Sunday, 8 April 2012

Before 'I' forget

My past is clouded with time, death and cheap alcohol.
My past is soaked in Blood, gasoline and enough suicides to startle an emo.
But my Past makes me the person I am.

I'm starting to lose it, forgetting why I fight, who I am, and want to be, forgetting Why?

SO I'm going to tell you, I'm a monster yet people like Patch don't believe me, Nightscreams last post reminded me, so here it is my life laid bare beneath your gaze. Taken from the notebooks which will soon become the tombstone of dead men.

I was Born In Ireland to a man name Will, and a woman named Mary.
I was the longest of two Sons, Me and Sirus.
Ever since I could walk and talk, Sirus and I have been fiercely competitive with each other, who could break our parents first, who could eat faster, who could run, swim whatever.
Our father encouraged this as he had, we would later discover, anterior motives, so me and Sirus were playing one day and we heard sounds coming from inside the house our father was having an episode of being an arsehole and attacking our mother, at this stage we somehow developed our abilities maybe we were already exposed to the Slender Man and our minds were broken sufficiently to cause us to be able to alter the way we perceive  our interactions with the world. But as it is all speculation this is pointless to go into it.

Sirus and I hadn't discovered the extent to which our abilities worked, so I tried to shut the noise out, I felt all the anger, the pain and the chaos and I willed it to stop just stop, then Sirus nudged me as there was no longer any shouting, and he said that he heard thuds from inside, so we ran inside and found our parents unconscious on the floor me and Sirus didn't know what happened, so Sirus was trying to rouse one of them from their state and seemed to freeze in his spot, so I was scared and started to try and get Sirus to talk and he snapped out and looked surprised he never told me what had happened to him, but I assume it was the moment he found out what he could do.

We didn't talk about what we feared had happened for the next few days, until Sirus said, " *omitted* ? do you want to play a games?" And due to my competitive nature I agreed.

Sirus bet me he could guess anything I was thinking, and he did it, I guess he was practicing, I bet him I could get him to do whatever I wanted him to, he looked so smug and agreed, and I did what I did the other day, to him, I would say something then he would do it, he would resist it but he did it, He wasn't the only one who practiced. We stared at each other in silence both of us thinking the same thing and not wanting to admit it first, until we both said, "you Can?, But I Can?", we started causing the mischief that an 12 and 7 year old boy with psychic powers can get up to.

It went on like this for awhile me and Sirus were free to do what we wanted, until we found out how much off an arsehole he turned out to be. And I already told you about the whole spoon bending shit, cause that shit was amusing. Well my father saw this and turned out to be part of a Slender Cult, shocker there and he thought a telepathic child would make a great offering to his god, yes I know what a great thing for a 'loving' father should do. He got me whilst I slept and took me to a location that I don't remember, for some reason Tom was there maybe he was an initiate they were hoping to bring into the cult, which I used to my advantage getting inside his head until he let me out. The problem with this is that they would of used him as an offering instead of me due to his digression, so I helped him escape and we had to run, he told me about what the place did how he saw children the same age as him being taken, for the first few weeks he kept his nose buried in the books he brought along, he only ever helped me steal food when I was tired and couldn't convince the strangers just to give us food.

We continued doing this for a few years we eventually became close friends, no shit, and we met this girl about our age who kept  acting weird in this one area we used to spend alot of time in, and we noticed the Slender Man looking straight at her, so me and Tom went to her and asked her if she was in trouble, turned out her parents had just died in 'mysterious incidents' and she was being followed by a tall man in a suit. I almost gave her a no shit sherlock response but I didn't.

For about a year or two we went around watching each others back that when it got to the time that I was 13 we thought it was safe to go home. which is what Sirus talked about, he was ecstatic to see me, but when my father saw me he went as white as a sheet, as the cult had merely assumed the Slender Man had merely take the two children they had on the premises at the time so when he saw me and Tom he almost lost it there and then, my mother was also excited by my return but I couldn't tell her.

Thats all I can type for now, I'm going back to my corner to sulk, and be anti social I may post the rest i a couple of days.



  1. Shit man, I knew you must of had it bad, but not this bad.

  2. And it still isn't the whole story, it's so I don't go overzealouswith details.