Friday, 9 March 2012

Collaboration: Gargoyle + Manic, Part 2

Collaboration, part 2.
You are all aware, I'm sure, of gargoyles latest experiment, and know that I am helping him with the ones he's given me notes on and this is the last one.

Participants: Manic Muse (Dreaming Truths)
                   The Gargoyle (Beneath Stone Skies)

Subject: (As usual) PRE 01 aka the Slender Man

Experiment: To see the effects liquids have on subject, water being the most prominent and abundant on available. Using different liquids to see if they have any effect, ie, hydrochloric acid , which when combined with water creates an extreme exothermic reaction. Herbicides as trees are important to him, and maybe if he is connected to the bleeding tree this may affect him. I have also made a terrible sacrifice in the name of science, I have, sorry one moment,          I have reserved beer to be used as another liquid medium for testing, which as  a flammable substance should help see if it's just liquids that affect him.

Method: staking out a local park similar to the one Gargoyle set up his experiment in, I shall wait for the subject to appear, I would then proceed to test my liquids, water being the least likely to succeed as PRE 01 wouldn't cower before a light spot of rain, but it is in there anyway.

Hypothesis: A reaction will be incurred probably due to pissing off subject, HCl holds best chance when combined with water as subject is probably used to heat from fires and such not from two cold liquids reacting. The herbicide may weaken subject if their is connection to bleeding tree or if it is part of it.

Null Hypothesis: Water Slays subject and we all live happily ever after, HCl and water equals no reaction with subject, herbicide incurs no reaction from subject.

Risk Assessment: Death due to pissing off subject one to many times, Injury sever to light, mind fracture, acid burns from accidental contact, or poisoning from inhalation or ingestion of certain liquids.

Risk level: Medium

Manic Muse


  1. if that's a risk level medium remind me to not get to involved in a risk level high.

  2. well it's not overly risky compared to some of the stuff that's done, high to insane would be walking into a nest or hive of proxies, numb, etc, with a t shirt saying down with slendy and playing all the slender parodies from the internet.

  3. So I take it based on the fact you were still posting on my blog means old Slendy didn't hand you your ass in a trash bag?

  4. No means I haven't tested it yet, I can't test it until Sunday my sunday, as Tom is forcing me to go out and tak emy mind off work. :(

  5. Well hell. well... I don't know... try the acid last?