Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Short post.

I've been examining my living conditions both social and mentally and find them lacking, now as I am on the side of life and knowledge I openly send this olive branch, be You RFSS, Proxy, numb, revenant or just lost, If you are in London fell free to call me for help and I shall get you, give you bed and board, no soul; shall be turned away, my only price maybe a story, but mainly that you go out and treat others the same.

To any proxies (I doubt there are any following me) that think they can use this invitation to get to me think again. I may not kill you, but I will not let you get out of there with your whole identity, love should be extended to all but not naively so.

To ALL, Even the likes of morningstar mk.2, the hatter, screwtape, maybe even tall dark and eldritch himself,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, and Stay Alive
from your friend

Forgotten: If you do ask for my help you will need to know the face that helps you,
 I am 6ft, according to the girls I knew before Eldy quite attractive, though this isn't important, 18, Male, Caucasian, hair alternates between long with fringe to punk spike or just crazy mad scientist hair.


Monday, 30 January 2012

Daydreams of a dead man

In the course of my experiments I shall restrain myself to one st s time, and concentrate on thought experiments, this all come from my notebook I don't use it to keep track of lost time lost time is exactly that, I use it to keep track of thought as my mind wanders alot, these posts have gone on meandering tangents that I've had to delete  it is time consuming, And sorry if I got carried away yesterday, except in the 'real' world my opinions and actions accounted for naught, so being accepted and praised for my contribution I got abit over exubrant and posted first thought later, Dia if You wish to talk I shall talk, if you wish to listen, My game is not sinister, nor condescending, nor even selfish, I just want to revive the old intellectual thought experiments of the old days before people rushed into battle before knowing the full capabilities of their enemy, I wan't to reduce the loss of life, increase knowledge, increase understanding, even Slender Man if he is autonomous I'll try reason, if he kills me then at least I tried. If he is a creature of instinct then I can not admonish him as he is like a tiger you cannot blame a tiger for killing a man when all it is doing is complying to its nature. Anyway emotional tangent over, back to work.

How free are we the runners, the fighters, the old sages, the old scientists, are we more or less free than the 'slaves' who follow Eldy?
WE, have supposed autonomy, that allows us to choose not to kill, not to face Eldy, not to put those we love in danger. Or is this just influence form our pursuer? As we know some of our 'good' guys used to, or still do, have their autonomy stolen effectively leaving them like the numb. Also we are forced to kill to preserve our life, we cannot love like others love if we love it burns brief, maybe bright, like a sparkler in the wind. we cannot live lives like we used to, we cannot have normal families, normal jobs, normal friends the'll always be crazy or in danger.
THEM, or the proxies, hallowed as some like to refer to them as, the revenents, they may have their autonomy taken from them, but this is shown to be quite rare in practice as those such as the messenger, the late Luke Cifer they were/are proxies but have their own autonomy that is/was coerced into acts they may not want to do. They can also have lives outside this 'world', in smiting the gods, we are shown the example of Javert he may have been brainwashed but he obviously had his own autonomy, and his own family, messengers benefactor, of his own free will supports the proxies in his area, and throws dinners for them, apart from his financial and social  connections he lives whats called a 'normal' life. So it may seem the 'slaves' to Eldy are more free than us they are constrained by the same things but have more freedoms than us.

Also, none of us are free to die on our own terms, Eldy decides the moment, if one of his proxies comes up to us and tries to kill one of us if Slendy is not finished playing then the proxy may be killed or called off. If we try to commit suicide before Slendy allows us to die then he can show up and cut us down, and still make us suffer. AS in many blogs there is evidence of this phenomena I call 'spoilt slendy' where he is like a spoilt child who has a toy he won't let others play with but when he is 'done' with it he discards it.

The proxies Don't have the freedom to die on their own terms either, they may die because they chose to face a particular runner, fighter, (I'm getting bored of doing commas I'll refer to the 'good' guys as RFSS, Runner, fighter, scientist sage) of their own free choice, but still it was allowed by Slendy as he was finished with them and wanted them to be killed.
I suppose the problem is none of us are free, no more free than we were in the 'real' world, constrained by laws and states, in reality the only change that has occurred is the transition of power from the state we were subject to, to Slender Man who has his own methods.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, and most importantly Stay Alive

TBP: I wish I could be free, free to dance amungst the stars and the moon, know the secrets of the earth, and the tales of glory shouted by the wind. I want to love again with out fear of loss, this may only happen in death, but if so I shall open them so with open arms once I know my work is Done. I shall maintain my life and humanity, as in the words of Dr Samuel Johnson, "Pleasure is very seldom found where it is sought. Our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.", and hopefully his more famous, "He who makes a beast out of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man", Also my experiment with Eldy leads me to expect sever Mental strain in close confinement and battle of wits, so I shall write in my notebook and transcribe my finding after a suitable time frame to here. 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

YAY, Eldy comes and plays

Mwahahahahaa, yes as the title supposes Eldy has accepted the gauntlet set before him, so it seems my null hypothesis won't be needed, but I may need protection his reply was "Yes, If You Can HanDle It" now imagine that in almost childish scrawl and an operator symbol where your head should, on second thought ahhhhhhh he drew me an ephagy

Experiment 1.0

As a scientist I should have at least one a day, and they may end up quite long,
Subject (as designated by the archive): PRE 01, Slender Man, AKA, Slendy, The Tall One, Faceless King, Black king, Der Gossman.
Strengths: Forests, Fire, Fear, Knowledge of existence by target, The internet, The Mist.

(Supposed) Weaknesses: Operator Symbols (apparently its the context of use), If he uses pyrokeniesis and fire then water would be a logical weakness, Energy? energy can be neither created nor destroyed so reason dictates with enough Eldy can be transformed from pure matter to pure benign energy (purely speculation), Being Forgotten, Children escape before he can take them strengthens link to mental knowledge of existence, however pre gained evidence suppose not only factor.

Characteristics ( I'm sure you all know but humor me): Tall (ranges from 6-15ft or larger depending on conditions), faceless (supposedly meant to represent the fear of the unknown, I have my own theory but that's for later), tentacles (number varies maybe due to subjects importance, supposedly the sages saw more than someone of low threat like me, used as weapons in many cases), Business Suit (Not made out of actual fabric, seems to comprise of Eldys own 'skin', meaning I have my theory for that as well), Kenesis and mind control of many forms (makes prey susceptible, compliant or  insane, making capture easier, also believed to be a form of protection, may suppose a higher level of intelligence)

Resources: The Numb( I like Muad'dib's name for them for my own reasons),  Agents, Proxies (some unwilling, some ignorant, some crazy, revenents(not sure of their status)), The Rake? (Could be own autonomous creature but seems to be loyal to Eldy in blogs such as H(a)unting, and seen in connection with Eldy in EVERYman Hybrid), mind control, pyrokenisis, height.


Targets: Children, or those who escaped him in childhood, or just got too close.

Experiment: To test theory that PRE 01 is part of a hive mind, or is super intelligent, as many try to assert he is merely a creature of instinct.

Method: I shall challenge him to many puzzles and challenges, ie chess, If he has hive mind a collective sense of fair play should overcome him and he shall refrain from reading my mind, and due to the many voices in his head his game should be sporadic. If he is hyper intelligent he will stick to one style and defeat me conclusively whilst he may still maintain a sense of fair play, If not he will read my mind and beat me anyway but I shall know he is not as sentient as he could be.
Also Puzzle such as a rubiks, as most people find these frustrating and many voices will complicate the matter but if he is hyper intelligent he should have no problem, He smashes all the puzzles due to inability to comprehend.

Hypothesis: I believe that PRE 01, may most like go option two for my challenges, if he chooses to play, which I hope he does.

Null Hypothesis(as every good scientist should have): PRE 01 Make no contact, or refuses to play fair or by the rules.

Additional information: Risk, If PRE get overly agitated may result in my death then I should have short lived glory, Mind fracture over exposure may lead to my mind snapping like the Numb, Proxy attack for 'baiting' and testing their master.

I have commenced proceedings by leaving a note by my chess set reading "Do You Fancy A Game?" This could take days or hours so I shall keep this as a running experiment.
That's me for today,
people Proxy, Runner, Numb, most importantly Human,
Stay Safe,  Stay Sharp and most importantly for me Stay Alive
Thoughts Before Publish (TBP): Stories are important they are the most important things to humans, They're all that's left of us when we die, they teach us not to go into the woods, tell us not to be selfish or greedy, teach us to Love.
These blogs are the most important things to any of us, they are our legacy, they are hope to those who have lost their way. These blogs are A thousand points of reference a Thousand points of light guiding those that don't know their way to safety and to home. Zero may have been crazy, but he was right, as stories mean as much to Eldy as they do to us, so they could be a weakness not his death but his weakness, anything that bleeds can die.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hmmmmm, Musing 1

Well back to my following of zero, (no pun intended),
        I am back, pain subsided due to beer and bacon.
My true purpose, is to try and reinvigorate the practice of the scientists of old, as this world seems to have been populated by fighters, runners, proxies, a few revenants ( I think unless I'm mistaken), but no one who dedicates themselves to theories it's all sort of fallen into intellectual apathy.

I went into central London yesterday, (oh no my location given away, oh dear) to meet a contact, I was seeing how close someone has to be to you to pass the 'infection' on, and how much they need to know, or is it purely intention that you will towards the person. Well this acquaintance, was relatively close to me and new next to nothing about my situation.

So I waited to meet them at southbank, A big place filled with lots of people, one of the few times I'll comply to   one of M's rules, considering he hasn't been heard from in months even by his standards he's pushing how long we believe he's dead. Well I got a call from them, when I picked up all there was,was static. So he was dead or being followed proving conclusively to me, you probably already know, that all they need to be is associated without any prior knowledge of the eldritch. I hung up and turned, walked to Waterloo bridge, and set off home. When, no day can be normal can it, someone came up behind me and said run, I was surprised for two reasons as firstly, people don't just tell people in central London to run even if they knew a bomb was about to go off. Secondly she knew I could see the eldritch figure, who was obviously standing in the middle of the road waiting to be hit by a bus. How has he lasted this long. Anyway even though I had no prior violent encounters with our mutual friend I followed suit and ran, what can I say I'm a stickler for pretty girls.

So I started pegging it down the main streets of London, and I thought if he's chasing me I could test something, as when you run for your life you'll notice your brain works on a moment to moment thought process making it unpredictable to you and blank to tall, dark and eldritch. So when I felt like he was right behind me I turned around and tried to rugby tackle him over the railing, except that seconds thought was pre emptied and I almost fell into the Thames. So I continued my pursuit of  PG (pretty girl) in the hope to get her experiences jotted down as everyone is different and a good scientist gets the most evidence they can to substantiate a claim but somewhere between Holborn station and St Paul's I lost her and with that occupy the world the world shit going down I got scared half to death by anonymous flags faceless suits *shivers*.

By this stage I was exhausted, so I must of passed out on the steps of St Pauls cathedral, I woke up this morning in my bed with a splitting head ache, and a bacon sandwich next to me with a note saying 'sorry', either this was PG, or eldy, either way this leads me to two possible conclusions, either he is a taxi for the mentally unstable, or he is my mum.o.O
Anyway, stay safe, stay sharp and stay alive

P.S. If this seems disjointed, bear in mind I have beer, painkillers and some memory lapses, (I know most of it happened as I took notes before I passed out, obviously due to my terrible hand writing)

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Lots of it, well that went as well as expected. All I did why try to offer him bacon by throwing oil at him. What can I say I'm a prgmatic critter

Beginnings and Gross Misspellings

Never thought it'd be this hard starting one of these, introductions were always hard for me anyway, I have a complication which many seem to be having , with something tall, dark and eldritch. Now don't expect me to start whining of the injustice, as most bring it on out of their own curiosity, or recklessness.
As I did, well more recklessness, easier days, so I'll keep it short as no one wants to hear me babble about me me me, I much prefer to hear about you...... And on cue he appears I'm all for anthropomorphising my problems but this takes it abit far, I don't understand why he just stands there, I'll ask him. This shall be fun :)