Monday, 9 April 2012

Round 2

One of the new recruits came into my room today, it was a foolish move, I'm sure Sirus probably told them it was a bad idea, this one obviously didn't listen, I like this one.
It was a woman probably about 20, she had blue hair, couldn't pin down her ethnicity, she shall hence forth be known as Blue, My favorite, whilst Unicorn is my least right now. Hehehe.

Where was I? Oh yes, She came in with what seemed like a pad and a pencil, Sirus must have told me a little bit about me aswell, She wrote down 'This is for you' It was a picture of Slender Man on the ground, with a form standing above him, I just looked at it confused, but before I could ask her what it was she had left. Strange, I like her alot.

My story:
So after I returned my parents asked me many questions, like where I had been, especially my father who seemed to be getting more anxious  by the day. He hid me and Tom for what later I discovered to be fear of his life. You see they didn't like people bringing them sacrifices that escaped, past tense, they 'didn't', I only explained to Sirus what happened, he didn't believe me, he didn't want to believe that our father had willingly taken me to be killed by an eldritch being, and I think he was angry, angry that I was favorite amongst the brothers, the one father saw most promise in, he doesn't say it though, not to this day.

It was 2007 when my house burnt down, Sirus woke me, Tom and Kat( if you hadn't guessed already), we hadn't got out of the habit of sleeping in our survival positions. There was smoke everywhere, Kat almost died from smoke inhalation, To got burns from part of the roof collapsing on him, only me and Sirus escaped un harm, our parent, our parents loft their life in that fire. I later discovered one of the old cult members discovered me and Tom were still alive, and alerted the rest of them, so they burnt the house down, and cleared away the evidence that me Sirus and Tom never existed.

Whilst we were fleeing the house out side the house, Tom froze, Kat froze, I turned to see what they were looking at, It was the first time me and Sirus had seen the Slender Man and he seemed to laugh and wave us off, it's why he blames me for our parents death as if I didn't come back the probably would have lived.

Sirus was silent for several days, being 18 he was the legal guardian for both Tom and Kat at the hospital, we  had to teach Sirus how to adapt quickly, he severed all contact with his friends, everyone he knew as it was the only way to protect them. We traveled around alot stealing enough money to take a ferry over to england and a consequential bus. I'm not going to regale you with the damage we did to the cult members, even for those that have seen the Slender Mans kills would retch, just remember what Sirus and I can do.

When in England we had many sittings of our pursuer in the intermediate years, none of them were directly violent or life threatening, ofcourse some proxies got the wrong idea and tried to kill us, Slender saved my life technically a few times. Until 2010, I turned 16, Sirus seemed to have a stable job but still an unstable mind, Tom and Kat were afraid to be around him, and me when I was with him, cause the proxies we did kill, didn't leave life in the best of ways. So Whilst he was working one day, Kat persuaded me to leave with her and Tom, in reality, the one day was the start with me contemplating for ages.

So we left, probably explains my easily unbalanced mentality, it may. WE kept traveling going where we could get work stay alive, I honed my skill more and more every day, Tom practiced and read his magic books. Until Kat came into my room at where we were staying, and kissed me, she said I have a plan, she explained about how Tom and I had been practicing with souls and their morphing, she had a plan to try and destroy a nest of proxies or the Slender Man itself, she won me over by saying if she didn't survive me and Tom could save her, I promised her I would save her, always save her, always, always, always, always, never again.

Sorry my mind still breaks down at this bit, but I won't leave it out, me, her and Tom discussed the logistics of it, what weapons we had gathered on our 'travels' and how she could best use them, me and Tom would stop and hold off the main force, whilst she did what she needed to do. The attack started on a sunday it was cold not many people were up, especially in the countryside the cows were lowing =, and the grass whispered in the wind, this was the day my love died. WE started it off as we had planned but after an hour we hadn't received the signal to continue, when we heard Kat whisper, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man. Me and Tom both knew what this meant, but before we could turn to rescue her, the place exploded in all the different colors of yellow and orange and green, and any metal that burns, the red of  calcium, yellow of sodium, white of magnesium, the green of copper. All of them part of the women I loved, for thre next few month me and Tom killed all the proxies we could find and try to perfect the procedure so we could bring Kat back, we killed many, tortured more, none of it worked Kat stubbornly remained dead I remained insane, and Tom eventually left for his own reasons, I never blamed him, but I kept going, killing all those I could lay hands on, even going back to Ireland to finish the members of the Cult me and Sirus left alive out of pity.

Then came the day, I had none left to kill, the only one I had left to kill was myself, but before the blade went a nanometer, he appeared before me, offering me the chance to see her again, so I agreed, for the next year and abit I killed runners, killed fighters, killed those who didn't even know he existed just because he told me to, until I found a book in possesion of one of the runners I had killed it was mostly empty, except the guys name, Liam Patrick O'Hanlon, it was the name of the alias I was using when I started this blog, I started writing things I had dreams, hopes, love, past, until I realized I was no longer free, and that the Man oh so Slender had lied to me and I would never get Kat back aslong as I served him.

So I left in September 2011, the next few months I filled hundreds of notebooks, with the theories I had whilst I was running I used soem of the ones I had taken from dead runners I kept the ones I had used for my earlier' experiments' that wre more akin to torture. Everything was important, nothing could be lost, I organised everything, then we come finally to the point of me starting this blasted thing, that invited even more trouble upon me.

You see the monster now, what do you feel pity, disgust, if you wre to leave now and never return I would understand, perhaps I would prefer it. But this is my story, no extraordinary circumstances that none of you haven't experienced.

Tom was right I need to remember I can't fight for Sirus, but who says my other self wont, and Im losing myself, forgetting, fading away, becoming the ghost I talk about, not being able to interact with the world, on the outside, trying to protect it,

from me.

My door is once again open whether I'll be home is another matter ofcourse

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