Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Tick, Tock the clock has struck and now the hour is nigh,

Lets take a look at the votes I have been given

2 votes for life, From the muses two familiars
0 votes for death,
number of 'displayed' followers 5, due to apathy leading to the death of the muse you have decided his fait, The muse is left to rot to a majority of 5 abstainers to 2 familiars.
It is good to be working for my emperor no man could rule me, my emperor is Pluto himself, for he has killed Jupiter, and has free reign over his Dominion. Thus the Muse is to die at the order of the only true god.

Wait? What? This was not the order my emperor, this was to be to the glory of Rome, No it is not dead it lives in me as long as I do. I understand, the Muse is to live, why God decides to let this heathen live is beyond me, he is an affront to Rome, he shall have no rest, I am the Centurion, and my judgement has been subverted, the Muse shall be returned to his familiars. And I extend my condolences, Ezekiel Strahm was a good warrior and although he did not fight for my emperor or Rome, he deserves respect all the same.
For Honor, For Valor, For Rome
-The Centurion

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