Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Field test

After my very brief training I have discovered the extent of my running boils down to sprinting roughly 253 meters, and jogging or at a fair lick for 495 meters. My upper body strength has also similarly decreased so my effectiveness at hand to hand combat and similar forms will be decreased.

It was also part of the first day I was out of the room with mini Noname, I have only been able to synthesise a small amount of Fear blood, meaning that I only had enough for Sub-Mixture 1 and one vial at that.

The fear I saw first was conveniently Slendy, I was running to get my stamina back up and saw him as you'd expect by a playground which was near the woods. I stopped for a moment to deliberate whether to interfere in the situation as he hadn't noticed me. Yet ofcourse a stupid kid had to start walking towards him, it was a bleeding toddler aswell. I started towards him and noticed I had Sub-Mixture 1 in my pocket, I must have put it in there in an absent minded moment and forgotten to take it out. It was a stroke of luck so I could see how it actually affects a Fear.The only problem I saw was administering it, so I initially tried to sneak behind his back but then I would have been to late to save the kid, so I ran to try and stab him before he noticed me. It didn't work, I ended up on my arse like a numpty, and the kid was still walking towards him, So I took a sizable rock and hit him in the head, I felt a slight hint of deja vu at that. This got the same reaction as last time he tossed my arse so far and started leaning over me I played the part of the scared prey, beautifully, I had him exactly where I wanted him. He lent over me with his tentacles to pick me up and took me close to his face I reached in my pocket slipped the Mixture up my sleeve and he started to apply pressure on my throat, he was completely focused on killing me, I took the needle and stuck him in the chest,  he sort of spasmed and flicked me a few feet, it hurt more than I remembered.

I stood up and saw Slender Man just..... frozen, he was paralysed I started the timer on my watch for the 5 minute count down. I have never had the luxury of examining a fear in great detail. The child looked at me confused and screamed such a loud scream that their parent came over and the father punched me, I didn't think I looked that bad, as always they never even saw Slender Man, the thing he daised me so much I lost 2 minutes so I only had three left. I took more notes, his skin is described as a leathery wood of sorts, maybe a  protein based cellulose that allows it to flex and move, it's head is faceless and bald, not much to note there, but it's 'suit' is again as many have noted just part of it's skin the discolorations that make it resemble a suit are possibly just due to our perception of him. I tried taking a tissue sample from him but I just kept burning myself on his 'skin' possibly due to the different types of particles interacting.

I looked at my watch, I had 1 minute to get out of there before he came out of his paralysis, So I ran, and ran, until I dropped at a crossroads, I swear that's bad luck or something, I collapsed and saw there was 10 seconds left I waited for the time to pass..... 5.... 4....3....2.....1..... Nothing. I looked at my watch the Slender Man should have followed me, was he afraid I had another one on me, so it may there fore become a deterrent more than anything else. The results were promising, if I run past there today and see him like that still I shall question the last statement about it being a deterrent, but I trust Zeke knowing it lasts five minutes.

Sub-Mixture 1: Effective against Slender Man, lasts 5 minutes, affects, immediately.

-Manic Muse  


  1. We haven't had an opportunity to use the Sub-Mixtures on Him yet. Good to know they work just as well as on the other Fears.

    Also, you may want to look into getting a Tranquilizer gun or two. The models that Abel and I use are only about $200, so you should be able to afford one.

    1. Firstly let me point out that I'm squatting in Ireland, not in the US, so guns are usually not allowed I'd prefer not to get nabbed by a Garda for carrying it, and put in a cell where I'm vulnerable. Also I haven't the money, so I'll just keep out witting them if I can.

    2. Alright. Best of luck then, just give us a call if you get in too deep.