Sunday, 25 March 2012

Heheheh, hook, line ,sinker.

So WE have captured your muse, it wasn't hard, he thought his little diversion would work, what he doesn't know is that I was watching him whilst he orchestrated this half hearted attempt. So I've promptly snatched him and shall proceed to deliver him to my superior for what shall be an interesting sequence of events, Say your goodbyes to your muse, he may not leave here alive.
-The Trap


  1. Oh god damn it, Manic do you just not fucking know how not to get caught by these fucks? Okay if anyone in Manic's neck of the woods needs an extra hand in finding him, let me know!

  2. Don't blame Manic he just got complacent, and he has many skilled enemies, we have to be smart to catch him, and don't worry we aren't slender Minions, we just need manic for our, well that would be spoiling the fun. :). After all you see how much Manic knows if we were your normal run of the mill proxies or government agents we'd have never caught him.

  3. Hey Manic, when you break out, and want some help kicking the piss out of these guys, let me know, let me get to the point where I can open both eyes without blood getting in one of them first ;)