Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kat's Post

As the title says I'm not Manic/ Sane, Whatever he calls himself these days, I would use his real name but he apparently doesn't want you lot to know that.

So I'm typing on this useless thing to tell that Maya woman to get him to stop following you, he is having massive swings in personality. We could be having dinner and laughing then he suddenly turns all sullen, it's not conducive to a homely life, and not a good environment to be raising children, which is basically what he is. Also get him to leave Paul, I here rumors about what happens beyond the path he will kill himself trying to figure out what happened and he will kill himself in the process. I don't want my (soon to be) proxy husband full of holes, it will ruin his suit, also it won't be good for my condition.

But the crazy bugger keeps pestering me to tell 'my story', about how I got out of that explosion, why I became a proxy so I'll give you what I remember as he is out earning a living, in more than one way.

So as he told you I went into the 'hive' of proxies with my knife, gun and massive bomb, I came across relatively little resistance only a few stragglers heading for some central point, I dispatched a few of them and followed one to the center.  It was basically an auditorium full of proxies some husks, some completely autonomous I wandered through their ranks, they didn't even looked like they saw me, I was tempted to Call *He who shan't be named* and Tom, as this was really freaking me out, but if it went badly I didn't want to get them killed the only men I loved, so I went to the rostrum at the focal point of the 'arena' and saw if they noticed me I tried setting up the bomb, but, but he was there right behind me, it's when I whispered those words to the two outside, I have a problem with the gingerbread man, which I won't get into right now. And set off my bomb, the thing is I saw all the proxies vanish before the explosion and the Slender Man took me from that place to a place filled with more ferocious looking proxies.

This is when he commenced speaking to me, he mentioned things to personal to put on this blog for all eight of you to see, but he talked about the man you know as Manic, about my life before I met them, he showed me how I was a monster, how in the deepest darkest recesses of  my mind I deserved to die, but I could redeem myself by killing those that were hypocritical and blind enough to think that they had the right to kill proxies on some moral higher ground. The condition was that I was never to see *mister smart arse*, it killed me but I agreed.

My first Kill:

It was a girl that was about my age, she had stunningly blue eyes, red hair, she would have been considered beautiful to all, I remember every detail of that night, down to the two freckles she had just inside the cleavage of her breast and the small birthmark on her arm.

I'm sure my soon be hub would go into great detail to tell you she was a double d or a g, or that her weight was slightly above average, but I will stop at those details, as I will continue as people like Maya will not judge me unnecessarily.

It was a warm month, the leaves were green and the sound of children playing filled the evening air, along with the smell of what I assume was summer, she was walking in a wooded area, my target was so un savy when it came to the Genre, she had started running some other proxies had killed her parent's it wasn't pretty, I've only ever seen Sane kill someone in a more stomach churning way. From her pace and limping walk she appeared tired, and injured, I approached her and asked her if she was alright. I wasn't expecting the fucking taser to the stomach, when I came to she looked worried and apologised and her pink taser was on the ground, I commented " It doesn't fucking feel pink does it?" She looked at her taser  guiltily, and asked if I needed any help, and I aid no, I said I saw her from the trail and thought she looked like 'she' needed help, so I offered to take her to my house, I think the guilt overrode the paranoia thankfully in that state I couldn't have killed anyone. So we walked, thankfully she didn't know the area so she didn't question when I brought her deeper to the woods, until I stopped and turned knife in hand, not a generic proxy issue, but not the perfection Sane has either, I didn't smile, just put my fingers ti my lips and went 'shhhhh', and that's when she started screaming., she turned and ran, she didn't make it easy, fortunately for me she wasn't dressed for outdoor survival just yet as the day had been quite warm, so as she ran through thickets and bushes she got scratched beyond words, and her clothes were in tatters by the time I caught up with her, she was hiding, half naked in a little foxes den, and I asked her what was wrong she said I chased her with a knife, I looked shocked at the thought and said she just ran off into the woods without me noticing. Thankfully, the paranoia made her question what she knew so believed me. She hugged me, skin warm and soft, heart beating fast her breathing elevated. I hugged her to my chest like a women to a child, then I felt the breath become more labored and her heart beat faster trying to deliver a final surge of adrenaline to her muscles to break free, but eventually it slowed, thump, thump,... thump..........thump, ......... da,.........da................, there was silence as she didn't try to breathe anymore, so I laid her down in  the little den, In case the authorities found it I dressed it up as a rape ripping the last vestige of clothing and leaving her to rot. Until I heard a gasp, then I just stabbed the bitch right through the throat the blood with little pressure oozed out and collected in the depression in her collar bones.

I continued working, what killed me more was that  when he became a proxy I couldn't see him, so when he finally came back, to be blunt we did it. So see people Sane isn't the only person to be afraid of, and if you touch him, Paul you little shit, I will end you.

You've been warned


  1. Is it wise to warn the night that it is dark? Is it sane to speak of those rendered lifeless by our hands? Does this Kat land on her emotional feet, or fall into dark places where one can not leave.

  2. Ah you nameless son of a 'female dog', what do you know, you leave cryptic clues and not many answers, Kat is as stable as any proxy which as always, isn't stable at all. Why don't you reveal your identity so I can get on with my life after killing you?