Friday, 31 August 2012


I finally have the fucking report, the one regarding Manic, and his fucking Resurrection.

Time and date are redacted.

13 proxies accompanied the Slender Man into the path of black leaves to escort the body to it's 'resting' place beneath the Bleeding tree. It was halfway through the journey when the initial action started, the report says that moaning and shadowy shapes were clustered either side of them but staying of the path, later they noticed the shadows disappear being replaced by one larger mass which stayed level with the body all the time not taking it's attention of the proxy carrying the body.

They noticed that the trees started to scream, the report says it was of people who the proxies had killed, murdered and terrorised. Some of them tried to flee, but the Slender Man stopped them so they just trudged along the path, their resolve being tested, the shadow was whispering something, no one could distinguish, the only being showing any notion of understanding, was the Slender Man, cocking his head in his usual manner. The shadow then moved onto the path blocking their way, the Slender Man did nothing to move it, but the proxies present were anxious due to the weirdness of the incident, as the shadows don't come on the path. They don't have humanoid form, they didn't cause screaming in your mind.

*Here the writing was messy, not even legible, and those that probably were, were blacked out and redacted.*

*The writing is still messy, but less shaky*
It continues, the shadow moves towards us and stops just infront of the proxy carrying the body, who put it down not knowing what else to do, the shadow reached out it's 'hand' and touched the body it was sort of absorbed like mist into the body which seemed to gasp as if taking breath, but it didn't continue breathing. We tentatively approached the now still body and noticed it was too warm for a dead body and it was vibrating slightly. The Slender Man came forwards and pushed one of the other proxies on top of the body the he stood up and he seemed to be dying, his skin became grayer,  his eyes more dull, and the body vibrated more, then another was forced to touch the body, the same happened and then we noticed parts of the body were healing, firstly the leg, another proxy the arm regrew, another his lungs healed, another his chest closed, another, another, until only one remained, now the body looked brand new, as if almost glowing and vibrating, here the Slender Man appeared to ignore the last proxy, who took his opportunity to escape. But before he did, he saw the Slender Man bend and touch one of his finger to the body there was a deafening sound and blinding light, every shadow thing in the immediate area seemed to evaporate and before the light could reach the proxy he left the path, and typed up his report.

This proxy died the next day, it was deduced that the cause of death was PTSD, but I knew this proxy, it wasn't post traumatic Stress disorder. Some radiation or link made him weak, lose his life, and died, if this was so it would have the symptoms of PTSD.

But now I know, they won't let me live, I had to steal this report had to kill, had to know, had to know, had to know, had to know, had to know, had to.......


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Reluctant help

So as I said the other day me and Kat went back to England Specifically London, specifically...... my old house, where, that's right, Aoife and Tom still live. I currently have a nose that is still sore, and a leg which is still dead, wunderbar. So we left Ireland yesterday despite the surprisingly low level of threat we encountered, because there was no chance of us solving any of our problems there.

It was raining when we came out at the front of the house it was roughly 7 PM so here in England it was getting dark but with enough light to see still. We trudged forwards huddled under my jacket and knocked on the door, I didn't expect the same welcome I got previously, so I just took the hit when Tom answered the door and saw it was me standing there in front of him. Aoife was behind him carrying the sword I left to mark the spot Unicorn died, and when she saw it was me she didn't lower it.

M: Is that how you welcome me back, especially when I brought a friend?
T: What are you talking ab...
*Kat comes into the light of the open door, Tom's jaw hit the floor, and out of uncertainty Aoife dropped the sword*
K: Hi Tom, how have you been?
T: H...H...How, he said....?
A: Is it just me who doesn't know who this random woman is?
M: Yeah, this is Kat, she's the girl me and Tom argued about when I was still here.
A: But you said she was dead?
M: Yes I did, but obviously she isn't.
A: Didn't you say she was a proxy?
T: AOIFE! Kat is not a proxy, that is a terrible thing to say.
M: Tom she was a proxy, but not anymore, it's... it's why I became one again.
T: But.. but why?
M: Just because, we had little choice.
T: Are... Are you still a proxy?
M: No, but they will be coming for you as I have pissed him off again, so he will be coming after people I care enough about to rush to their aid.
T: What about that Paul guy you talked about isn't he in danger?
M: I don't need to worry about him..... he's dead, and I never established a close connection with Maya apart from protecting her for being Patch's significant other.
A: Is there any reason we should trust you? We haven't seen you for months, and we didn't exactly trust you that time either.
K: What point is there in lying to you, you can see the bruises and scars, that we look like hell, like the only place we could have been was hell.
T: What's that piece of wood you're holding? *Pointing at the box I had under my arm*
M: It's a box I got from my Granddad, it's a piece from the archive.
T: Are you sure it looks like just a normal block of wood?
M: Well if it isn't a box then I'll feel pretty stupid for carrying it and examining it or so long.
 I also need to talk to you about something, just incase away from those two. *Indicating Aoife and Kat, giving each other withering looks, I swear if looks could kill*
T: Sure, lets go upstairs.

I'll keep the rest of it private it is safer for it just to involve the two of us, safer for us that is, especially as I have a permanent place to stay, and defend, home again.

So all you lot,
Stay Sharp, Stay Safe and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Monday, 27 August 2012


We started moving yesterday, took the few things we had took a little food and left, starting a fire and calling the fire brigade. Kat was still weak so I teleported her most of the time, we went to the farm that I was sent to after I lost her the last time, when we appeared it was still early, it was misty, and cold, Kat huddled into me more not completely out of the need for warmth I fear. Since I was last there the house had fallen into disrepair, the east side had slumped and a crack had shown in the side, it looked like it had suffered fire damage, I assume that maybe some proxies had taken shelter there as it was abandoned and wrecked the place.

K: Why are we here?
M: Because you deserve to know.
K: Know what, no one is there.

*She looked half relieved and half disappointed at this revelation*

M: They were though, and it's my fault they're not here anymore.
K: Wha.. what do you mean?
M: After we got separated and you were taken I was teleported here and they took me in and patched me up* I chuckled slightly at this moment*, I had their company for an hour, then 'He' came, I tried to leave tried to save them, but they were too kind. Your Dad tried to kill him with a shotgun, though that didn't work, I tried to get them to run, get them safely away from Noname. He just easily got them they were dead just as I got to them, your Dad was the last to die, he found solace in joining you and Liam, I didn't have the heart to tell him I was the one that killed Liam, and lost you. All I could say was I'm sorry.

* We walked across the threshold of the house and Kat shivered, it didn't look like a fire occurred inside, or that time had actually passed at all since I had left, We went up the stairs to the photos, And took the family one down.*
M: I tried to save them, but it was no point, there is no way I'm letting you lose anymore family to this, to my ineptitudes.
K: And that's why you brought me here , to make some point, you tell me my parents I ran from to keep safe are dead due to you, at what point did you think that was a good idea?
M: Because with holding it from you would serve no great purpose, so you atleast get the option to morn their passing, and to get this for you to remember them all.
*Handing her the photo that I had taken off the wall*
K: * She looks at it then sobs gently into my chest*  Their really dead, you didn't just mistake it?
M: I wish I did.
K: *She takes one last look around lingering in one room longer than the others* Can we leave now?
M: Sure.

Our next destination is England, I need old reluctant help, I know their in danger now so I might as well.

Stay Sharp, Stay Safe and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Friday, 24 August 2012

The right choice, hopefully

I woke up yesterday with grey standing outside obviously waiting for me, he looked up to my window and did a sort of two finger salute to show he'd seen me. I went out in what little I had on to talk to grey so he would know I had no weapons on me, I noticed a sizable box was next to him which I assumed was the materials I said I needed.

G: Hey brother I got all the stuff here, but I need the re assurance that you will stick to the deal, you weren't always the easiest person to control.
M: Just let me check, *I stagger pretending my arm hurt to badly* Can you fix this, it'll be a fucking nuisance if I have to do all this with a broken arm.
*Grey looks at me suspiciously, but steps forwards and mends my arm, I smash the plaster off my now healed arm*
M: Much better, so petri dishes of the Virus, how much blood is there?
G: Three pints, they said that will be enough for you, so again I need to have your word that you will make the antidote to the Sub-Mixtures.
M: Ah well, you see, that's the problem I changed my mind, I'm not making any antidotes for anyone, especially not the Slender Man, and with the collective, if they succeed, I can't risk all the fears obtaining it.
G: What?! You are risking everything you worked for, risking your life and the life of Kat, This is how you save yours and her's life, also that child's life. Are you really going to do this, this is the stupid thing to do.
M: Yeah, it may be a stupid choice but it's the right choice for once, I can't run forever and I've been running too long, and I've lost everything while running, but here, at least I've gained something by just not running, I've got Kat back, I made friends, true I've lost friends, but I have made a choice and I'm taking a stand.
G: That's stupid Manic, you have made probably the most stupid mistake you ever have made, you will die,, you won't even be able to take this stuff to make a weapon but, *Clicks his fingers*, now you can't. Have fun running again, I hope your stand was worth it. The Sub-Mixtures won't work forever.

He disappears and I was left freezing my tits off so I went upstairs to Kat, she asked me what had happened I just said something big. I will have to show her something before we start running again.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Terrible Choice

Grey came the other day, I was waiting in my chair with my laptop on top of my small desk, waiting, dreading the noise that I heard, heavy, loud, meandering footsteps that were coming down my hallway. And then that sound came, 'knock, knock', I went to the door and looked through the small peephole, he was giving me a cocky smile, and winked. I contemplated not opening the door for him, but it would have been useless, I would only be stuck in this room, and be waiting until he came again. So I opened the door, wide enough for him to squeeze through, but not comfortably so, and now he was through, my back was to the open door, I could run, try and out run him. But it would have been pointless, I'm too badly injured, I wouldn't make it far.

G: So brother, you going stir crazy yet?
G: I take it you don't find my re appearance too wonderful?
G: I have an offer for you , from the tall man, from Noname.
M:........ What is it?
G: We need to give you the ability to teleport back, we will be traveling.

He steps forwards and whack me over the head.

M: Was that really necessary?
G: No. But I enjoyed it.
M: Where are we going?
G: Take my arm and follow me.

I take his arm and we teleport to a room, it was empty apart from a bed, with a lump in it, and a blood stained sheet over it.

M: Who's dimension are we in.
G: No one's in particular, just a dimensional space, time passes here quite quickly, about three month for every one outside. How long has Kat been missing?
M: Three, Why............

My eyes were drawn to the bed, the mass on it was moving and I heard a sound like sobbing.

M: No.
G: Yes. *He said with a malicious smile*

I ran to the bed and pulled of the sheet, and there she was, she looked disheveled and unnaturally thin, she seemed so dejected that she barely moved. I shook her and called her by her name, she stirred a little.

K: * Omitted*, Is that you?
M: Yes I'm here, what have they done to you?
K: They took him, they took hi from me, I don't know where he is.
M: Who did they take Kat, Who?
K: Patrick.
M: Who?
K PATRICK? I called him Patrick after my brother. Patrick.
* She started sobbing*

It finally clicked into place,I turned to grey and rushed him, I went to punch him, but he merely put his hand on my shoulder and said:

G: This is your incentive, for helping us.
M: What do you want me to do.
G: *Smiling* The Slender Man, want you to develop an antidote to the Sub- Mixtures you help develop.
M: I can't it's impossible, I made sure that there was nothing that could counter act them.
G: Even, when you introduce a viral vector?
M: Maybe, but there aren't any viruses or pathogens that affect the fears, there isn't exactly the Slender Sniffles.
G: No there isn't, but there is a benign Virus that affects them, is there anything else you need?
M: Benign, I need fear blood to see how it interacts with the antidote.
G: So you agree, I shall make all of these things available to you, and you can take Kat with you just to help settle any doubts you have.
M: I can still back out right?
G: Of course, why do you think you were given back the ability to teleport, it wouldn't have been fun to chase you otherwise.  * he gave me a smile and a wink and disappeared*

I went to Kat and got her up and dressed more suitably.

K: Where are we going?
M: Back with me.
K: But we need Patrick, we can't leave without him, WE CAN'T!
M: Then tell me where he is, I can't save someone when I don't know where they are. How am I suppose to, tell me then?
K: I don't know you just always seem to know.
M: Well I don't.

She got out of the bed and stood on her feet, she feel against me for support, and I told her to concentrate, we teleported out of the place I hope never to come back to again. We were in my room and I laid her on the bed an told her to sleep as I went to get food for her. She's asleep now I hope she'll be fine, I'm ecstatic to have her back, but I can't do what they want me, I have all the tools to make a more powerful weapon against the fears, but I have to if only to save Kat, and Patrick. But I'll atleast delay what he wants me to do, and see what I can make to weaponise it, and I'm not worried about reading it, he doesn't have eyes anymore anyway.

Stay Sharp, Stay Safe, and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Bad days

I haven't got out much since I saw Grey's face, I won't tell you who he is, I don't want to admit it to myself, let alone you lot. I haven't left my little bolt hole I've been in for the past month, not very healthy, and is very detrimental to what I've been doing for the past month, trying to get myself stronger again. I had to reset my bone and fill in the cast with some poly filler to stop the crack opening again. It is starting to feel slightly better, especially as I've got this place kitted out with enough painkillers to kill several large elephants. Though this does have it's draw backs, I get sleepier more often and my mind slips, and he gets in, all of them get in, and I can do nothing, I am used to them from most of my life, I can take them, I can't take the monumental pain in my arm. I only broke it falling out of a tree, I swear I've been hurt much worse than that and come of without any major injuries. These really are bad days, I have never felt such desperation.

All I can do is read my granddad's old journal, and see if there is something there about the box, about anything that could help me. I found only little,

I haven't seen anything of 'Manic' for almost a year, he always seem to be busy whenever I come over, I think something strange is going on, maybe that Slender cultist son in law I have has done something, he shouldn't have The Blind Man should have told me, or stopped him, so as nothing bad has happened to him, I guess I'm just being paranoid in my old age, but I shall continue to check in on him see, to see if I can catch him.

     It seems, my suspicions were unfounded this month he was finally free to talk and see me, they did seem very thin and gaunt as if they had not had enough food, and being overworked. It appears that 'Manic' has some friends over who are having family problems, they do have an odd habit of sleeping in the same room, though there are plenty of Sofas, and beds for them to sleep on. I still feel like they are hiding something from me, but my daughter, isn't telling me anything has happened, and the children seem happy. But my Son in law, still doesn't seem right, he seems fidgety and paranoid, he is why I don't give up my suspicion.

The box still doesn't show any sign of a hinge, or depression, and still no matter how much pressure I put on any part of it, it still doesn't open it. Though there is a tiny symbol I somehow missed, it looks like a book with eyes in the open pages, applying pressure to this does nothing, so I think it is just a faded archive symbol from my granddad's old collection.

I must get going I hear to many noises for it to be normal, we all get paranoid when it gets supremely quiet, but why are we not when there is a slightly larger level of noise, that shows they don't mind if you know their alive, they know you can't run.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Damn arm

This post may be relatively short as my arm may have another spasm of pain whilst I type with my only working hand. I have started to work on my plan to save Kat from whatever is keeping her, I have tried listing all the domains I know for each fear, the screaming tower, the crumbling castle, Bliss, the Path of Black leaves, The quiet, the Empty city, the catacombs, and any pocket dimensions that may exist, there is no way that I can search all of them, it seems that I may have to make a deal with Noname before I get her back, and I don't think it'll be to my advantage however.

On one on my walks the other day I saw Grey under a tree, in the shade whilst the sun blazed in the sky, I was wearing a shirt and some shorts I stole and I was still boiling. But he was in his hoody, and a pair of jeans, he should have died of heat stroke, but he just sat there and turned his head so I could see him, and smiled, that same familiar........ eerie smile. I still couldn't distinguish his features as the sun was in my eyes, all I could see was his mouth, that smiling mouth, and it seemed as he mouthed  'soon brother'. A pit opened in my stomach, there is no way this is possible, he is dead, it must only be a proxy looking for revenge, they refer to each other in family terms. But no it was his face, I walked forward, until I was in the shade of some trees that were close by it was his face, that face that shouldn't exist, that Face! I have seen the life disappear from, I never should see that face again. But there it was smiling at me, content in a cruel knowledge, it winked at me, and disappeared, I ran home banging my arm against lamp posts, and telegraph poles, fences and passer byes. I burst into pain as the plaster cracked and the bone was shown again, but I ignored it. His face the only thing I could see, the terror at his prolonged existence chilling me even now, I've found myself questioning my reality as a man would. But I've been part of this world too long to naively wave this away as insanity, this is real. He's alive and I'm fucked.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Sunday, 12 August 2012


I..... Don't know why this bothers me so, but.... I keep seeing this guy in a grey hoodie all over the place I haven't mentioned him because I didn't feel any thing that was strange about him. Obviously I was wrong, the night of my last post, I went for a walk to get fresh air, and saw him again, this time he was breaking into a car and I went after him because...... because he smiled at me and there was something eerie about this smile, a familiar smile, a taunting smile, I ran to the car and..... saw, Nothing. I have no idea who or what he is, I don't know who's proxy it is, I just don't know I have pissed off to many of them to be sure.

I have noticed some strange information in my Granddads old  journal,


'Manic' and 'Sirus' have shown awareness of beings such as the Blind Man with whom I was previouly involved, I must arrange a meeting with the Blind Man to remind him of the conditions of the arrangement we made.

2 weeks later;

The Grandfather assured me he was doing everything to ensure my family was safe, he also reminded me that 'Manic' had the choice to do what he likes with regards to the beings, and they must give him a alternative choice to yours. I have to implicate more checks to ensure neither remember nor choose the fears that have shown themselves to my Grandchildren.

'Manic' has also shown signs of mental acuity, and strength that supposes mind fracture of some degree, especially as I have observed him moving some objects without touching him, and I believe one of them has the ability to wipe memories, as neither of their parents seems to recall events in which either have been particularly naughty. Again this may require me to put in more checks to ensure their safety.

There were also pictures that show both Sirus and I with a variety of Fears observing us, and some even had hands on our shoulder, I don't know whether the adults perceived them as they should and I don't particularly remember certain occasions where some of these photos were taken. So my mind must have been wiped by my Granddad somehow, a fear or Sirus, but his ability doesn't affect me, so this conclusion seems to be the least likely, though it may still require some attention.

Also Zeke, I have noticed that some of the components in your Omega mixture contains photosynthetic components. So maybe it is the lux value that causes the lack of success in your synthesis of it. Try conditions with max and minimum Lux values, this may resolve the 'radiation' problem.

My thoughts have also wandered to Patch in my lonely phases, and also Maya she has no one she can talk to or relate to regarding Slender Man. I feel empathy regarding her position, as I have been in it myself, but I have no means to rectify her mental state as neither Anna nor Maya have expressed a need for my assistance in this case so what can I do but wonder what could happen if I did help.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Friday, 10 August 2012

Ow, I ache

Not much interesting has happened during the last few days, my training has seemed to give me a constant ache in my muscles, my body must have been savearly unfit due to a lack of any real physical exertion, and also whatever sort of block Noname has put on me, I can't go beyond a certain level of exertion without suffering from a debilitating pain that flairs up when I try to get past the block. This means that little progress can be made on that front, so I decided to try and get back to practising my teleporting skills, this went as well as can be expected.

I set out a distance of roughly 100 meters, I tried to teleport to the marker I placed, but like when I ran from the place my Granddad I got about 10 feet then fell out of my little teleport bubble.  I found Mini next to me, prodding me curiously, I swatted him away but he kept prodding me until I got up. I tried again this time I ended up in a tree ten feet away, I was dangling with my leg awkwardly caught in the one of the upper boughs. I wrenched my free, and landed awkwardly on my shoulder, it ended up with a dislocated shoulder and a broken arm, Mini popped it back into the socket but I had to go to a hospital to get my arm reset, that was risky as they were very 'interested' in the amount of scars I had, and after the X-Ray how much my arm had been broken. But was able to sneak out after they put my arm in the plaster and just as it was sturdy enough not to fall apart.

I have also not had any more dreams, my little toy from Mini has seem to made something that calms me down. I don't know what it does or how it does it, so I should be wary of it, but it is useful for now so I'll ignore my doubts. I have also been spending my time inspecting my Granddads box, I still can't find any joint or hinge in the box, I tired applying pressure to different sections of the box, but it remained resolutely closed. I haven't even started reading his old journal, I may now with my free time.

This is however quite unimportant right now, especially as Zeke and Abel have been kidnapped by the Archangel. Which I found quite peculiar I didn't think he interacted with the human world often, he also referred to himself as Azreal, the angel of death, in some religions. I wonder how he's planning to mess with 'the game' this time, I don't have a good feeling about this.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Saturday, 4 August 2012

More Dreams

I've had good sleep for the past few days, but I've had more dreams  about Slender and my past, this may be due to Slendy being threatened by me due to the Sub-Mixtures, so therefore may be trying to mentally brake me down so I lack the will to use it or help Zeke with perfecting and making them infallible. Or it may be due to the fact that I have tried to see if I could incorporate them into a viral vector so the syringe wouldn't be needed, I have a doctor friend (yes that one) who is wiling to hep me, but aside from the fact that there are no known viruses that have any affect on the fears, he also needs a natural sample of fear blood to see if the virus is infective to all forms of the blood. So this leads me to think this may be a dead end, and the Sub-Mixtures are fine as they are. I have also thought of a problem with the Sub-Mixtures, mainly with Fears such as the Convocation, the problem resides in the fact that it is problematic due to the high number of entities making up the Fear itself, so an aero-soled version of the Sub-Mixtures would have a much more wide spread affect over all fears that have respiring components.

Now to the dreams, the initial one starts of the same as one of the previous ones, I am once again walking through a forest hears a child screaming, but instead of the baby it is a child of about 6, I am assuming this is suppose to be mine and Kat's child that probably won't survive being involved with so many fears. The child however is not in a clearing this time, it is on a lake I start to walk towards it with the intention of swimming but Campers come out of the lake and pull me under, I see Kat is one of the campers puling me down, my lungs are burning I don't think I'm being turned, just drowned, but this drowning goes on for an eternity and I can't fight them off I am just stuck at the bottom of the lake being hugged by an apparently sleeping Kat.

The next is again a memory of sorts, I'm in the Path and Patch and Antonio are there I started taking to Slender, M: Don't kill him, let Patch go, you don't need them. Take me instead you've always wanted me.
S: You can sell yourself to me, but nothing will change, they Will both die.
M: But set them free anyway.
S: I will if you give me everything, then you can have your woman, and your friends will be set free, do you agree?
M: *Reluctantly* Yes, I agree.
I gave him everything, including Kat.

The next is possibly of the future, I have a belt filled with the Sub-Mixtures, and what felt like a rifle on my back. I am on top of a building I took of the rifle and started firing at the fears on the ground, I must have had alot of Sub 6 cause pandemonium broke out below, I must not be looking particularly as I didn't start freaking out. I then took a rifle I hadn't noticed beside me, it was a sniper rifle I started picking fighters on the ground off one by one, not sure which were which. I tried stopping myself, I saw tears cloud my vision, then a child beside me took a rifle and kept shooting. I noticed the Slender Man behind me and he started towards me and I shot at him with Sub 1, he froze I didn't need to tell the child to run, he was already gone. When we got to the bottom of the stairs there was a woman in the car I get in and the dream ends.

I don't know what he's doing, probably confusing me with the eclectic nature of my alliegences, and the danger I put my friends in for no needs.

I need to run for a while, need to get fit,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Zeke, Zeke, Zeke! I finally got the ingredients in Sub-Mixture 6 to bind, Nathan's Journal got the temperature and the substrate wrong so it couldn't bind to the antigens properly, he was off by 3.6 degrees. The ingredient wasn't an opiate it was a herb used by native american tribes that are used for those lucid truth telling dreams. I'd like to call it 'Manic Panic', though I couldn't find away to make it only affect those it's meant to so the risk is still there, I advise you close your eyes when you use it and leg it. Maybe let Achilles have a peak, it isn't like he can be anymore insane

But I see no harm in letting you know why we kept it a secret and Zeke would agree as I have perfected it, this is a mixture which interrupts the Perception filter many fears have to enable them to be perceived by human minds without breaking it. The reason we kept it secret was because the risk it produced for the user, if you aren't careful then you will be subject to the full force of the Fears proper appearance. The primary use of Sub-Mixture 6 is as a sort of decoy when confronted with a mass of proxies and the fear they serve is present, when you attack the Fear they usually check if you have hurt them, this means they would be affected primarily.

I would test it but I don't have an opportunity as many proxies of Slender Man are afraid of me even though now I am helpless if a proxy attacked me right now alone without the Slender Man present.

The training is also doing well, I have noticed if I clear all the fear stuff from my mind I can run like I could before all the perception stuff. So hopefully given enough training I will be able to function at full capacity regardless of my mindset.

I know it's short today so sorry,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Field test

After my very brief training I have discovered the extent of my running boils down to sprinting roughly 253 meters, and jogging or at a fair lick for 495 meters. My upper body strength has also similarly decreased so my effectiveness at hand to hand combat and similar forms will be decreased.

It was also part of the first day I was out of the room with mini Noname, I have only been able to synthesise a small amount of Fear blood, meaning that I only had enough for Sub-Mixture 1 and one vial at that.

The fear I saw first was conveniently Slendy, I was running to get my stamina back up and saw him as you'd expect by a playground which was near the woods. I stopped for a moment to deliberate whether to interfere in the situation as he hadn't noticed me. Yet ofcourse a stupid kid had to start walking towards him, it was a bleeding toddler aswell. I started towards him and noticed I had Sub-Mixture 1 in my pocket, I must have put it in there in an absent minded moment and forgotten to take it out. It was a stroke of luck so I could see how it actually affects a Fear.The only problem I saw was administering it, so I initially tried to sneak behind his back but then I would have been to late to save the kid, so I ran to try and stab him before he noticed me. It didn't work, I ended up on my arse like a numpty, and the kid was still walking towards him, So I took a sizable rock and hit him in the head, I felt a slight hint of deja vu at that. This got the same reaction as last time he tossed my arse so far and started leaning over me I played the part of the scared prey, beautifully, I had him exactly where I wanted him. He lent over me with his tentacles to pick me up and took me close to his face I reached in my pocket slipped the Mixture up my sleeve and he started to apply pressure on my throat, he was completely focused on killing me, I took the needle and stuck him in the chest,  he sort of spasmed and flicked me a few feet, it hurt more than I remembered.

I stood up and saw Slender Man just..... frozen, he was paralysed I started the timer on my watch for the 5 minute count down. I have never had the luxury of examining a fear in great detail. The child looked at me confused and screamed such a loud scream that their parent came over and the father punched me, I didn't think I looked that bad, as always they never even saw Slender Man, the thing he daised me so much I lost 2 minutes so I only had three left. I took more notes, his skin is described as a leathery wood of sorts, maybe a  protein based cellulose that allows it to flex and move, it's head is faceless and bald, not much to note there, but it's 'suit' is again as many have noted just part of it's skin the discolorations that make it resemble a suit are possibly just due to our perception of him. I tried taking a tissue sample from him but I just kept burning myself on his 'skin' possibly due to the different types of particles interacting.

I looked at my watch, I had 1 minute to get out of there before he came out of his paralysis, So I ran, and ran, until I dropped at a crossroads, I swear that's bad luck or something, I collapsed and saw there was 10 seconds left I waited for the time to pass..... 5.... 4....3....2.....1..... Nothing. I looked at my watch the Slender Man should have followed me, was he afraid I had another one on me, so it may there fore become a deterrent more than anything else. The results were promising, if I run past there today and see him like that still I shall question the last statement about it being a deterrent, but I trust Zeke knowing it lasts five minutes.

Sub-Mixture 1: Effective against Slender Man, lasts 5 minutes, affects, immediately.

-Manic Muse