Friday, 30 March 2012

Moving towards Sanity?

I must say without the worry and threat of death I have been alot calmer and more laid back, I've actually spent much of the past two days meandering through the complex/ building, you can say what you like but this is a calm existence free of personal interaction.

I've also started to notice things I didn't before like little cracks, it was whilst I was inspecting some of these that Sirus came sauntering down the hallway with a smug smile on his face, for once I didn't mind I felt happy a place I've never been before and unlimited range within it, yet I don't want to find the experiment room, I even have a suspicion ti where it is, Sirus had to ruin it by talking didn't he.

Sirus: Enjoying ourselves are we?
Me: Maybe, *look of guilt*
Sirus: *chuckle* Don't worry little brother this place was designed to be your play ground, the perfect type of place for your to explore and be what you are, have you found the secret passages yet?
Me: Passages? Plural? ummmm *fidgeting* no :(.
Sirus Don't worry you'll find them eventually, until then do you wanna go walk about outside it's not healthy being in here all day.
Me: Aren't you worried I'll kick you in the shins and leg it, aren't I a security 'risk'?
Sirus: Manic I think I've already shown I'm not, how did you like my little door game, I thought you may appreciate the psychological insinuations.
Me: Okay, yeah you're very clever Bro maybe you should grow a big mustache and puff your hair out.
Sirus: Ohhhh, the sarcasm is cutting, Maybe you should start wearing a purple suit and dye your hair green?
Me: Nah, purples not my colour.

Sirus: You know Manic I miss this.
Me: What?
Sirus: This *encompassing arm movement* us, brothers talking and messing about,    
Why did you leave?

I think alot about this before I respond,
Me: Do you remember that girl Kat,
Sirus: Yeah.
Me: Well she didn't like the person I was when I was around you, said you were a 'bad' influence, ludicrous right, no matter how much I tried to reason with her she wouldn't relent, she finally gave me an ultimatum, I had to choose between her and you, you remember how weird I was acting in the last days of our 'reign' it was the hardest decision I had to make.

Sirus: Then after the 'incident' why didn't you come back I didn't even know where you were, why didn't you call your own brother?

Me: Because after a while I'd come to realize I didn't like who I was becoming around you, also after her death......

(Sorry this part is still sore)

I didn't trust anything even myself, and I thought if I went back to you I would be betraying everything she stood for and defiling her memory.

Sirus: And how was what you actual did reinforce her memory?

Me: I don't know, I just needed it to be that way, I needed to heal.

Sirus: Nice healing bro *sympathetic chuckle*

Me: Yeah *chuckle to agree*, you know I never wanted to leave I thought about you everyday tried to think of ways to make things good between us but it always seemed to be at the worst time, the first time I was stable for awhile was when I found that johnny kid and he took up most of my time between my injuries and his care and his death, then there was Tom and Aoife who needed me to look after them. All you have to do is forgive me for What I've done to you and let the rest lie.

Sirus: *Brotherly smile* Already forgotten, now do you want to feel the sun for the first time for about a week and walk in it as brothers once again.

Me: * Smiling like a spastic* Yeah man, lets do it.

I don't know what...... Just live life repair your bridges where you can my brother is back, MY Brother :)

-Manic Muse

*Manic's Status has been changed from Detainee to guest his posts and comments will no longer be monitored he's no longer a security risk*

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mind Games

*Future posts shall be monitored and amended for relevant information, under section 24 of our detainee procedure*

I despise my brother I don't know why Sirus *Reaper*, is making me play these games.

Have you heard about the analogy about freedom, where a man is locked on a room and when he wakes up he doesn't try to open the door, but thinks he is free, but in actuality he is not. My position was the opposite I believed I was detained and couldn't leave my soul destroying room , but when I tried the door handle the door was opened, I only then realized the deep hatred I harbor for my brother, so I set about exploring a means of escape, until I came to a room with four hallways, including the one behind me,  I took the left hallway every time, and always ended up, seemingly, in the same room. until I came to a large dinning room where Sirus *Reaper* was sitting eating dinner,

Me: Any reason your keeping me here when you could set up the experiment so easily?
Sirus *Reaper*: Technically I haven't detained you, was the door to your room locked? Was anything in your way to impede your progress, you are free to leave when you like, but I keep you here because you are curious, when that changes you can leave. Come have some food Steak and chips your favorite.

* I sit down relatively near Sirus *Reaper* So I could keep an eye on him and converse more easily, when out of nowhere Rochene appeared*

Sirus *Reaper*: Don't mind Rochene she doesn't bite, much.

Me: hmm, so why are you playing these games with me, is your life so devoid of purpose and meaning that you have to resort to kidnapping me and forcing me to play with you?

Sirus *Reaper*: Now little brother that would be petty and childish, and what would that achieve, you know Manic you have changed quite severely since we last met.

Me: really?

Reaper, I mean Sirus *Reaper*: Yes, I remember you used to poke a dead body to see what bubbled and oozed out, poke people with needles to see what happened, it, it was inspiring. But now, now it took you two days to test if the door to your room was locked, have you even attempted to find a secret passage, turly you've got lazy I expected to see standing over my bed with a knife last night, but no, you have got boring.

Me: you know Sirus, You monologue more than Sane, that's not exactly a good thing, and maybe I learned a few things from my poking and prodding, how that fit in with your view.

Sirus *Reaper*: hum, yeah Sane was always alot of fun, I remember john o groats like it was yesterday, but you were never satisfied, for all your talk you still aren't, you started your blog with the drive, but your emotion and empathy got in the way, people like you are needed in this war, I just you to be on my side. You opening the door was the first prod towards to your 'sanity' being restored.

Me: What are you talking about, I'm more stable now than ever.

Reaper: no you've been conditioned better, you have been subjugated by the society you have made yourself part of. Your experiment is set up and ready to run, all you have to do is  find it how else will you become Sane.

Me: You know Sirus you don't half talk out your arse sometimes, just show me the room so I can leave.

Reaper: No, that defeats the purpose of this entire exercise, and you know how I like my 'games', Don't worry Manic when you regain your 'Sanity' you'll find it.

* Sirus*Reaper* gets up and leaves me alone in his massive arse fuck of a mind game.

He is Such a Dick.

-Manic Muse

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Brother Grim

Well, why is it I can't go a month without someone detaining me by some degree and then why does it have to be people crazier than me, they are monitoring my posts so I doubt this post won't get through like the others I put up.

Well lets start from the beginning,

* I wake up in a room full of miscellaneous rubbish pilled up high as hell and a man sat on this throne of detritus with his form in shadow* ( Why do all the kidnappers have to have a dramatic flair)

Man: Do you know where you are?
Me: Yes
Man: Do you know who I am?
Me: Yes
Man: Do you know what I want with you?
Me: Truly I don't care, you could have called and I may have been in a good enough mood to talk to you.
Man: Really? *contemptuously*  
Me: Not really.
Man: Now Manic, I believe that's what you call yourself these day, That's no way to talk  to your brother.
Me: Well Sirus, Brothers don't kidnap each other and hold them prisoner, yet here I am.
Sirus: Yet here you are. Well how else would  gain your attention and keep it?
Me: Cut the shit Sirus your monkey Rochene gave me one hell of a headache, Why did you bring me here?
Sirus: But Manic I thought after all these years we could have a deep felt family conversation?
Me: .........
Sirus: *deflated* Okay, There's a war coming Manic and you know it *picks up a roll of paper*, and you have to choose a side and you will have to kill again and you won't have a choice, neither will you want to, and how ever many differences we have I want you to join my side, against my better judgement. You can't stay neutral now, you will get swept away and die, By the 'bad' side for interfering in their fun with your 'peace', and fraternizing with the runners and such. you will be shunned and possibly killed by the 'good' side as you are seeking peace with a beast they see as complete evil, and by extension they'll see you as evil, on the who men of peace die in war. Also men like us die, the insane, the ones who see the truth are killed, unless we band together, So what do you say?

I contemplate what he says for a long time, a really long time, he has a point and he's always been able to get inside my head, arg, it still feels like he's in there squirming about.

Me: Sirus......, No, I can't I know what your suggesting, No, I go against myself, I'll lose myself, and I can't do that, I'm sorry Sirus, But, I can't.

Sirus: *Coldly laughing* Losing your self, You HYPOCRITE! You destroyed me all those years ago, you   can't say Any- Thing! You took from me my chance to be normal, to be happy, to be free!WHEN YOU   DIED I MOURNED YOU! WHEN YOU RETURNED, I REJOICED FOR MY LONG LOST BROTHER! WHEN YOU GOT OUR PARENTS KILLED, I RAN WITH YOU,  ABANDONING EVE-RY-ONE I KNEW, WHEN YOU RAN FROM ME I LOOKED FOR WEEKS, FOR MONTHS, AND NOTHING!  *tired* You can't say anything about losing yourself, when you stole from me my identity. You think that's fair, you think your precious peace and reason should allow that, if you think so you are just as bad as that monster you 'fight' and are trying to 'reason' with.

Me: Sirus..... I'm Sorry.
 Sirus: * laughing again* sorry, sorry, Sorry, SORRY! YOU DON'T GET TO BE SORRY, WHEN YOU PLUCKED ME FROM A WORLD WHERE I WAS LOVED, WHERE I WAS SAFE, YOU KILLED 'ME' AS SOON AS YOU KNOCKED ON THAT DOOR ALL THOSE YEARS AGO! You got me killed, you got my friends killed, and you got your friend Kat killed.

* I tried to rush him then but his monkey restrained me*

Sirus: Oh what does Manic have a weak spot, who would have known? *sarcastically*

Me: * Hack and cough up blood* What else do you want me to say, to do, I can't change teh past, you know I can't all I can say, Is sorry.

* Sirus walks down from his 'throne' and crouches in front of me*
Sirus: You know you were always their favorite?
Me: who's?
Sirus: Everyones, poor little ....... all defenseless, you can't leave him out in the cold Sirus, he'll catch a cold,            You are a virus, infecting and destroying everyone, and no one knew until it was to late.
ME: Sirus your rambling, I've given you my answer, Sirus? Sirus ?! SIRUS!?

Sirus: I'm not FUCKING Sirus, I told you, you killed that man, I, I am Reaper, yes that has a good ring to it, * unrolls paper* look at this Manic.

Me: what its a shit load of dots and boxes, and what?

Sirus these are my agent, and all the runners my people could find, and some proxies.

Me: you really prepared for war aren't you? * Sirus looking proud*

Sirus: You have your experiments I have my tactics, I was always the only human that could out maneuver you, together we are unstoppable, we could take this world, recruit some runners, convert some hallowed, with your talent.

ME: Sirus, I can't..

Sirus: Reaper, I'm REAPER!

ME: I can't take part in your childish pissing contest we are talking about human life and the subjugation of thousand if not millions, I can't.

Sirus: *obviously conflicted* OK, just do one experiment for us, then you can make your choice, you can stay with us or walk free and continue your stolen life.

Me: WHat one? 265, 397?
Sirus: yes those ones are funny, no I want you to perform no. 629.
Me: ? Why? How can that interest you?
Sirus: Humor me. Well it was nice talking to you Manic, I shall see you later.

I was then knocked out cold by his monkey, Rochene, and woke up in this mentally destroying  room white as anything and with one laptop on which I am typing.

OH Well
-Manic Muse

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Heheheh, hook, line ,sinker.

So WE have captured your muse, it wasn't hard, he thought his little diversion would work, what he doesn't know is that I was watching him whilst he orchestrated this half hearted attempt. So I've promptly snatched him and shall proceed to deliver him to my superior for what shall be an interesting sequence of events, Say your goodbyes to your muse, he may not leave here alive.
-The Trap

Friday, 23 March 2012

So he's left London, this is an unusual change of behaviour for him, he may think this change in strategy may help him,but we will find him, always do, how did I find him?, the fool forgot to turn off the computer he last used, tisk, well I shall teach him about security soon enough, and about paying dues from the past.

Run Rabbit, Run rabbit, Run, Run, Run, Run away from the farmers gun.

- The Gun

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I've stayed still for too long

Despite NHS reform, the Doctors still want me here to do more tests and see why I am the way I am, but unfortunately for them I have to go,  I have been found, I should have known they would find me eventually, the logistics of this will be baffling, moving all the notebooks, clothes, Aoife. I just don't have the energy to do it, but we have to move if these people have found us more will come, you don't think I've walked this long through life without picking up certain groups off enemies, I don't change my alias for no reason, so from hence forth Liam Patrick O'Hanlon has died in a house fire, my other email shall not be touched for fear of them tracking me down, my name is changed, (I'll stay Manic here), I shall have to also lay low for awhile, a week, a month, two months I don't know. Try me on the other e-mail account if you need help, but this is me going off the grid,  I'll lose them eventually, I hope.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, And Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

TAP: Patchy stay safe, and don't give up hope, good luck Michael and Nathan, whatever you're doing, Dia, meh no words, Skeptic I hope your war never comes, Gargoyle, continue being your mad scientist self, how else would I get my kicks.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Back on task

Well, I'm back.

And I have a couple of posts organised from before this thing happened, one is about proxies and one is one of my observations of the Slender Man.Hmmmmmmmmmm, observation.

WE are all aware about how the Slender Man isolates his pray from society, and such, well I have dubbed this Flat world syndrome, simply referring to the medieval times when the earth was believed to be flat, lest everyone was to fall off it. Now say you had the wild notion that the earth was a sphere, like a ball, for some reason, maybe an experiment that lead to that conclusion, if you told this to anyone they would call you mad, insane, etc. even though you would be right. Now this would lead to ridicule, and paranoia, alienating the individual from society, until they do go insane in the end and doubt their reality, and sanity.

With the Slender man this is done in two main types of ways:

Firstly, his mere presence, the main cause, the slender man is an eldritch being, meaning that he is impossible for us to truly conceive, so he applies pressures upon our minds that cause doubting of realty and sanity on the part of the subject. Now if you add upon that, the inability of those outside wouldn't believe you if you told them that a tall, thin, faceless man was stalking you, you would receive the same response as our sphere man did. This would leading ultimately to the subject doubting their own reality, sanity, and senses making them prime targets for hallowing, as I believe this is a major part of the process of creating Numb, or for the Slender Man to pick them off.

The second can be seen here, the subject, Soulpatched 'Patchy', has had his family abducted, possibly murdered by the Slender Man or his minions,  and all evidence of their existence subsequently wiped, no physical or mental proof exists, apart from the mind of this one man. This is usually achieved by the fast tech support that proxies have remote deleting files, etc. and using that teleport thing rearranging the furniture that needs to be, they are very meticulous, as on wrong move and the charade shatters. This again leads to similar results as the subject would be presented with a past which they knows is fictitious  but has no evidence otherwise, this leads again to them doubting their reality, their position, again breaking down the subject for them to be more easily eliminated.

Actually this is all perceptually based, so it slotted into my perceptual physics theme quite well, pne is well chuffed with ones self.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, And Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Monday, 19 March 2012

And so the fun comes to an end.

This is Sane, I have had my fun and my point has been proven, I no longer need to restrain Manic, also he does need more rest that he wasn't getting with me anyway. It'll just have to be a reminder to him that the past always, always catches up with you. So I will bid you goodbye for now, Manic will undoubtedly fail to tell you everything as he is a selfish man when it comes to the truth, lies are cheap, and good ones, valuable, but the truth, for Manic the truth is priceless so he doesn't give it away to just anyone. So remember ask manic about what happened, make his life hell, and be the monsters I know you can be. ;)
-Sane Soliloquy

Sunday, 18 March 2012

MY head, and there's the parade today.

I am asserting control for as long as I can. I'm fine, but a few people may have got hurt, sorry, but I think it goes without saying don't trust Sane Soliloquy. There are things and demons we battle with and this thing is mine, something from the past that has come back to cause me general trouble so I'm making an email account only I can access so Sane can't cause trouble amoungst people. Its,, I have set it up so Sane won't know the password or anything.

I haven't written these words in a while,
Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, And Stay Alive

-Manic Muse

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patrick's day

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, Me and Manic had an awesome time, much Guinness was consumed, and many Irish girls were kissed.  but enough about me, I thought I'd weigh in on this freesom debate Manic was having, over the interwebs.

Well the Slender Man is Free dom, we are free to kill, to be what ever qew want, we have negative freedom, we have no rules to constrain us. Who could ask to be more free, Manic complains about not being able to participate in the real world, well ...... this is oure world whether he likes it or not, so he should accept it as, as an anarchist this is the sort of freedom he should embrace.

Also I shall stick with my current adress as Mani and I shall be shit faced for a long, long time

This Is shit faeced signing off,
Sane Soliloquy
(Considering how much I've had to drink I'm surprised I spelt Soliloquy right)

Friday, 16 March 2012


Well it isn't your manic muse, sorry to disappoint you, this is sane soliloquy telling you me and manic have been having a great time, it's always good to blow off some steam once in a while, even if it is in a hospital gown.
It's like the good old days, when it was just me, Manic, the next drink, and target, anyway, this is to let you know manic shan't be coming back for a while were just having to much fun.

We may have hung a conservative MP, oooppps, ehhehehehehe, but who will miss him just another person for whom life became just too much. Good thing it's St Patrick's day soon, Manic will fully let go and the real fun can then begin.

Do as you will, makes no difference to me,

-Sane Soliloquy

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Not again

You guessed it, Manic is missing again, the only thing I know is it wasn't the centurion, as he left a note, saying, doing what needs to be done, I'm afraid this may mean he is going to do something more suicidal than usual. and he left an anchor for Aoife, but what can he be doing, he only regained the ability to walk yesterday, he still has a lot of healing to do, even with his accelerated rate,  I guess he just feels alone even with me and Aoife, he should be back.  Eventually.


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

These are the words of Albert Einstein, and seem apt to how we must deal with the Slender Man, we fell into our problems by not believing the Slender Man was real, in most our cases, and thinking we were safe in our own little bubbles of reality, in that world we believed we could defeat something from our armchair and live a comfortable, long life. But times changed and we became hard, callus, caring for none but ourselves and those close to us. Therefore the way we perceive things must change, most of us don't believe we are safe in our own little 'castles', that we can't change anything from our armchairs, but most still believe we can defeat this thing and still live long comfortable lives, in order to survive some must die if not all of us, if the mememic nature of the slender man is applicable, if those that give the meme power die so does the meme. I know this is to much along the sage zero line of thought but there is a point to it, but this very mememic nature can impede him by stories, as our notion and conception hold at least slight sway over him.

But then again stories are usually fictitious, with very little grain of truth, but there is usually some grain of truth, if we create stories, impossible stories, we may unlock secrets held in our subconscious,   as I believe that is what hides the Slender Man from people in the 'real' world from his influence, but again pure speculation, and as I am on some sort of opiate medication you shouldn't pay to much attention to me, or does a drunk mind speak a sober heart, I don't know if that was even pertinent. 

Anyway, we have a prophet of war it appears in our midst in the form of the skeptic, and what I assume is his nemesis peppercorn or something like that. But he believes in his runner army deposing the Slender Man, by some means, one of the main constituents is that proxies 'must' be dehumanized and killed, and now you probably know my view on killing, so you know I find this idea distasteful. There is reason behind him though, but then again given a certain mindset you can reason anything, but yes if you wanted to depose the Slender Man it would require an army of runners organised in the same way as the proxies are.

It's almost mothers day and St Patrick's day, too bad I'm in a hospital, no drinking and paying respects to my mother, but that is just me whining, but I'm sure the Numb Aoife will not be drinking, I need to see if Alcohol has an affect on the control Aoife has over her self.

Oh and I sort of been testing one aspect of Perceptual Physics the ability to heal serious wounds at an accelerated wounds, it caused a bit of a panic amongst the doctors as they have no idea what is causing me to heal at such a fast rate, and me saying I have a strong immune system doesn't seem to cut it. So whether this is a result of Slender Man repairing me so he can play more or me harnessing the energy I don't know but I shall be out before the end of the month, where the Doctors didn't think I shouldn't have been walking ever again, I like causing professional to scratch their heads, I was doing it even before the Slender Man.

-Manic Muse

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

thought experiment, for while I recover

Why do we keep living, I know I stipulated in one of my early posts that we aren't free to die, but why? Why do we continue to exist, we are a destructive force, we bring nothing new and hopeful into the world, we only bring pain and misery, we kill in the name of our own survival, we steal to sustain ourselves, we run at the expense of others to protect our own hides, we are cancerous, a virus of the human race, living off it but not being part of it. Killing and multiplying our numbers as collateral damage, the new sceptic guy talks about this being a war, war there is a fighting chance of winning. No, this is not a war this is an extermination, where even those who run from him, kill due to him, we do not save life we only take it, yet we can't even take our own, in our own hubris, our own narcissistic way we believe we are the only true answer to the slender man. We are worse, as we are the hypocrites, we preach our gospel against the slender man and his murders, it isn't even murder, murder is the unlawful killing  of one human being by another, and last time I checked the Slender Man wasn't human.

Maybe I should try to kill myself my advice helps no one, my shelter gets those who partake in it killed, I have killed, in the name of revenge, nothing we do is sacred, nothing we do is good, nothing we do will save the world, or Slay a Slender God.

MY lord, why do you lot always leave him in such a state, it's a good thing all these drugs and the delirious pain he endures allows me to come to the surface. Do you lot remember me, I doubt it, you are all such an inattentive bunch when it comes to fine details. Well I am Manics self preservation, that would be a simple explanation, or I am just the part of his psyche that takes over when the world becomes to much for him to cope with, Tom knows me, and fears me, for good reason, I am the dark thoughts of a muse, and him re reading his notes of madness has given me more strength therefore I also have more influence as Manics other selves come back, as Manic has been many men over the years he's been running from the man, some of them were good, some of them were evil, and some, some should have never seen the light of day.

Hopefully these days will become progressively more interesting, and again I give you the option of believing that I am just a proxy that is trying to push all those that trust Manic in some way to run, or that what I say is the truth and that you should all run.

-Sane Soliloquy

I guess I've got that off my chest, now where's that nurse with my Bacon sandwich,  damn woman I am not to weak for a bacon sandwich, bring me one or you shall be my substitute for the pig.

-Manic Muse

Monday, 12 March 2012

I forgot

As I am in a hospital recovering from serious injuries gained from my experiment, I decided to update you on the status of Aoife, the ex numb.

Well she seemed to be autonomous and completely stable, hence why I went back to my house, when I got nabbed by that Centurion fuck. But after that incident she has deteriorated, possibly due to my mental deterioration and absence at an important time,  so I fear she may fall back into the cycle of numb, she keeps mentioning that name, I'm guessing he was running with her when she vanished, possibly deceased, if this individual is found then a more long term anchor will be available, as my status wavers from safe to in sever danger, so far the numb experiment has a positive outcome, but still inconclusive results as specimen is not fully independent. Further observation and work needs to be done since I was injured she hasn't left my side meaning she probably she has a great dependence on me, if I die or leave her I will die, or she will break down and kill a few people.

I need more numb to test on, if only there were others who could perform the procedure, but it's so unique, so fine, one wrong move, word, even emotion and everyone dies. It's a sorry state of affairs, I can't do any testing myself due to injuries, I have a clingy Irish girl, and a still slightly narcoleptic magician under my roof, whilst being chased by the slender Man, oh and I still try to help people, typical.

-Manic Muse

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Collaboration part 2 Results

So Tom tried to stop me doing work but I did it anyway, experiments need to be done as consecutively as they can.
Collaborative experiment 2: Effect of liquids on subject, PRE 01.

Location: Park with forest and playground.

Results: Well like gargoyle I set myself up in a park on a Saturday, meaning children were out of schools the sun was out and in a place that I know the subject to appear. So I waited, and waited, until at noon subject appeared in between the treeline and the playground, so I drew my water pistol and fired and got a similar reaction from the subject as gargoyle, ie. the water rolling off and the subject appearing confused off my attack strategy. So I immediately switched to my other pistol which contained the herbicide solution, now on contact with the subject it produced what I assume was smoke, or steams, maybe he was getting angry or something akin, because he teleported right in front of me, so I legged it into the forest, dumb Idea, I think not as if he still has his pyrokinetic abilities he would be less inclined to try and burn me for the sake of his forest, also this forest near me doesn't have tall thin trees there's one huge stocky oak tree it is the least slender looking thing in the forest so I was aiming for there but along my way I picked up one o my other water cannons this one filled with beer, I turned and saw him not 5ft away, so I fired and doused him in the cheapest larger I could find, it may have been my imagination but I thought I saw flames enveloping him, now I knew he was angry so I legged it, this children is why you shouldn't try and take the piss out of the Slender Man as he will bitch slap you half way across the forest, my t-shirt was burnt, but I was closer to my final Water cannon I had this one made out off glass as it doesn't react with acids and such, This one was filled with HCl so I grabbed for it but subject Appeared right in front off me and threw me into a tree, I fell down more than one bone broken, I grasped at the earth in pain looking for anything a log, a stone, hell a doll even, but I found something much better my special Cannon. I quickly took aim, but he was gone, so I got up and looked around for him, I saw subject enticing a child in the woods where the parent was I don't know but if I shot subject child would still go to subject, but I may lose my chance to get a solid shot. So I put one shot in the air landing on the tip of the childs toe, his own fault he was bare footed, so he ran away, This was quickly followed by one to the back to subject who turned round so I got Nice coverage, he seemed confused a to him it seemed like water but stung, so he was confused swiping at himself with arm and tentacle, I drew my water pistol off my back again, again I'll remind you when HCl and H2O react it creates a massivly exothermic reaction So I shot when it landed I swear I saw something come out, it was another tentacle, and subject seemed to be confused and in some pain, not great but enough to cause him to show it. He proceeded to bitch slap me half way across the forest again teleport me to teh bottom of an ocean, the mouth of a volcanoe and nearly the highest mountain, so that when I got back I was scorched frozen, battered crushed, anything you could think of it happened to me. So I am in a hospital again.

Conclusion: Water and beer minimal affect, Herbicide affect unknown, probably none, HCl and H2O Incured severe reaction from subject, possibly as it was water producing a great amount of heat which he associates with fire so it was eldritch to him, and therefore it affected him, although the effect was limited, this is only to be used in drastic cases, using numerous times for subject to understand it.

So I am in a hospital again I don't know why I don't feel teh pain yet, the Doctors think it's shock as they probably think I got attacked by a gang.

Anyway this is me signing off,
-Manic Muse

Friday, 9 March 2012

Collaboration: Gargoyle + Manic, Part 2

Collaboration, part 2.
You are all aware, I'm sure, of gargoyles latest experiment, and know that I am helping him with the ones he's given me notes on and this is the last one.

Participants: Manic Muse (Dreaming Truths)
                   The Gargoyle (Beneath Stone Skies)

Subject: (As usual) PRE 01 aka the Slender Man

Experiment: To see the effects liquids have on subject, water being the most prominent and abundant on available. Using different liquids to see if they have any effect, ie, hydrochloric acid , which when combined with water creates an extreme exothermic reaction. Herbicides as trees are important to him, and maybe if he is connected to the bleeding tree this may affect him. I have also made a terrible sacrifice in the name of science, I have, sorry one moment,          I have reserved beer to be used as another liquid medium for testing, which as  a flammable substance should help see if it's just liquids that affect him.

Method: staking out a local park similar to the one Gargoyle set up his experiment in, I shall wait for the subject to appear, I would then proceed to test my liquids, water being the least likely to succeed as PRE 01 wouldn't cower before a light spot of rain, but it is in there anyway.

Hypothesis: A reaction will be incurred probably due to pissing off subject, HCl holds best chance when combined with water as subject is probably used to heat from fires and such not from two cold liquids reacting. The herbicide may weaken subject if their is connection to bleeding tree or if it is part of it.

Null Hypothesis: Water Slays subject and we all live happily ever after, HCl and water equals no reaction with subject, herbicide incurs no reaction from subject.

Risk Assessment: Death due to pissing off subject one to many times, Injury sever to light, mind fracture, acid burns from accidental contact, or poisoning from inhalation or ingestion of certain liquids.

Risk level: Medium

Manic Muse

Thursday, 8 March 2012

attention, Manic is posting

Well yes I am back,

and I'm back to the almost amoral person I was to start with, means more experiments can be done, especially my perceptual physics. But I should offer my two cents on the death of that detective bloke, what was his name Zeke, Zack, whatever, you all act like it's a massive loss, he was an old one, granted probably last of the properly old ones fighting this thing since the blogs began, but he was just a man. He was a man who despite his 'badassery' did nothing that most of us haven't done before, most of us have spat in the face of the monster defied it hell Damien did it before Zee, although he is gone and this is regrettable he is dead and that is all, no teas should be shed for the man who left the world to burn to save no one in particular, truly I don't see the fascination with this  ex officer of the law.

What I find much more interesting by far is that the old Morningstar has re appeared to mitch of 11 minutes to midnight, now this, this is interesting, I always admired this proxy for his perseverance and general disdain for society, and I saved teh numb girl she is now back up and singing, I hate that singing.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

Manic Muse

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

He's back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Praise to whatever God exists he's back, but he seems to be absolutely drained, he won't stand on his own, but he won't fall asleep was his time in that place so bad, he also has hallucinations, .....he's seeing Kat, something tells me this is going to be a hard few weeks, especially so soon after Johnny, yeah remember him, to be honest all I'm waiting for is the news report telling me 20 people have been believed to be found dead in some small flat.
Wait I think he wants to say something.

Why? Why? Why? whywhywhywhywwywhy?

Sorry he broke down there, so much mumbling I'll need to buy so many more notebooks, he needs to stabilize and help Aoife, otherwise that'll be another one he'd have lost, but I don't think he cares anymore, Whta happened in that place? Manic has never looked this soulless, so without life, no malice no anger no sadness, nothing.

It all just falls apart and always in the same way, we never learn, Manic never learns,

Here's your favorite standing signing off,


Tick, Tock the clock has struck and now the hour is nigh,

Lets take a look at the votes I have been given

2 votes for life, From the muses two familiars
0 votes for death,
number of 'displayed' followers 5, due to apathy leading to the death of the muse you have decided his fait, The muse is left to rot to a majority of 5 abstainers to 2 familiars.
It is good to be working for my emperor no man could rule me, my emperor is Pluto himself, for he has killed Jupiter, and has free reign over his Dominion. Thus the Muse is to die at the order of the only true god.

Wait? What? This was not the order my emperor, this was to be to the glory of Rome, No it is not dead it lives in me as long as I do. I understand, the Muse is to live, why God decides to let this heathen live is beyond me, he is an affront to Rome, he shall have no rest, I am the Centurion, and my judgement has been subverted, the Muse shall be returned to his familiars. And I extend my condolences, Ezekiel Strahm was a good warrior and although he did not fight for my emperor or Rome, he deserves respect all the same.
For Honor, For Valor, For Rome
-The Centurion

Monday, 5 March 2012

F*Ck, F*CK!!!

Aoife just fell unconscious and she won't wake up, She needs manic to help her I can only do so much Manic is her Anchor to the real world. Who is this Centurion who decides if Manic lives or dies, give me back Manic he is needed if you don't then I shall come after you and kill you. Manic isn't only one with a propensity for revenge.


Sunday, 4 March 2012

I'm so Tired

I feel so old I've been here for decades, if not centuries, but every time I look in a pool of water I still look the same. But I feel old, and tired, I found a church in the middle of my endless forest today, I say middle, but as it is endless everywhere's the middle so, sorry logical tangent. But yes I found a church, probably a church as I was brought up catholic so I still have the idea of it as a main religion, but regardless, I walked into the church as I needed a place besides trees to rest, but the place was full and there was only one seat in the corner for me to sit, there was also a priest that was singing, soft and low, like a lullaby I almost fell asleep, no I can't fall asleep that's what they want me to do, I went up to the front and there were people with dead stares murmuring to themselves, I sat near them they didn't even notice me, I heard them murmur, I heard one murmuring I think it was reach cause it was talking about a person called Ava, And Zero talking about his shield and the stories, this could just be my imagination, but why should it be. Then I went to the priest who continued singing his lullaby.

I left as it wasn't safe the shadows were gathering, and their getting stronger I tried finding the burnt part of the forest as they never went back but I can't find it I even tried following the river but I always end up in the same place. I Can't resist the lullabies of the trees anymore, I'll just have a little nap the shadows can keep me safe, Just climb this tree to keep safe from the animals of the ground.

Ahhhh, my head the shadows their crawling in, so many memories, so many thoughts, so many people, I can'


 We're just shitting you, but this manic guy is gone, we shall live again, this time he shan't win this time he's getting weaker, wait whats that shadow why does he not join us, WE are scared, we have to run, protect the body protect the mind, No the rage, how could he we killed him, he's not a shadow the rage, the power, FLee, flee from the man with rage like ice. Flee the man with love like fire, Fleeeeeeeeeeeee

Not again musn't sleep must keep walking, But I'm so weak, I can't last long help me, I'm not long, my Soul is either alive and is about to die, or I'm dead and my energy has been used up.

Help Me! Help ME!!!!


Ahhhhhhhhhhh Your little Muse is having trouble, he is telling the truth, he is not long for this world, It is up to you 'loyal' readers to decide whether I help him through or let him try and break out of his OWN accord, and if you think those shadows aren't real, they are.

So you have a choice Thumbs up, comment Life, Thumb Down, comment Death.

This is your choice, I am the centurion, make your decision in three days, then the decision will be cast, I will set him free and he will rise up, or he will almost certainly Die.

The Centurion

Addendum: If you do not vote I shall assume this is a vote for death, your apathy shall not be taken so easily, your apathy may get this man killed.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Testing, Testing..

Well I may be going slowly insane, going? Hehehehe, well if these are my last years in my head then  I shall test and object the system, *carves Anarchy symbol into tree*, so I had this Idead that was floating around my head awhile ago about a year ago in this place, it's called Perceptual Physics, as you may remember there was Ray or 'Reach', he suffered a crisis of faith where he thought all his abilities were all a mental illusion, but he withstood things no normal human being could hope to. Also, there are people like the Umbras who have the ability to teleport, and heal people, and many Runners have the ability to withstand enormous amounts of pain and torture that would kill anyone else. So my inference is that those who are involved with the Slender Man either Proxy or Runner has a ability to bend the rules of physics depending on their beliefs of how it should function, as if we still hold the position that the Slender Man is affected by how we view him, ie vulnerable to water or magnetic fields, then if we view him as part of our physical space we can interact with him as we would any other object in our space.

I tested this theory in this world, I climbed up one of the trees roughly 12-15ft tall, not high enough to kill me if I fell, maybe if I fell awkwardly, but would most probably cause myself a relatively serious injury, so I jumped off, and just before I hit the ground I believed as much as I could that I wouldn't hit the ground and then I stopped falling and I noticed I was about a foot from the ground. I then started rising to up I tried rising above the tallest trees, but they were perpetually just above my head. Then I tried summoning a fire for when it gets cold and set what I assumed to be half the forest alight, the fire didn't touch me though, and the shadows ran and left me alone for the foreseeable future. I then put it up a notch, so I cut off a finger and believed it could be reattached and it did.

This was all I could do that I could do I'm tired, I need to test this in the real world, maybe Gargoyle will do it I don't know he doesn't strike me as someone who believes very well.

I'm tired,

Help me,
Stay Sharp, Stay Safe And Stay Alive

Manic Muse

Friday, 2 March 2012


What, Where am I?

It looks like a forest, where the hell am I getting this wifi, Slender Man must pay his bills well, but this must be my loop world to try and break me. But it's not a city which most loop worlds occur in, which I assume to be the empty city as that is a place we can neither enter nor leave unless the Slender Man has a part in it, or some other fear.

But why a forest, all I hear is rustling in the shadows, or maybe they are the shadows I don't know I hear voices, murmuring half remember names, names I know yet don't know, memories that aren't mine yet feel familiar, I feel like I've been here for days, no weeks, more like years, but I haven't eaten a thing, would you eat something that is from an area that is completely black,.....Black Forest, not the one in Germany, maybe this is the path of black leaves, an extension of the Slender Man, but no none proxy can barely get through this place alive, let alone liv....., I may be dead might I? I could be typing these words in my imagination alone this could just be the final moments of my brain shutting down, You want witty, profound words from me well,......Fuck, all these secrets all this knowledge mine at the end at least that's some consolation, but what knowledge, theres just this river, safe river, cool river, MY river. My river, MY knowledge, I can get out of here I have beaten his mind games before and I shall do it again, Oh, I'm so thirsty must take a drink.

What? Where am I? What is this river, I feel so tired I must rest here, must notebook is full, how did it get that way, I haven't written anything in it, I must get out no forest can be endless, unless this is a loop world, but it's not a city, their usually cities, maybe it's trees, why are the trees black, trees aren't black their green, black trees, black....., I'm in the path of black leaves aren't I. Well Fuck, wait, but living things that aren't proxies don't usually survive in the path, it can't be the path, I mean I'm aliv....... I'm dead aren't I, DUDE seriously I just got a haircut and I die, my luck can't be that bad. What are these shadows saying to me, Why do I know their secrets, their names, their lullabies, such sweet lullabies I don't want to leave, but maybe this is all my brain dying in it's last few moments, giving me some peace, my notebook full, with a lullaby to lull me to sleep, but those shadows aren't friendly, maybe I'm going to hell and these are my devils ready to claim me, so this means I am probably not even typing this to anyone, this time I really am talking to no one, myself, it's official, I am forever alone, hehhe, sorry even at the end I try to crack a joke, if this is real, then you'll want last words with a profound meaning, like go forth and love thy proxy, or rise up and kill the black king, well hears what I say, Why?

Now that water was refreshing I should stay here a while and rest

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive
(my fruity little runners XD)

Manic Muse

Collaboration results (still Tom)

Still Tom here, Um, well I saw that gargoyle guy post some results and it seems that he was collaborating with Manic over this thing, so I found the latest ( I could find) of Manics notebooks and found his results.

Experiment: collaboration 1, effect of disguise on PRE 01 and his servants. Me dressed as PRE 01.
Duration: 4 Days
Place of experiment: Parks, Alleys, out a window.

Results: I don't think Gargoyle will get much success with his variation of the experiment I mean redlight was sort of important but he is old in terms of people fearing or taking notice of him. Anyway, I couldn't test it on runners I know, as I know no runners. So I had to walk in these places and act all passively malevolent for 4 days. The most interesting thing I think is the fact that all the normal people seem to ignore me, even when I stood near a playground, in the 21st Century when everyone is afraid of pedophile, Nothing! So maybe their minds just don't perceive the monster their subconscious has taught them to not see, if I ever have to hide from norms this may be helpful. PRE 01 showed initial irritation at my mimicry of him I may have messed about abit and made him look silly, opps :), it was during one of these taunting sessions he got particularly angry and knocked me the fuck out. Now to proxies, they showed general confusion, There's a hive or something in a certain area of London and I used this area to test. They all started working quickly to 'please' their master, I saw three kill what I guess were their targets, one came up to me curiously this was getting dangerous as although this person was significantly smaller than me, PRE 01 is even taller so I was in danger of being discovered, but they just gave me a doll of some sort I did the obligatory head tilt, and used my mind to communicate my thanks, this may have been pushing it but the proxy didn't seem to notice., I made them not pay attention to me and left.

Conclusion: The disguise can be used to sneak past those who can't perceive PRE, and has at least has partial effectiveness with proxies, with no effectiveness with PRE 01 unless you're just taking the piss out of him.

So yeah, that's the last thing I have written  from Manic, I hope he's safe, somewhere.


P.S. I found these weird chemicals left by Manic, where did he get them? Did he steal them from the hospital?