Saturday, 14 April 2012

Guess what I did

Despite the immense pain I suffered at the hands of my own recklessness, I drove like a mother fucker and found a town called leavenworth, sound familiar to you Patch? I think it does, but I must say this is about the only town I have seen with any real character, even if stolen from europe, in America, also Patch why did they name one street Mine street, with prospect st coming off it, surely prospecting comes before mining, sorry must be the pain making me lose with my tongue, it's a shame I couldn't cause a little mayhem, but my sheer appearance probably did that alone. Sorry Patch, ask your father he probably saw me.

But considering I have driven across 2 and a half states is in need of applause, it took some warping of space to get enough speed, I may have caused it or maybe I was becoming delirious from the pain and stolen pain meds, but once I get to where I'm going, (hint, hint, it's Seattle), I'll start doing some more experiments, won't that be fun and without insurance for my health my likely hood of survival is even lower, won't this be fun, I have to double back anyway as the roads are messed up. I may reach Seattle by tomorrow if I stay here for a while, I can't believe I am still on my English sleeping times when I'm tired you lot are wide awake, and I sleep, I feel wide awake you all tired.

Ok I'll sleep all day in this little town wait until morning and then drive on at normal times,.

I still have one question Patch why do they have a nutcracker museum, it's so pointless why?

Oh and I haven't had any proxy contact since Centurion so maybe the proxies took my warning.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse


  1. Well that's an awesome thing to come home to, shit I know a great bar down here in Tacoma, nice Irish place called O'Mally's we can hit up.

  2. Unfortunately due to your laws not being 21 inhibits my capacity to drink, doesn't that suck.