Friday, 30 March 2012

Moving towards Sanity?

I must say without the worry and threat of death I have been alot calmer and more laid back, I've actually spent much of the past two days meandering through the complex/ building, you can say what you like but this is a calm existence free of personal interaction.

I've also started to notice things I didn't before like little cracks, it was whilst I was inspecting some of these that Sirus came sauntering down the hallway with a smug smile on his face, for once I didn't mind I felt happy a place I've never been before and unlimited range within it, yet I don't want to find the experiment room, I even have a suspicion ti where it is, Sirus had to ruin it by talking didn't he.

Sirus: Enjoying ourselves are we?
Me: Maybe, *look of guilt*
Sirus: *chuckle* Don't worry little brother this place was designed to be your play ground, the perfect type of place for your to explore and be what you are, have you found the secret passages yet?
Me: Passages? Plural? ummmm *fidgeting* no :(.
Sirus Don't worry you'll find them eventually, until then do you wanna go walk about outside it's not healthy being in here all day.
Me: Aren't you worried I'll kick you in the shins and leg it, aren't I a security 'risk'?
Sirus: Manic I think I've already shown I'm not, how did you like my little door game, I thought you may appreciate the psychological insinuations.
Me: Okay, yeah you're very clever Bro maybe you should grow a big mustache and puff your hair out.
Sirus: Ohhhh, the sarcasm is cutting, Maybe you should start wearing a purple suit and dye your hair green?
Me: Nah, purples not my colour.

Sirus: You know Manic I miss this.
Me: What?
Sirus: This *encompassing arm movement* us, brothers talking and messing about,    
Why did you leave?

I think alot about this before I respond,
Me: Do you remember that girl Kat,
Sirus: Yeah.
Me: Well she didn't like the person I was when I was around you, said you were a 'bad' influence, ludicrous right, no matter how much I tried to reason with her she wouldn't relent, she finally gave me an ultimatum, I had to choose between her and you, you remember how weird I was acting in the last days of our 'reign' it was the hardest decision I had to make.

Sirus: Then after the 'incident' why didn't you come back I didn't even know where you were, why didn't you call your own brother?

Me: Because after a while I'd come to realize I didn't like who I was becoming around you, also after her death......

(Sorry this part is still sore)

I didn't trust anything even myself, and I thought if I went back to you I would be betraying everything she stood for and defiling her memory.

Sirus: And how was what you actual did reinforce her memory?

Me: I don't know, I just needed it to be that way, I needed to heal.

Sirus: Nice healing bro *sympathetic chuckle*

Me: Yeah *chuckle to agree*, you know I never wanted to leave I thought about you everyday tried to think of ways to make things good between us but it always seemed to be at the worst time, the first time I was stable for awhile was when I found that johnny kid and he took up most of my time between my injuries and his care and his death, then there was Tom and Aoife who needed me to look after them. All you have to do is forgive me for What I've done to you and let the rest lie.

Sirus: *Brotherly smile* Already forgotten, now do you want to feel the sun for the first time for about a week and walk in it as brothers once again.

Me: * Smiling like a spastic* Yeah man, lets do it.

I don't know what...... Just live life repair your bridges where you can my brother is back, MY Brother :)

-Manic Muse

*Manic's Status has been changed from Detainee to guest his posts and comments will no longer be monitored he's no longer a security risk*

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