Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Last supper (Hopefully not)

Well today is the day, they will be expecting us, that much is certain, we are preparing for the fight I am ready as always, I don't need nor want to take much, except my knife, my boots, trench coat, and miscellaneous clothing.

what is this 2 or 3 days without a post probably 2, like you guys care anyway.Well, I must say my training of Maya has paid off, I feel sorry for the stragglers she'll have to beat up, hopefully she won't tire her little legs out during the process.

But as the title suggests we had a very posh and stolen meal at a fancy restaurant, I wanted to steal the steak knife, but Maya looked at me like a naughty child, the food was good, however the monkey suit I had to wear was irritable, Antonio just looked plain uncomfortable. Maya was the only one that looked comfortable at all, too bad Patch didn't get to see her like that, all the lecherous old men had eyes for her, to think of it, we Antonio and I probably looked like the handsome playthings of an heiress, people and their assumptions.

But who said you can't live life richly before you die, no one, and what would I care anyway, hopefully that won't have been my last meal, hopefully I can make good on my promise, hopefully, Maya won't find the stake knife I actually stole, before we leave, she'd make me give it back, probably.

Well this is me signing off, if I nor Maya post by the end of today...

Assume the worst, or just assume I'm passed out drunk on the sofa.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse


  1. That was fun... although Paul has seen me in that dress before ;)

  2. Yer asses had better be alive when I come back online.

    1. We are all alive, some just more than most.

  3. I know I am Lucia... but I think we lost manic...