Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Reluctant help

So as I said the other day me and Kat went back to England Specifically London, specifically...... my old house, where, that's right, Aoife and Tom still live. I currently have a nose that is still sore, and a leg which is still dead, wunderbar. So we left Ireland yesterday despite the surprisingly low level of threat we encountered, because there was no chance of us solving any of our problems there.

It was raining when we came out at the front of the house it was roughly 7 PM so here in England it was getting dark but with enough light to see still. We trudged forwards huddled under my jacket and knocked on the door, I didn't expect the same welcome I got previously, so I just took the hit when Tom answered the door and saw it was me standing there in front of him. Aoife was behind him carrying the sword I left to mark the spot Unicorn died, and when she saw it was me she didn't lower it.

M: Is that how you welcome me back, especially when I brought a friend?
T: What are you talking ab...
*Kat comes into the light of the open door, Tom's jaw hit the floor, and out of uncertainty Aoife dropped the sword*
K: Hi Tom, how have you been?
T: H...H...How, he said....?
A: Is it just me who doesn't know who this random woman is?
M: Yeah, this is Kat, she's the girl me and Tom argued about when I was still here.
A: But you said she was dead?
M: Yes I did, but obviously she isn't.
A: Didn't you say she was a proxy?
T: AOIFE! Kat is not a proxy, that is a terrible thing to say.
M: Tom she was a proxy, but not anymore, it's... it's why I became one again.
T: But.. but why?
M: Just because, we had little choice.
T: Are... Are you still a proxy?
M: No, but they will be coming for you as I have pissed him off again, so he will be coming after people I care enough about to rush to their aid.
T: What about that Paul guy you talked about isn't he in danger?
M: I don't need to worry about him..... he's dead, and I never established a close connection with Maya apart from protecting her for being Patch's significant other.
A: Is there any reason we should trust you? We haven't seen you for months, and we didn't exactly trust you that time either.
K: What point is there in lying to you, you can see the bruises and scars, that we look like hell, like the only place we could have been was hell.
T: What's that piece of wood you're holding? *Pointing at the box I had under my arm*
M: It's a box I got from my Granddad, it's a piece from the archive.
T: Are you sure it looks like just a normal block of wood?
M: Well if it isn't a box then I'll feel pretty stupid for carrying it and examining it or so long.
 I also need to talk to you about something, just incase away from those two. *Indicating Aoife and Kat, giving each other withering looks, I swear if looks could kill*
T: Sure, lets go upstairs.

I'll keep the rest of it private it is safer for it just to involve the two of us, safer for us that is, especially as I have a permanent place to stay, and defend, home again.

So all you lot,
Stay Sharp, Stay Safe and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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