Friday, 2 March 2012

Collaboration results (still Tom)

Still Tom here, Um, well I saw that gargoyle guy post some results and it seems that he was collaborating with Manic over this thing, so I found the latest ( I could find) of Manics notebooks and found his results.

Experiment: collaboration 1, effect of disguise on PRE 01 and his servants. Me dressed as PRE 01.
Duration: 4 Days
Place of experiment: Parks, Alleys, out a window.

Results: I don't think Gargoyle will get much success with his variation of the experiment I mean redlight was sort of important but he is old in terms of people fearing or taking notice of him. Anyway, I couldn't test it on runners I know, as I know no runners. So I had to walk in these places and act all passively malevolent for 4 days. The most interesting thing I think is the fact that all the normal people seem to ignore me, even when I stood near a playground, in the 21st Century when everyone is afraid of pedophile, Nothing! So maybe their minds just don't perceive the monster their subconscious has taught them to not see, if I ever have to hide from norms this may be helpful. PRE 01 showed initial irritation at my mimicry of him I may have messed about abit and made him look silly, opps :), it was during one of these taunting sessions he got particularly angry and knocked me the fuck out. Now to proxies, they showed general confusion, There's a hive or something in a certain area of London and I used this area to test. They all started working quickly to 'please' their master, I saw three kill what I guess were their targets, one came up to me curiously this was getting dangerous as although this person was significantly smaller than me, PRE 01 is even taller so I was in danger of being discovered, but they just gave me a doll of some sort I did the obligatory head tilt, and used my mind to communicate my thanks, this may have been pushing it but the proxy didn't seem to notice., I made them not pay attention to me and left.

Conclusion: The disguise can be used to sneak past those who can't perceive PRE, and has at least has partial effectiveness with proxies, with no effectiveness with PRE 01 unless you're just taking the piss out of him.

So yeah, that's the last thing I have written  from Manic, I hope he's safe, somewhere.


P.S. I found these weird chemicals left by Manic, where did he get them? Did he steal them from the hospital?

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