Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Their safe, I hope

I've been thinking for a long time about the results from yesterday, and with this war I'll try and save as many as I can. Starting with them.

This is the following conversation I had with Sirus;

S: So my general, how fair you?
M: How do you think?
S: Just because you're faith in something has been completely debased doesn't mean you can't be fun. So when will you start your training of the recruits?
M: Recruits, you've got more already? *Gives me a smug look* There's just something I have to do first and I'll need your help, then I'll start.
S: What do you 'need' to do?
M: Ensure the safety of the others, and I need your help.

* I never mentioned that Sirus also has a 'psychic' ability, he can delete and alter memories, so whereas I can destroy a persons personality by picking apart the mind his talent requires much more finesse*

S: Sure. * If I didn't know any better I would say that he had a mischievous look in his eyes*

We went to where Tom and Aoife were and I knocked on the door.

Aoife: Who calls at this time of the...... Tom, come to the door.
Tom: Aoife what do you want what is it.... MANIC!!!!! *I've never seen him happier to see me than at that moment*
M: Hey, there's someone you haven't met Aoife and Tom don't freak out when out when you see him.
T: Manic? What do you mea.. *Sirus comes into sight, Tom sot of flips* WHAT! Why is he here?
M: Because he is, just let us come in and rest, have you been doing what I've told you.
T: *Looks suspiciously at Sirus* Yeah not look at the blogs, minimizing exposure to The dark guy, we've done it, but where have you been?
M: I'll tell you individually, and you'll have to trust me.
A: But why can't you just tell us now what can't we be told together?
M: Trust me.
T: Okay, Aoife leave and Manic will talk to me first then you can see him.
M: Actually Tom, I'll talk to Aoife first then you.
T: But...
M: Tom, please.
* Tom leave the room leaving me and Sirus with Aoife*

M: So Aofe how have you been lately?
A: Good, My dreams are settling down and I am having fewer paranoid episodes, *She's not good at lying*
M: Do you wan't to leave here and go back to a normal life as I'm sure you know whats happening and that me and Tom aren't normal people. So do you remember where you came from, and do you wan't to go back there?
A: What do you mean, you and Tom are great I don't know where I'd be without you two, also you need me especially after Johnny.
M: Well now I definitely you read my blog and so you are in danger. you read the blogs whilst I was away didn't you?
A: I tried to but I just this feeling that you were in danger so I went checking up on you, don't be mad don't be angry. * All this only makes it harder*.
M: Don't worry, I'm not angry though all this must have exhausted you, maybe you should lay down and rest you've had a hard week.
A: Maybe I should I have after all, sing me a song to me.
* I sing an old lullaby, It sounded familiar but it was purely automatic*
A: *omitted*,
M: yeah
A: Kiss me good night.
* I lean in to kiss her, and as soon as I make contact with my hand on her arm she fell asleep*

S: Ah, you're so sweet to the little thing, little brother. What are you doing now?
M: checking her memories to see what you need to delete and have you can maintain continuity, she can't remember her home so it's best to keep her with Tom.
*gives Sirus the pertinent information*
S: I'm sorry *omitted* you have to do this, it'll be worse for Tom he's known you for about as long as anyone.

* puts hands on her temples, whilst he was working I saw a tear in his eye for once I believed Sirus was sad for me*
S: It's done, hopefully she won't remember any of this her subconscious has been near enough scrubbed anything she will remember will only be attributed to nightmares.
 M: Carry her upstairs to her bed and I'll get Tom in, wait until I call you then come in.
*Sirus leaves carrying Aoife up stairs in a bridal carry*

*Tom comes in*

T: Where's Aoife gone?
M: Upstairs she was abit tired, So Tom how have you been lately?
T: The same coping.
M: Because of the memories of Kat and me and he who shall not be screwed with?
T: Yeah, Why are you asking me this Manic?
M: How would you like to be free of these memories, be free again?  not having to constantly look over your shoulder for a danger that wasn't there before I started the blog .
T: But.... that's why you brought him here, I can't forget, you can't forget, for all the people we have lost, We 'NEED' to remember them.
M: No, for your well being you need to forget, it's the only way Tom. I'm Sorry real.

*I Bring Sirus in to work*

T: If you think we need to forget why did you sing Kats' lullaby to her, we need to remember Manic, we need to.
*Tom is crying at this point, and I am on the brink*
M: This won't hurt and if it does you won't remember anyway.
*I search thoughts whilst Tom cries, he doesn't resist he knows he can't overpower me, I've never felt him so defeated*

M: Sirus do it, before I regret it.

* Tom falls asleep (with a little help) and Sirus continues to change Toms life, to not involve me, not to involve, Sirus, Kat, Any of us*

S: It's done. WE need to make sure all your notebooks and resources are gone, clear the computers history and use so of our old contacts to legitimate their lives.
S: Manic, Manic can yo hear me.
M: Hmm, yeah, WE have to clean up my mess.

Happy now world I'm all alone now, just me and death, and all those that will die at my hand and my tactics.

This post is over move along
-Manic Muse ( I'm not deserving of that name anymore, it symbolized something that I'm not anymore, A creature of creation, now, now I'm just a creature of death)


  1. Christ man, That couldn't of been easy, but it sure puts allot of stuff you told me in perspective.

  2. you know what makes it hard, she started drawing, she drew me surrounded by people but standing alone, with the words 'my Lonely Angel', She obviously didn't know me.

  3. Manic has gone into a downward spiral he's taking it harder than he thought he might, drinking more than usual and smoking like a chimney, he truly is a sorry sight.

  4. Well Gee Sirus, take it from someone who might have been brainwashed myself, we tend to *Not* appreciate the experience!

    The fact it's taking a told on him, tells us all that he's a good man, who made a hard choice. Your his damn brother, act like one and take care of him until he recovers.

  5. Well Molly coddling won't help him get through this stage, as otherwise he'll become apathetic.
    And hard choices, Manic rarely has to make hard choices it was ME who had to make them, so excuse me for not feeling sorry for my brother.

  6. And if you think you can do a better job I'll fly Manic over so you can take care of him, if you're so good.