'm just glad I get to live to see my grand child.
M: So the story?
G: What questions do you have?
M: When is it actually set I have so many conflicting versions.
G: Well, your mum and dad set it in the 60's or 40's. But in reality the story dates back to before then, it dates back to when the village was first built, and even then before to when villages were close to the forest, but not settled here.
M: I see, and what about the lake, where is the lake in the forest?
G: Oh, deep, why do you think the boys got lost?
M: When I was a kid did I ever find the lake?
G: *Again he looks uncomfortable* No, it's a story, there isn't actually a lake in the forest, though you spent a lot of time looking, curious little sod.
M: Um, why were they in the forest?
G: Being stupid, trying to cause mischief, that lot.
M: And Noname had no face, no gait that set it apart, just generic clothes. And his presence causes the worlds to turn grey, then black as all the color is drained from existence. You lose yourself and drift.

*His face lost it's color and his face turned serious, putting down his glass, now staring into my serious face*

G: These are stories *omitted*, you'd do well not to dwell on them, for your families sake.
M: Old man, wise old man, you know these aren't just stories, and it's for my families sake I am following this, so i'll ask you what group worships him?
G: *omitted*, you're crazy, it's a story only a story, a story that is all it is. *He mutters this more trying to console himself than me.
M: Who?
G: No-one
M: Who?
G: old men
M: Who?
G: The priests, the Priest's it was always the fucking priests, thought he was an angel from God, discouraged us from telling our story to you children.
M: When do they meet?
G: Tomorrow night at midnight. Did they really take Kat?
M: Yes
G: Was she really pregnant?
M: * I look to the floor*
G: I see, You'll need this more than me.
* He hands me the bottle*
G: Give them hell, my son.

* I teleported out of there I probably almost gave him his heart attack there. and waved to him from out side the window*

I have some priests to question.

-Manic Muse

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Too late, as usual

Well I found the proxies I was looking for, but they weren't exactly in the position to divulge the pertinent information, as their bodies weren't exactly in a state conducive to life. Yeah, it seemed that someone, or thing, got to them before me So this trip was in essence a waste of time, I may have to resort to a means I don't particularly want to use to get my information on Noname, or.... I'd have to go home, there must be a cult following for the creature that my parents told me stories about. Maya and Anna don't seem interested in my help at this point in time, I am just sitting outside the pub waiting for it to open, so I can have one more drink to make sure that I don't just miss them.

So this is the end of my time in Seattle, woooooooooo, but I still can't wait to find Kat and save her, beat Noname, and that's it. I'll sort my Slender problem out after that.

-Manic Muse

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Boring Friday

How can I not have ANY paranormal stuff happen to me on Friday the 13th, that is shrouded in so much perception with horror and such, how could nothing happen. I couldn't find any of the proxies I was looking for, not a single one, how the hell is that possible, I've just been sitting on top of that big space needle thing in Seattle cause I had no one to follow, nothing happening. I was happy when it got to midday and I could sit in the pub, indoors for once, it felt so nice, I did get bored after an hour, Maya didn't turn up, neither did Anna, it would be abit obvious it was her, a 15 year old girl coming into a pub by herself. I can't even find them, I don't know where they are. Got to say O'Malleys is a good pub, for America that is. I had to replace my long coat with a leather jacket, I also stole another hoody, it' feels strange, slightly warmer than my other apparel, and possibly a better type of protection in a fight, better than my coat alone.

I even watched some horror movies, I was thrown out after 5 for laughing to much, I thought some of the runners out there were stupid, but honestly if these people in the films were real they would die in a day. So yeah Friday 13th, not that interesting, it was a day where the things I do with perception got really easy.

So Bye I guess.
-Manic Muse

Thursday, 12 July 2012

No more priest

I fortunately found a dry safe place just as a massive deluge came from the sky, and therefore forced to talk to the priest again.
M: You know we will have to part ways soon? This is by no means permanent.
P: The lord will provide for me what he will, Manic.
M: How do you know my name? I didn't tell you that.
P:  Well you leave your laptop open allot when you go and get food, and I read your blog thing, I must say your life has been.... troublesome.
M: One way to put it. I guess you are more eager to leave then, be apart from such a ..... tormented soul.
P: Not at all, but you do obviously need people to help support you, I read you used to be catholic, maybe you should try and rebuild your faith in the father.
*I chuckle*
M: Which one?
P: *Looking slightly confused* The one that watches and provides for us all.
M: No offence priest, but God is not here today. The devils come and play their little games with the innocent, sullying the goodness in them, robbing them of their.. of their... -Ness. You're God is dead, all that is left are these monsters and their servants.
P: Just because the path is hard and dark, and you see your footstep alone in the path behind you, don't lose faith, as it may be God carrying you.
M: Well I would hope God wouldn't allow the people I loved to die. I dream that this never happened, that I grew up a normal child, more worried about what toys to play with, than the best way to kill a proxy. I wished that every torment suffered by those I loved would end if I died, nothing happened. God does not carry me through these dark times priest. God has abandoned us all, if he ever existed in the first place.
P: What does that mean?
M: It means that many of the attributes you allocate to your Gods and deities, are usually appropriated from the fears and such. Also their servants some of whom are immortal, hence some humans were seen as Demi- Gods.
P: That's foolish there are other things worse than the thing I saw, and how could anyone mistake something that horrible for a benevolent being.
M: They influence the perception around them, it befriends children, makes them trust him, then kills them, and sometimes. Eats them.
P: So no Heaven, No Hell?
M: I can show you a multitude of hells, priest. Some could even be mistaken for a place like heaven. But it is in itself a strange sort of hell.
P: Where are these places?
M: Dimensions, along side our own, the Path of black leaves, the domain of the Slender Man. Bliss, domain of the Archangel. The forbidden library, the stronghold of the Blind Man, or Grandfather, to the Archivists. The kingdom of the dying man, that of the dying man. So many forms evil takes, yet not one version of heaven.
P: Can you take me to a few?
M: I'd rather not I fear you won't be able to handle it.
P: I saw so many Nuns murdered, I can deal with what you have to show me.
M: I really doubt that.
P: Please, one request.
M: *I relented, agreeing as long as he kept his composure, I didn't want to attract attention, I also knew he Wouldn't ask again* Okay, just don't make a scene.

Without my knife I had to be more delicate with my crossing dimensions, it wasn't the rip it was before, more a gap in the fabric of existence. I showed him the path first and Warned him not to go in, then the library, again not to go in, he didn't believe me about mechanical bone spiders, naive fucker. The plague doctors domain, and that of the dying man, he started retching, I gave him one last reward, one gift to help this troubled man find peace momentarily. I tied a rope around his waist and open a door to the Bliss, I told him not to linger long, the Archangel will kill you and me if he finds you trespassing, though he tends not to show himself, and I can deal with a few timberwolves.
*Again a curious look*
Okay, prepare to experience your heaven. I let him walk in, he was gone for what was, for me, 5 minutes, yet came back saying it felt like an hour, in bliss. He thanked me and called me a lonely angel. I took him to a mental institution, the effects of the bliss would ware off soon, and someone needs to make sure he doesn't try to kill himself.
M: Goodbye priest, may your god be kind to you.
P: Thank you my lonely angel, and may your heart know what it wants and to get it righteously.
*He was wheeled of by a nurse giggling and full of life*

I am now free to go to Seattle and hunt down the Proxies involved with Noname, for Maya if you want to meet up and talk I shall be at the Pub Patch told me about before he was taken, the first time, from midday til two o'clock. Once my business is sorted in Seattle I will do what I have to, just to get Kat back.

-Manic Muse

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

More priestliness

The priest is starting to talk more, it is strange to have someone to converse with allot of the time. We had an awkward moment yesterday where I had to kill a proxy that was attacking the priest. They were quite a new proxy so they weren't that much of a challenge, but would have killed the priest easily, so I killed them. the priest was doing his daily prayer as I went to get food, when I came back the priest was being strangled by the proxy, from the look in their eye I could tell they were one of the numb, I ran to the guy and punched the numb to the ground and stomped on the windpipe. The priest looked at me with a look of shock, I told him to run, he followed me as I legged it, until he shouted after me he couldn't go any further. I stopped and looked around and saw we were safe, P: Why did you kill him?
M: I killed them because it wasn't fully human anymore, and it wouldn't have stopped until you were dead, if it was a conscious proxy I would have let them get away with a warning.
P: How can it not be human? I saw they were a person, they were alive.
M: What you saw was a numb, they are in essence dead, only very rarely could they live if they were separated from the Slender Man. They have lost what makes them human, empathy, reason, even hunger and thirst. Many have to be fed by others, so it was kinder and safer to kill it.
P: But you can't kill them because they are possessed, that is immoral, you can try to save them.
M: I saved one and it almost killed them, and my friend, it also almost killed me. It would also take too much time to go through the process.
P: What if I become one and become possessed by the demon, will you kill me?
P: I see, atleast I will go to God instead of suffer under that demon.
P: Oh. How do you know?
M: I have died once, I was dead for a month, and I knew someone who was killed they faded out of existence and he never once said there was a god. So I wouldn't put too much faith in that. I'm sorry.
P: Hmmmmmmm, *He fiddled with his dog collar* I don't know, I need to think.
M: Do what you want, just don't impede me otherwise you'll die by a proxy, or I'll kill you for jepordising my survival.
P: I see.

I'll pray that doesn't happen.

M: As you like.

P: How long have you been involved in this?
M: A long time.
P: How many have you killed?
M: Too many, does this scare you priest?
P: No, it just worries me and makes me want to pray for your salvation.

I left him there and looked for a place to sleep. This guy may piss me off, I can't wait to go to Seattle an d check out the proxy activity connected to Noname.

-Manic Muse

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Another straggler

Why do I pick up so many stray runners, this time it was a priest, about late 30's, I don't know why I did so.
Maybe I felt pity for the man, that his misguided faith had failed him so much that it's allowed him to be chased and hunted by the Slender. He looks like he's been chased for about a month, he still wore his dog collar underneath the hoody and coat he wore. So he still maintained some validity in the faith that appears to have failed him, and still prays, he asks me why I'm in this position, and what I've done, I evaded the last question as to not make him anymore paranoid.

I thought I would only keep him company for a day to help him abit, he didn't leave after the first, just followed me around as I looked for places to sleep and stealing food to eat. He didn't raise any objections, just watched me go about my business and taking the food I offered him. I asked him why he was here, why he abandoned god and run away from the safety of his church.

P: I had taken confession from a young child who claimed to have seen a tall white faced man, standing in her bedroom, that he told her to do bad things to her parents and friends, and she wanted help to overcome, the demon. I told her to say her prayers, and ask for protection from God, and if it persisted to come back to me and tell me about it. It was a week before she returned and told me that the demon was still scaring her, that she was finding it harder and harder to resist his request. I told her that if her parents allowed it that we would allow her to stay at the convent with the nuns, if she believed the demon was a real threat. She agreed, after consulting her parents, I called the exorcist for the diocese, to examine the situation to determine if it was a legitimate haunting. He came within the week, and examined the room and house, he didn't determine any evidence of a demonic haunting, and suggested it was possibly just an overactive imagination and she was personifying her horror, so therefore no further action was taken. *He pauses here, and takes a breath as if it's too hard and pains him to talk about it* It was three days after the exorcist left, the child was still staying in the convent being treated by it's child's psychologist. We merely assumed that it was a child being afraid of the dark, and that it was only her imagination. We were wrong. It was late at night on the third day, she must have succumb to the creature and started to kill all the nuns. I was woken up by the screams, and ran across the road to see what the problem was, I ran through the door, and slipped, and felt a slick slightly sticky substance and looked to see blood. I saw the bodies of the nuns stabbed beyond recognition.

It was near midnight when I finally found the child she was working on the body of the psychologist, stabbing it with a knife. this is where I first saw the demon, I felt so petrified, I couldn't even move. She slowly turned her head, she looked the same, but... less than what she was before like something inside her had broken. She was about to attack me when she suddenly stopped, and for a moment looked like herself, but that was gone, after that she just turned and walked back to the demon  and held one of the hands at the end of his long arm and they vanished. That's when I started to run. I haven't abandoned god, neither has he abandoned me, otherwise I probably wouldn't be alive.

M: Well, I can top that.

P: How?
* I just wink and leave him with that last night*

I am still looking to get Kat back, i refuse to believe she is dead, I will find her and I will save her.

-Manic Muse

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Having a talk with Ben

well he got desperate to talk with me, sent me an e-mail and everything, probably due to his highers not telling him anything.

I saw him in a pub in Camberwell, London, it was night time and few people were drinking in the pub, mostly an old mans pub.

He came in looking like a person who was really lost.

M: Hey Ben, how are you?
B: C-558763
M: Ben, you're not going to call me that all the time we're going to talk?
B: Maybe, it is your official reference in the organisation.
M: But I'm not part of the organisation anymore.
B: It is still your designation.
M: You know what? I don't care aslong as we get this over quickly.
B: Okay, you know you're not suppose to smoke in these pubs.
M: Do you know we're not suppose to kill people, it is hardly the worst thing I've done, or will do. Is this going to be your line of questioning for the entire evening, if so I'll leave now.
B: Fine, fine, fine. Why did you attack our base the other day? we posed no threat to you at that point in time.
M: You posed a threat to the people I care about, you were monitoring them, and I heard that your lot were planning to advance and take some of them.
B: You didn't have to fucking kill everyone.
M: I didn't kill everyone, you're alive, just take it as a warning, otherwise you won't get off so easily next time.
B: *looking apprehensive and afraid* Why are you alive? I, myself, checked your body, saw all the injuries on your body. You should NOT be alive.
M: I shouldn't be alot of things, I used the path as a medium to sustain my existence, maintaining a tenuous link to my physical body so that when it came to the path I could take it again.
B: What?! you can't live in the path, it's His domain, he never would have allowed it. You're lying you little sod.
M: What purpose would lying serve me? Also insulting me won't help you.
B: I don't know? Getting the entire organisation to fear you so much that they leave you alone...
M:  *Chipping in* they already do
B: maybe you're so bored, alone and so pathetic it is the only way you think you can get attention....
M* Interrupting*  295
B: What?! What the fuck is that? Some fucking cryptic bullshit you learned in your time in the path.
M: That's the amount of years it felt like in my interlude, time slows down the longer you stay in dimensions, and I stayed in those dimensions for so long, it felt, atleast, like 295 years.
B: Dimensions?
M: Yes, dimensions, I spent so long there I eventually tested out crossing dimensions without my knife, maybe why all the things I found hard to do with perceptual physics before, became...... easier to access.
B: Such as?
* lights cigarette without lighter*
M: such as?
B: You know you show off too much?
B: *Sigh* Why do you care if we take Anna and Maya? I can see why you care about Tom and Aoife, but why that other bloggers companions?
M: * sit silent for a while, in thought* * As he gets ready to leave* Because he was my friend and helped me feel like part of a family again, especially when I couldn't have my old one. And with Patch gone the girl needs someone to help her survive, and if you lot get your hands on Maya and Anna then you will break them, cause Maya can't take much more at this point, and Anna doesn't have enough experience so may be damaged beyond repair. I may be underestimating her, but I'd rather not risk it.

B: Will you consider rejoining the organisation to help maintain their safety?
M: No.
B: Will you leave us alone?
M: If you leave them alone.
B: Will you leave the country?
M: Maybe. Will you buy me another pint for this conversation.
*Ben motions to Bar tender*
M: Thanks, you can leave now, you've got what you want now.

*Looks at me in a strange way, like a strange species he can't quite identify*

B: Thank for talking to me, my highers wouldn't, this helped explain a few things to me.
M: Thanks for the beer, and try not to upset people like me  again. You'll live longer.

* He left giving a fiver to the bartender, who gave me a pint*.

Well now you're all up to date, or as up to date as I'm giving you now. Maya if you read this everything will be alright, Patch wouldn't want you to end up this way, he would want you alive, especially to take care of Anna.

-Manic Muse

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The attack

This is the report of  F-269566, regarding the attack on the facility by C-558763.

We were just changing the staff of the facility so technically we had twice as many proxies present than we usually have. We initially had a report from the east side of the facility of gunfire, this was where all available combatants were dispatched to that side of the facility, including myself. When I arrived at the intrusion I saw something I didn't expect, a number of dead proxies amoungst them was F-004293, I was shocked, who could have taken out all these people and F-004293. I followed the trail of dead to the point of current bloodshed, F-776034,  D-778833, R-983323, P- 744323 and T-993844, were in a group ready to take on the person that had invaded the facility. To be honest I was expecting a killsquad from Moriarty, I have read from others reports that a number have occurred, this wasn't the case. After the last few shots were fired off we were anticipating a group of soldiers to emerge, but through the smoke only one person came out, C-558763. The group charged him expecting it to be over quickly, it was, for them. C-558763 just destroyed them stabbed D-778833 through the head with his knife, shot one of them with their own rifle, teleported behind tow of them and just put his hands on their heads and they just collapsed in agony and stopped moving. I finally took out my gun and tried shooting at him but he teleported behind R-983323 so I couldn't get a clean shot, they started fighting somehow C- 559763 had lost his knife, again he was finished in minutes, C-559763 got hold of his arm and broke it, I have never seen someone injure R-993323, let alone disable him as badly as C-559763, who broke R's leg and just as he fell to his knee, C-559763 took hold of both sides of his head and broke his neck. 

I decided to run there was no way I was going to win against C-559763, I was running when E-927834 came running past, I told her to run, but she thought she could take C-559763. At least she bought me time to escape, I just looked around and C-559763 was stood over her dead body with a sad look on his face, I legged it to the room where, the survivors were already huddled inside, I jumped in and locked the door, I knew whoever was outside was dead anyway. I looked through the peephole out side to check if              C-559763, he came to the door and stopped tilted his head curiously, he came so close to the door and put his hand to the door as if feeling if it was alive. He just looked at it curiously and smiled and laughed, he walked off leaving us. I don't know why we're alive right now, by all reasoning we should be dead. 

The highers, have refused to divulge the details of the incident that probably led to this, they probably are the cause of all those people that are now dead, it's times like these that I regret being a proxy.


Monday, 2 July 2012

Um, ,,,,, A Life report

Proxy F-269566 reporting on the situation concerning the situation pertaining to  C-558763, we have reason to believe that this individual, which we presumed was a copycat, is actually C-558763. And by reason we mean, one of 'our' facilities was attacked, proxies that have had years of training, dead, so many only half of us remained alive, that was only because we hid in the panic room nothing can get in there not even master, we built it from the material that we found surrounding that computer we obtained from the previous facility. 
So many proxies dead, F-776034, F-004293, D-778833, R-983323, P- 744323, T-993844, E-927834, but to name a few. They died, they were the few people that possibly could have killed C-558763, what , happened to him, I myself checked the state of the corpse and identified and confirmed it was C-556783, how could I be wrong, his body was easily identified, but there's was no way that body was alive, and all the organs integral to life continuing were damaged. 

There is no way he could have survived, or even regenerate, no consciousness was present in the body when it was collected, and was monitored for 3 days before the body was released to the family, by the time the body was eventually collected and taken to be disposed, it was so decomposed and mangled, it was beyond repair, and the brain cells were almost completely destroyed and completely useless, so no consciousness could inhabit the corpse. 

I don't have high enough clearance to access the incident that occurred, I mentioned it earlier in my report of the other facilities destruction. So I can't prepare for whatever might have happened, some highers are going to get an earful from me.