Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kat's Post

As the title says I'm not Manic/ Sane, Whatever he calls himself these days, I would use his real name but he apparently doesn't want you lot to know that.

So I'm typing on this useless thing to tell that Maya woman to get him to stop following you, he is having massive swings in personality. We could be having dinner and laughing then he suddenly turns all sullen, it's not conducive to a homely life, and not a good environment to be raising children, which is basically what he is. Also get him to leave Paul, I here rumors about what happens beyond the path he will kill himself trying to figure out what happened and he will kill himself in the process. I don't want my (soon to be) proxy husband full of holes, it will ruin his suit, also it won't be good for my condition.

But the crazy bugger keeps pestering me to tell 'my story', about how I got out of that explosion, why I became a proxy so I'll give you what I remember as he is out earning a living, in more than one way.

So as he told you I went into the 'hive' of proxies with my knife, gun and massive bomb, I came across relatively little resistance only a few stragglers heading for some central point, I dispatched a few of them and followed one to the center.  It was basically an auditorium full of proxies some husks, some completely autonomous I wandered through their ranks, they didn't even looked like they saw me, I was tempted to Call *He who shan't be named* and Tom, as this was really freaking me out, but if it went badly I didn't want to get them killed the only men I loved, so I went to the rostrum at the focal point of the 'arena' and saw if they noticed me I tried setting up the bomb, but, but he was there right behind me, it's when I whispered those words to the two outside, I have a problem with the gingerbread man, which I won't get into right now. And set off my bomb, the thing is I saw all the proxies vanish before the explosion and the Slender Man took me from that place to a place filled with more ferocious looking proxies.

This is when he commenced speaking to me, he mentioned things to personal to put on this blog for all eight of you to see, but he talked about the man you know as Manic, about my life before I met them, he showed me how I was a monster, how in the deepest darkest recesses of  my mind I deserved to die, but I could redeem myself by killing those that were hypocritical and blind enough to think that they had the right to kill proxies on some moral higher ground. The condition was that I was never to see *mister smart arse*, it killed me but I agreed.

My first Kill:

It was a girl that was about my age, she had stunningly blue eyes, red hair, she would have been considered beautiful to all, I remember every detail of that night, down to the two freckles she had just inside the cleavage of her breast and the small birthmark on her arm.

I'm sure my soon be hub would go into great detail to tell you she was a double d or a g, or that her weight was slightly above average, but I will stop at those details, as I will continue as people like Maya will not judge me unnecessarily.

It was a warm month, the leaves were green and the sound of children playing filled the evening air, along with the smell of what I assume was summer, she was walking in a wooded area, my target was so un savy when it came to the Genre, she had started running some other proxies had killed her parent's it wasn't pretty, I've only ever seen Sane kill someone in a more stomach churning way. From her pace and limping walk she appeared tired, and injured, I approached her and asked her if she was alright. I wasn't expecting the fucking taser to the stomach, when I came to she looked worried and apologised and her pink taser was on the ground, I commented " It doesn't fucking feel pink does it?" She looked at her taser  guiltily, and asked if I needed any help, and I aid no, I said I saw her from the trail and thought she looked like 'she' needed help, so I offered to take her to my house, I think the guilt overrode the paranoia thankfully in that state I couldn't have killed anyone. So we walked, thankfully she didn't know the area so she didn't question when I brought her deeper to the woods, until I stopped and turned knife in hand, not a generic proxy issue, but not the perfection Sane has either, I didn't smile, just put my fingers ti my lips and went 'shhhhh', and that's when she started screaming., she turned and ran, she didn't make it easy, fortunately for me she wasn't dressed for outdoor survival just yet as the day had been quite warm, so as she ran through thickets and bushes she got scratched beyond words, and her clothes were in tatters by the time I caught up with her, she was hiding, half naked in a little foxes den, and I asked her what was wrong she said I chased her with a knife, I looked shocked at the thought and said she just ran off into the woods without me noticing. Thankfully, the paranoia made her question what she knew so believed me. She hugged me, skin warm and soft, heart beating fast her breathing elevated. I hugged her to my chest like a women to a child, then I felt the breath become more labored and her heart beat faster trying to deliver a final surge of adrenaline to her muscles to break free, but eventually it slowed, thump, thump,... thump..........thump, ......... da,.........da................, there was silence as she didn't try to breathe anymore, so I laid her down in  the little den, In case the authorities found it I dressed it up as a rape ripping the last vestige of clothing and leaving her to rot. Until I heard a gasp, then I just stabbed the bitch right through the throat the blood with little pressure oozed out and collected in the depression in her collar bones.

I continued working, what killed me more was that  when he became a proxy I couldn't see him, so when he finally came back, to be blunt we did it. So see people Sane isn't the only person to be afraid of, and if you touch him, Paul you little shit, I will end you.

You've been warned

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hhm, this is annoying

My 'better' side has tried to regain control, it is very irritating I have people to stalk, hey Maya ;) , and people to kill, Hey Antonio >:) , Though this is all very banal, and unsophisticated , I looked at the Messengers post, which was more of a rant, and if you've read my blog long enough you'll know, I always thought this, even my 'Manic' part.

But the most annoying thing is not the random black outs, nor when I get mud on my new shoe, not even when I let a target go. No, it is when I am with Kat sleeping and Manic teleports me to Fucking Pittsburgh, he is clocking extra hours for me, which I don't need, and I'm always just across the street from that Maya girl and Antonio proxies, I've been tasked with the capture of the traitorous proxy when the currents events have reached their.... inevitable conclusion, for better or for worst, this will hurt all of them deeply, and he shall be given a 'trial', or just a death sentence, and be killed. That'll be fun, I must say, I just can't wait, I'm going to kill a target I can't contain myself.

ALSO, Manic is giving away information to those two Buffoons I mentioned above, I would take down the information like a good little proxy, but I was never one for following external constraints, so I will leave it up, the information will do you no good on it's own, so, heheh, Have fun with that. I'm finally back with Kat, I tired Manic out enough for him to leave me alone, I think she knows what's happening but she is letting me handle it my way. She is beautiful, ever so beautiful, she wasn't asleep when I got back, she just gave me a worried look, I told her it was just work, I could tell she didn't believe me, but I kissed her and told her I loved her, and   that there was nothing to worry about, and well you don't really need to know the rest.

My thoughts finally turned back to the notebooks, all of them, tomes to my madness, I contemplated burning them, but I still am against burning knowledge, even mad knowledge, it offers a different perspective on the world. That's why I was always interested in stories, showing us how people view the world and have an affect upon it. Kat's complaining about me typing on the keyboard, and that I should comeback to bed, she did all her cutest noises so I relented. I may be a monster, but I can still love.

-Sane Soliloquy

Friday, 27 April 2012

First (New) Blood

They don't hang about, well I don't need any training so it shouldn't have been a wait, but I got my first target today, and a new outfit, It's a suit, possibly to contrast my previously... Scruffy look, to be honest the smart hair doesn't look like it suits me, but what can I do Kat insisted.

Um lets see,

Target: Charles Flaherty

Age: I don't know, 20?

Ethnicity: With a name like that White

Status: before mission, to be terminated, after, Terminated

Report of events:

So my target was rather Naive. He ran into, yes a forest, now killing is second nature to me, maybe my repression led to my mental instability, but who knows, maybe the proxy shrink, I'm scheduled to see him, but yes death.

He saw me looking at him as I was bored and wanted to chase him a little, he got paranoid soon, and started walking, so I followed until he started running, I don't run in suits.So I merely followed my mind to where my target should be. I wound up in a park with a forest area in it, he probably thought he could lose me in there, especially as it was dark. But I strolled in, whistling absent mindedly a tune I had heard before, it must have been pants shitting scary for the runner, he wasn't much of a fighter, I took out the standard issue proxy knife, it wasn't as nice as my other one, but they wanted to check it wasn't a danger to one of them.

If only Kat was there she would have enjoyed it under the moon in the woods, chasing some damned soul, I know I'm a romantic aren't I. But my target got restless and tried to leg it, I made him trip, no use doing it the hard way, he started scrabbling to get up I let him but I got there before he could get far. He tried throwing a punch, miss, and another miss, Maya you fought better than this dude. He finally made it interesting, he got a knife to, a bigger one at that, proper Bowie knife shit. And lunged, this is what happens when no one trains them, I even stood still long enough for him to get a stab at my heart,..... before I vanished and called down from one of the tree limbs. He pissed himself right then and there, those with dignity wait until after their dead to soil themselves. I jumped down and he lunged again, this time I broke his wrist, bye bye Bowie knife, so now he was reduced to one fist he could barely throw, he was crying, snot running from his nose, if I was 'normal', I may have felt.... Compassion, ...... Pity?,  but no, I felt only disgust, that people this weak think they could survive.

I finally took the knife properly in my hand and let him pick up his Bowie knife in his one good hand, a man should die on his feet not on his back. H e did rule one of knife fighting don't throw your knife at your opponent. I stopped it as easily as his fists, he just froze, I dropped the knife beside him and walked away. The target gently sobbed, I reached out with my mind and whispered two words, 'Do it'.

A team reported he died shortly after, suicide, knife wounds all over his body, and also hung from a tree, the cuts matched one knife, his bowie knife.

Kat believes I enjoyed this one abit too much, I replied nonsense, so how did you like the show, more to surely follow >:)

-You know

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It was never worth anything

This is my update, for some unknown reason, I am updating this blog with concern to the events that transpired yesterday which involved Maya, Antonio, Paul and Myself.

Now as Maya has mentioned we were jumped by machine gun totting red necks, whether they were or not is of no concern of mine they're dead now. But I had retained one piece of equipment form my 'old' proxy days, my knife, alot of Proxies use some perception to open the Path, but after my first time using it I wanted to keep my mind as far away from it as possible, so I put all the power needed to open the path into that knife, why it is so sharp.

So after me and Antonio had agreed to go into the path I tapped into an ancient part of me and stabbed reality with my knife and pulled it down until the gap was 6ft high. My soul iced over at that moment, I saw the path for the first time in a long time. I saw the trees swaying in their dead breeze, the leaves black, sometimes falling sometimes rising from the trees, and the path that cuts through it, I was weary, knowing what lurks in this world independent of the Slender Man are a risk to all, except his servants, some beings are parts of the vines that sometimes hang from these trees, and animals ( if that is the right word), that are always just beyond senses ready to nab those that would deviate, it would make a fitting metaphor for following the Slender Man.

Me and Antonio entered, leaving Maya as it was already dangerous enough without her in danger aswell, as soon as I crossed the threshold of realities my heart slowed almost to a stop, my mind sharpened due to the wrongness and henceforth taking it all in. Antonio came in and looked at me worried, the path doesn't affect him as it does me, he was a proxy, he had nothing to worry about, I did.

As many proxies, and runners, know non proxies aren't suppose to survive in this path, unless they be attacked by its multitude of creatures. Maybe it was my ex proxy status, or the Slender Man had plans for me but I was still alive then the tear in reality closed, as the wound in being was cautherised, Antonio and I were thus immersed in this world, so we walked for what seemed like a day, time as we know works differently when you are exposed to Slender stuff, probably the presence distorts and thus stretches time, so a minute is an hour and so on. sorry again tangents.

Now the problem we had was that we didn't have a specific location in mind so we were just'in' the forest, the path was almost indistinguishable from the forest that surrounded it. We walked, and walked, never tiring, no hunger no thirst touched us. Then we came upon a clearing, it smelled like smoke, like burnt blood, and flesh, and decay, a memory was stirred in me, not substantial but there like a half forgotten dream.
This is where we found Paul talking to the Slender Man I was not surprised by this development, desperate men do desperate things in the name of revenge, and Paul wanted alot of it.

The Slender Man noticed our presence and merely looked at us, letting Paul talk whilst he 'listened', Antonio unable to restrain himself, why do some proxies have to be so dumb, called out and tried to get to Paul, now many of you should know interfering with ANY of the Slender Mans affairs is unwise, obviously not Antonio. He was ranting and raving whilst the Slender Man did his 'thing', I can't explain it any other way our language is far to restricted confined, but Antonio was lying on the floor not bleeding, nor broken bones his existence was merely being..... negated, have you ever watched someone as they were slowly erased from their own existence not pretty. So I fulfilled my promise of protecting them, and was Charging the Slender Man when..... he Smiled..... I was playing straight into his, Hand?

I heard Antonios screams cease, or I merely stopped registering them, beside the Slender Man was...... Kat, not in a billion microscopic pieces, not reduced to base metals that burnt spectacular colors. No she was alive, in one piece, and Beautiful, I didn't know what to do, a thousand thoughts hit me at once, the most strident, but quiet, was all for nothing. Every murder I have committed, was good for ..... Nothing, the Slender Man had his 'smile' upon his 'face', he knew he had won, even eldritch beings like winning.

I slowly crawled, and it was very slow, I made it inch by inch to Kat, I needed to verify the truth my eyes had shown me. I finally reached her, she was solid, and warm, and Alive, but not by my promise, that I made, I did not save her, I could never have saved her, or maybe I could have, maybe that was why the procedure failed, every, single, time, as she was, Alive. I hugged her taking in her hair, the feel of her skin so soft, and I kissed her, the first time in what felt like forever. Pouring everything I could into that simple action.

Then a choice had to be made, I had to choose between my life as a runner, with Paul And Maya And Antonio And Sirus.  I thought of Tom, how he'll never know that Kat was Alive, but never know she was dead in the first place. But neither will he have to suffer the pain of knowing she is a proxy.
Or life with Kat as a proxy, part of a family that I would never want to leave, but I couldn't just leave the others to rot. So I bartered for their freedom, when a being has wanted you for so long, they will give up a few generic targets easily.

But Maya has refused the offer of sanctuary back in Tachoma, she is going to find Paul, My deal completely depended on their free will, and they were always fighters, despite my teasing of Maya I could see it always, steel and fire in her eyes, Paul was going to fight for revenge, and the Slender Man will willingly give up Ryan to Paul.

before I ejected Antonio and Paul from the Path I whispered things into their respective ears, tow for Paul, one I advised him not to go after Ryan and Go straight for Maya and Antonio, and the second was for himself alone. Then I went to Antonio he was aware of all that was happening but too incapacitated to do anything, he murmured one thing, "Help me, stop him", I again whispered something for him alone to hear, and I told him something to tell Maya. I then ejected them without course or direction they were just ejected, expelled from a cell like a disease, I saw where they landed from my vantage point in reality, and sighed, they would never be as safe as I would like them.

I looked at my love, and my master, with every stark undeniable truth I know,

All that death was good for nothing, not even revenge,

I killed Johnny, something in me knew this for aslong as the fact had existed but had refused to believe it,

The Slender Man is My master.

I Have no master but Myslef.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Last supper (Hopefully not)

Well today is the day, they will be expecting us, that much is certain, we are preparing for the fight I am ready as always, I don't need nor want to take much, except my knife, my boots, trench coat, and miscellaneous clothing.

what is this 2 or 3 days without a post probably 2, like you guys care anyway.Well, I must say my training of Maya has paid off, I feel sorry for the stragglers she'll have to beat up, hopefully she won't tire her little legs out during the process.

But as the title suggests we had a very posh and stolen meal at a fancy restaurant, I wanted to steal the steak knife, but Maya looked at me like a naughty child, the food was good, however the monkey suit I had to wear was irritable, Antonio just looked plain uncomfortable. Maya was the only one that looked comfortable at all, too bad Patch didn't get to see her like that, all the lecherous old men had eyes for her, to think of it, we Antonio and I probably looked like the handsome playthings of an heiress, people and their assumptions.

But who said you can't live life richly before you die, no one, and what would I care anyway, hopefully that won't have been my last meal, hopefully I can make good on my promise, hopefully, Maya won't find the stake knife I actually stole, before we leave, she'd make me give it back, probably.

Well this is me signing off, if I nor Maya post by the end of today...

Assume the worst, or just assume I'm passed out drunk on the sofa.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Eventful day

Maya may have helped me onto something concerning the whereabouts of Patch, I am not disclosing this information on to the PUBLIC blogosphere, but I believe that the source that delivered me the information which was confirmed by Mayas knowledge of Patch's life. So as we only have a few days until the plan is out into effect I healed the last break in Antonio's leg, and I am teaching Maya to fight properly against Proxies.

SO we went to a park and I laid down Antonio, still with his broken leg, under a tree, and we began.
Me and Maya took up opposite side of a clearing and told her to take the first shot, needless to say for someone who's never had to fight before the punch did very little, I evaded it easily.

ME: Don't hold back, The proxies won't, and so I won't, I will not hold back as we only have a few days until we possibly go up against a large group of Proxies.

She comes at me again, putting force behind it but not really trying to land a blow, I block, take out her legs from beneath her. with a knife I keep in my sleeve at her throat,

ME: Dead.

She was indignant, so tried to feign a few  blows and tried to aim a punch at my face, I ducked and aimed a punch at her knee, so she collapsed, again knife at her neck.

Me: Dead,

She was obviously getting sore, so I let her take a shot again, she tried aiming one square in my nose, I simply grabbed her fist in front of my face, again it was under powered and lacking the drive that a fist for survival needs.
So I did a dickish thing.

ME: Tired are you?
MA: Yes, Why are you being so hard you're not teaching me anything?
ME: Because your not trying.
MA: But I am, you're just to good I can't get to you, also my knee and legs hurt, can't you go easier on me.
ME: No, as I said the proxies we will face won't hesitate to kill you, so you need to be able to fight.
MA: But I don't need to fight you, we're suppose to be friends, it's not fair.
ME: Life's not fair, it's no surprise that you couldn't help Patch, you give up too easily, you are weak, useless, maybe Ryan should have taken you, atleast Patch would be fine, he wouldn't have given up on saving you so easily, he would learn everything he could from me, but you obviously, don't care about Patch.
An: GO easy on her Manic, she can't help that she's not as strong or as fast as you.
ME: Shut up, so what is it going to be? Are you going to save Patch, the man you 'love, Or are you going to not because it's to hard and you're tired?

This got the reaction I wanted, this fighting was pure rage, instinct, she put her force behind it, nothing was important apart from her trying to hurt me, I kept this going for a while, leaving some of the gaps in her 'primitive' guard, so she would get a feel for it,
. Then I did my disabling shot, I punched her where the sternum end and punched upwards for the diaphragm, she was instantly winded, on the ground.

Me: Good, use that, don't hold any of that back, it's the only way you'll beat them,

It continued like this, she started using kicks, she is still a novice at best but in a few days, she'll be ready, This is where I healed Antonio, and he and I had a little bout, it continued for a while as I didn't want to injure him to severely and he probably didn't want to do the same to me, so we continued until we were tire, he used some of his powers, and I used a few of mine, until I planted a kick in his chest and followed that with a shot to his better knee so he fell down, we both needed to keep sharp.

Well, this will be the next few days, along with final planning for entrance and Exit points, Don't worry Patch,

Were Coming,

To every one else,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Abstract thinking, for runners

Well if you notice the, sort of, control for my perceptual physics didn't exactly succeed in doing anything beyond ordinary, and having read through the comments that have been posted to the mentioned post. I feel it is my duty to try and tease out a more cohesive explanation, as runners seem to be surprisingly  reluctant to grasp the abstract, despite them being chased and hunted by an abstract abomination. But look now I'm ranting.

Well lets see,     I suppose the best way to explain it is by analogy or allegory, I always got those two mixed up, Suppose that you are merely a liquid, which conforms to different shapes depending on forces and such that  affect it, like sound, air pressures, temperature, the shape of the container. Now suppose this liquid has sentience, slightly above consciousness, and could control how it flows and moves, regardless of outside influences, drawing on its own will, or from energy from something else.

wait, that's an imperfect analogy, but I shall keep it anyway.

So as we know from people such as Everyman Hybrid, the Slender Man emits something called Sigma radiation, and those that have encountered the Slender Man are saturated with it. Now as most of you are aware, I'm sure, Radiation is another form of energy that can be converted into another form. This is inherently the purpose, or telos, or maybe it is something entirely different of my experiment. So if we can convert the energy by thought, or perception as me and Gargoyle say, then we have a weapon, a weapon of logic and knowledge, knowledge is like a mathematical equation. Small tangent don't worry, Love in this world often leads to death of one or both parties, this can be condensed into a simple formula   L=f(D) ,    where L is love, And f(D) is a function of death. Though this is not a destructive weapon as most weapons are, this is creative as  thought is creative and through our thoughts we reach our perceptions.

This may help you Gargoyle to perceive in an equation.

Suppose you are an X
and then there is another person Y
Y=(A certain reaction, lets call it P)

You believe you can't achieve P as you are S so, X=S
instead you should substitute Y with X so X = P

Or maybe this is all pointless, trying to change the mind of someone who has absolute belief in everything that is tangible, but faith seems to be the problem. Don't worry this is not praise be faiths, this is belief faith in something and be able to have it and hold it as part of yourself, Gargoyle I think has a problem with this. Making him a good choice for a control, I'd like to see him try some of the other experiments, and I never said you could fly that's just silly, the pinnacle of mine is merely teleportation.

Maybe one clarification, free from postulation.

The mind controls the body, true, when we think of an act we use our body as a medium to act upon the world, true, now why can't the mind affect the outside from the inside without the medium?

Logically it follows,

but enough for now I have to try and teach a blonde to fight, this shall be fun,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Walking, walking through the experiment?

I've been exploring Seattle at the times I don't sleep, which are many, and walking is something I've always been good at.

I don't know whether it is my mind playing tricks on me, or the Slender Man is finally deciding to fuck with me, .....but, I'm hearing whispers in the darkness, as always just out of reach, just beyond what I could interact with, whispering things only I know. Also, this is why I think Slender is fucking with me, I, don't freak Maya, but I saw Patch or at least I thought I did, why can't anything I do ever be simple. I need to approach this like an experiment.

Subjects: Pre 01 ( Just look at the blogsphere)
               Manic Muse ( Dreaming Truths)
               Soulpatched ( Soulpatch speaks)
               Maya           (Blog as above, posts on)
               Antonio        (Blog as Maya and Patch, Doesn't post)

Strengths: Determination, Mental manipulation, Proxy powers, Intelligence.
Weaknesses: Recklessness, anger, sorrow, me.

Objective: To save subject, Soulpatched, from the possession of subject, Pre 01, alive, the best result.

Methods: Okay, really they were  more half concocted schemes that were brought about by one injured proxy,                                                                                                                                                                             one injured ex-proxy (if you didn't know that, shame on you), and Maya.
               So many possibilities, I have to wait on my contacts, see what they know, if anything, they are          
               unwilling to divulge things that are against their master. But they are complient with me mainly due
               to my reputation. I keep trying to assert that me and Antonio should be the ones to go in, I tried to
               say I should go in alone, but they said I'd need their help, Maya keeps trying to say that she has to
               come. We don't have no plan fully formed we don't even know where, or probably more
               importantly if he is, were basically debating who risks their life to save Patch.

Hypothesis: I will kill Ryan, if I see him, we will save Patch, we will survive

Null: We all die

Risk level: Suicidal.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive

-Manic Muse

TBP: All this is being planned yet we don't even concretely know if patch is alive.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Rested and awake

Well with about as much energy as I could I healed Antonio's leg so that instead of the many fragments that the sledgehammer had created, there was only the two bones so that only one break would have to healed instead of hundreds that would never properly heal. He seems abit sick maybe his body was rebelling against the influence I was asserting, but I think in the whole he should be fine.

Maya's been upset over Patch's disappearance, her and Antonio are sleeping in the room, I'm sleeping outside, I never liked indoor spaces anyway, I found a tree and climbed it to keep watch, I've never been afraid of trees, so I wasn't afraid of the Slender Man appearing. Their safe for now, I have to teach them how to run properly as I can't be here all the time, and I will have to leave, eventually.

I've started to call in some favors, proxies who fear me and proxies that respect me, and people I had met before my separation from Sirus. I am searching, I will find Patch, I will save him, I will find Ryan, I will kill him, I will find peace, or I may die. Must start experimenting I can't do anything more the wheels have been set in motion, all I can do is wait I hate waiting.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, And Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Sunday, 15 April 2012

What sort of happened

AS you should know now, for any who care, Paul 'Patch/Patchy/ Soulpatched', is missing, in action, I was to late to save him from the Slender Man, yet again too weak, always too weak to save anyone.
No! Patch is Alive, Slendy wouldn't have taken the body, why should he, he's not exactly an important blogger, Patch has to be alive, it's the only logical conclusion, logic dictates it must be so.

So now I, have me still recovering from my injuries, another proxy with something broken that has to heal normally for a while, and a unstable blonde, I have to keep an eye on her, she looks like she may go in to shock or become 'Numb', I just got rid of two people from my life why must I gain two more. The only people I saved, were the ones I didn't intend to.

So I'll relate what I remember happening, you'll need to ask Antonio and Maya for their perspectives,

So I got Patch's post and started driving down to Tachoma from Seattle, properly breaking all the speed limits, who ever built the car loved it and made it a hell of a beast.

I came in quite late, I was told to get Antonio out of there, I took him to a small room in Seattle where I was staying, but I wen't back to help out.

There were so many bodies, every floor I wen't up strewn everywhere, so much blood, I was angry they tried to attack one of my friends this way, I met two proxies a flight or two up, in my rage they didn't stand a chance,  they were down before they could rush me, I met one more before I got to the roof, he tried to run, my reputation obviously preceded me, but he fell like the others.

I got to the roof, Ryan was already gone, Patch was injured, I told him I should have taken Ryan If I died it wouldn't have mattered, but he fought, he told me to get Maya out of there, and said to meet him at the pub he told me about, I knew he wasn't coming, but I hoped, so I took Maya to where Antonio was, I was tiring by this point, I knew I shouldn't have risked more teleportations, but I did, I waited at the bar until Maya alerted me to what was on his blog, I disappeared right then and there, but as I said I fell out cold, my body and mind couldn't take anymore, what I saw was Patch looking rather sad as he saw me appear, sad but determined, he was going to beat what was coming.

I woke to find the place covered with quite abit of blood, not enough to be lethal, but alot, and the blade of Patch's Bokken, he loved that thing from what I could gather. I steeled my self and brought Maya back to collected a few clothes which I assumed were Mayas, she's not going to be able to return any time soon. Antonio will have to make do like I do in what he has on.

I got bandages and fixed Antonio up as best I could in my condition, but before I could do myself, I went out cold again.

Patch why didn't you let me fight Ryan, I could have taken him, even injured, why?

Again Ryan I issue you this warning, end it yourself as once you and me are in the same room, you won't be coming out in a recognizable piece, fear me, as I am your death.

Paul if you can read this

Stay Sharp and Stay Alive


TBP: I was going to say I told you so about Ryan but now doesn't apt.
Going to meet Patch, Slightly tired now I should have rested more, but no rest for the wicked to Patch after making sure MAya and Antonio don't wonder off and get themselves killed.

And Ryan you knew I knew, probably why you ran, hope we never cross paves again, for your sake.

No one messes with my friend,


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Guess what I did

Despite the immense pain I suffered at the hands of my own recklessness, I drove like a mother fucker and found a town called leavenworth, sound familiar to you Patch? I think it does, but I must say this is about the only town I have seen with any real character, even if stolen from europe, in America, also Patch why did they name one street Mine street, with prospect st coming off it, surely prospecting comes before mining, sorry must be the pain making me lose with my tongue, it's a shame I couldn't cause a little mayhem, but my sheer appearance probably did that alone. Sorry Patch, ask your father he probably saw me.

But considering I have driven across 2 and a half states is in need of applause, it took some warping of space to get enough speed, I may have caused it or maybe I was becoming delirious from the pain and stolen pain meds, but once I get to where I'm going, (hint, hint, it's Seattle), I'll start doing some more experiments, won't that be fun and without insurance for my health my likely hood of survival is even lower, won't this be fun, I have to double back anyway as the roads are messed up. I may reach Seattle by tomorrow if I stay here for a while, I can't believe I am still on my English sleeping times when I'm tired you lot are wide awake, and I sleep, I feel wide awake you all tired.

Ok I'll sleep all day in this little town wait until morning and then drive on at normal times,.

I still have one question Patch why do they have a nutcracker museum, it's so pointless why?

Oh and I haven't had any proxy contact since Centurion so maybe the proxies took my warning.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

Friday, 13 April 2012

Fucking Proxies

Never had this much of a problem in the UK,

Firstly let me give away my position as usual, I am somewhere in Idaho, I think, the car I 'acquired' died due to an arse load of Proxy stupidity.
I don't know how or why, but there was a fucking road block, in my way, and guess who the proxy in charge was, none other than the Centurion, unfortunately for him I wasn't off my guard, unfortunately fir me, he had something akin to twenty proxies ready to pounce, if that's the right word. SO I calmly turned the car onto the dirt and proceeded to try and drive around them, why did they have guns, I don't carry a gun, well it was over rather quickly, with the only car left following me was the one with the Centurion and 5 other proxies in it, so a fair fight.

Until my car died evading my pursuers, so I was left in the middle of nowhere with 6 proxies after me, I must really have pissed off this Centurion dude, as he tried running me over with his car. I wasn't having any of that so I challenged him to fight me like a man, I'll spare you all the pointless postulating and macho argument we had. But he had fucking Roman armor and sword, as any good bad guy does he sent his lackies first, bad choice, they were all down before 10 minutes, He only smiled, took off the hoodie he was wearing over his armor, and gave me the 'come have a go if your think your hard enough' look (It's an English thing don't worry). The fight was epic, blows were traded the sword changed possession I don't know how many times, blood was drawn, until, the centurion froze, for his master I didn't care I decked him outside the head, so that he was on the floor, I was about to finish him off, with the words 'this is for Johnny', When he said 'I didn't kill the pup, that wasn't me, you know who it was', he started laughing, and I only realized after that, that Slendy was standing right behind me, I grabbed hold of his arm and it burnt, searing heat travelling up my right hand, I can't write for a while, I don't know what I was thinking, I was attacking the Slender Man, with my bare hands, and he just stood there and laughed, in head laughing.

So I choose this moment to test a risk perceptual physics thing I was testing, teleport, now beyond proxies I haven't seen the talent expressed by others apart from the occult. this was risky as I didn't have a clue how to do it, and the place I was planning to go was in Malad City and I'd only been there to get breakfast earlier, in hope of amplifying any effect the Slender Mans energy has on this I hugged him, causing searing heat to burn almost my entire body, and willed myself to my destination, I woke up in apparently Onelda county Hospital, I tell you this as I'm not anymore, they bound my wounds and applied stuff to my burns, hopefully I will be able to pull of the trick I did last time I was injured.

I stole car from a willing participant in a street act I did, my powers can be used for evil aswell as good. So I'm driving down route 86, I'm telling the world this so the proxies know not to fuck with me or you won't get off as lightly as the Centurion and his buddies.

For the first time in a while I feel like putting this,
Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, And Stay Alive

-Manic Muse

Thursday, 12 April 2012

I dislike America

What time is it? early in the morning,When I write this, well I guess it's for the best on the run, I got a car and I'm driving west, I don't know why, the further I go from it on one side the closer I get on another side, I think I was in Omaha, or some generic American city, which all look the same, thanks globalisation.

I'm heading west as I said, getting to the opposite coast get as far as way as I can, I'm heading north, I hate the Warm boiling weather, So I'm going to one of the northern states, maybe Washington, I thought about stopping at DC but that's on the east coast, so I didn't anyway driving I may be there in a few days depends on how much driving I can do, I'll leave it there for now, man I hate America.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


That was Interesting.

Well remember I said I couldn't fight for Sirus, well, he got abit angry, getting on his self righteous 'All I've done for you, you can do this for me' speel.

WE argued for a long time, we only finished an hour ago, Sirus could never twig me as well as he thought, my brother, my 'protector' for so many years didn't protect me from the most damaging thing,       Himself.
All the nights he came back drunk, raging at me for some reason or another, blaming me for our parents death, why it should of been him. My brother, died a long time ago, the man who is left is a damn sight short of the man he was.

This is what happened:

S: Manic! You're out of bed and clean shaven, are you ready to train the recruits?
M: No
S: But why you said after you were done with your business yo would train them?
M: Yes, I did, unfortunately Sirus my business dose not involve war and death, I'm leaving, I can't train your people to kill, and I can't kill for you, that is final Sirus you have accept that.
S: What? You Sham! You Hypocrite, you have killed more people than you care to mention, you have done more debauched things than any of those people have, yet you say you can't kill.
M: I can't and you know why.
S: Oh yes Kat, that girl was always a problem, even when she was alive, do you ever think that it was your fault she died? You gave her hope that she could survive past death, that she was strong enough to take on an army of proxies and even the Slender Man himself, all because you got her to believe.
To Stop killing now you would have to count the lives you have already taken as worthless, as you see human life as so precious now, for all your self deprecating speeches, all your self loathing over the lives you've taken, you lie still, you are afraid. You are afraid as you still fell nothing for the pain you caused those people, the pain, you caused your family, your friends, you sacrifice those around you so you don't have to feel!!
M: Sirus, you should watch what you say, if you continue I won't be held accountable for my actions.
S: What will you do kill me, oh wait you love human life so much now don't you, come on Manic take your best shot.
M: My name isn't Manic, that man is dead, killed by his own hubris, thought himself above reproach, that man was a fool, I won't kill because the blood I've spilt would drown nations, I would advise you to stand aside and let me leave, or you will be in a hospital bed for a very long time.
S: Then why do you still use it, little brother, you know your mind thing doesn't work on me like mine doesn't work on you, anyway you'd have to fight through the guards and the recruits, the poor innocent recruits and that girl that came in here, you called her Red or something, are you really going to hurt them?

S: I didn't think so, now get to training my army, you are powerless.
M: *Chuckling* Sirus I was never powerless, you will let me leave or Rochene may not be as fortunate as you, she isn't immune to my mind 'thing', and she is far from innocent, and I know how much you adore her, it would be a shame if sh was to misplace her mind.

S: You Wouldn't Dare! *Through gritted teeth*
M: Try me.

* Sirus attacks me*

Now the problem with Sirus is when he fights he is in control most of the time making him a formidable opponent, but when he is angry he is sloppy, and easy to defeat, usually.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn't get the upper hand on him, the competition still between us, one day it will kill one of us.lock after lock, punch after punch, we must have fought for hours, the recruits and the guards eventually found us, but none of them intervened, as me and Sirus bludgeoned each other.

Until, I found the opening I had been waiting for he let his guard down just enough so I could get a punch to the sweet spot in his head, he dropped, and I took my bag, not very full, he can keep my notebook apart from those I've taken. I have a plane ticket to america, the land of capitalism, god help me, and them. I need to escape Sirus' gaze for the next month, and he hasn't properly branched out in to the colonies yet.

(This is all paraphrased of course, there was alot more shouting, blood shed, and general semantics)

So I shall see you on the other side of the Atlantic one way or another.

-That which goes bump in the night Hehehehehehe

Monday, 9 April 2012

Round 2

One of the new recruits came into my room today, it was a foolish move, I'm sure Sirus probably told them it was a bad idea, this one obviously didn't listen, I like this one.
It was a woman probably about 20, she had blue hair, couldn't pin down her ethnicity, she shall hence forth be known as Blue, My favorite, whilst Unicorn is my least right now. Hehehe.

Where was I? Oh yes, She came in with what seemed like a pad and a pencil, Sirus must have told me a little bit about me aswell, She wrote down 'This is for you' It was a picture of Slender Man on the ground, with a form standing above him, I just looked at it confused, but before I could ask her what it was she had left. Strange, I like her alot.

My story:
So after I returned my parents asked me many questions, like where I had been, especially my father who seemed to be getting more anxious  by the day. He hid me and Tom for what later I discovered to be fear of his life. You see they didn't like people bringing them sacrifices that escaped, past tense, they 'didn't', I only explained to Sirus what happened, he didn't believe me, he didn't want to believe that our father had willingly taken me to be killed by an eldritch being, and I think he was angry, angry that I was favorite amongst the brothers, the one father saw most promise in, he doesn't say it though, not to this day.

It was 2007 when my house burnt down, Sirus woke me, Tom and Kat( if you hadn't guessed already), we hadn't got out of the habit of sleeping in our survival positions. There was smoke everywhere, Kat almost died from smoke inhalation, To got burns from part of the roof collapsing on him, only me and Sirus escaped un harm, our parent, our parents loft their life in that fire. I later discovered one of the old cult members discovered me and Tom were still alive, and alerted the rest of them, so they burnt the house down, and cleared away the evidence that me Sirus and Tom never existed.

Whilst we were fleeing the house out side the house, Tom froze, Kat froze, I turned to see what they were looking at, It was the first time me and Sirus had seen the Slender Man and he seemed to laugh and wave us off, it's why he blames me for our parents death as if I didn't come back the probably would have lived.

Sirus was silent for several days, being 18 he was the legal guardian for both Tom and Kat at the hospital, we  had to teach Sirus how to adapt quickly, he severed all contact with his friends, everyone he knew as it was the only way to protect them. We traveled around alot stealing enough money to take a ferry over to england and a consequential bus. I'm not going to regale you with the damage we did to the cult members, even for those that have seen the Slender Mans kills would retch, just remember what Sirus and I can do.

When in England we had many sittings of our pursuer in the intermediate years, none of them were directly violent or life threatening, ofcourse some proxies got the wrong idea and tried to kill us, Slender saved my life technically a few times. Until 2010, I turned 16, Sirus seemed to have a stable job but still an unstable mind, Tom and Kat were afraid to be around him, and me when I was with him, cause the proxies we did kill, didn't leave life in the best of ways. So Whilst he was working one day, Kat persuaded me to leave with her and Tom, in reality, the one day was the start with me contemplating for ages.

So we left, probably explains my easily unbalanced mentality, it may. WE kept traveling going where we could get work stay alive, I honed my skill more and more every day, Tom practiced and read his magic books. Until Kat came into my room at where we were staying, and kissed me, she said I have a plan, she explained about how Tom and I had been practicing with souls and their morphing, she had a plan to try and destroy a nest of proxies or the Slender Man itself, she won me over by saying if she didn't survive me and Tom could save her, I promised her I would save her, always save her, always, always, always, always, never again.

Sorry my mind still breaks down at this bit, but I won't leave it out, me, her and Tom discussed the logistics of it, what weapons we had gathered on our 'travels' and how she could best use them, me and Tom would stop and hold off the main force, whilst she did what she needed to do. The attack started on a sunday it was cold not many people were up, especially in the countryside the cows were lowing =, and the grass whispered in the wind, this was the day my love died. WE started it off as we had planned but after an hour we hadn't received the signal to continue, when we heard Kat whisper, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man. Me and Tom both knew what this meant, but before we could turn to rescue her, the place exploded in all the different colors of yellow and orange and green, and any metal that burns, the red of  calcium, yellow of sodium, white of magnesium, the green of copper. All of them part of the women I loved, for thre next few month me and Tom killed all the proxies we could find and try to perfect the procedure so we could bring Kat back, we killed many, tortured more, none of it worked Kat stubbornly remained dead I remained insane, and Tom eventually left for his own reasons, I never blamed him, but I kept going, killing all those I could lay hands on, even going back to Ireland to finish the members of the Cult me and Sirus left alive out of pity.

Then came the day, I had none left to kill, the only one I had left to kill was myself, but before the blade went a nanometer, he appeared before me, offering me the chance to see her again, so I agreed, for the next year and abit I killed runners, killed fighters, killed those who didn't even know he existed just because he told me to, until I found a book in possesion of one of the runners I had killed it was mostly empty, except the guys name, Liam Patrick O'Hanlon, it was the name of the alias I was using when I started this blog, I started writing things I had dreams, hopes, love, past, until I realized I was no longer free, and that the Man oh so Slender had lied to me and I would never get Kat back aslong as I served him.

So I left in September 2011, the next few months I filled hundreds of notebooks, with the theories I had whilst I was running I used soem of the ones I had taken from dead runners I kept the ones I had used for my earlier' experiments' that wre more akin to torture. Everything was important, nothing could be lost, I organised everything, then we come finally to the point of me starting this blasted thing, that invited even more trouble upon me.

You see the monster now, what do you feel pity, disgust, if you wre to leave now and never return I would understand, perhaps I would prefer it. But this is my story, no extraordinary circumstances that none of you haven't experienced.

Tom was right I need to remember I can't fight for Sirus, but who says my other self wont, and Im losing myself, forgetting, fading away, becoming the ghost I talk about, not being able to interact with the world, on the outside, trying to protect it,

from me.

My door is once again open whether I'll be home is another matter ofcourse

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Before 'I' forget

My past is clouded with time, death and cheap alcohol.
My past is soaked in Blood, gasoline and enough suicides to startle an emo.
But my Past makes me the person I am.

I'm starting to lose it, forgetting why I fight, who I am, and want to be, forgetting Why?

SO I'm going to tell you, I'm a monster yet people like Patch don't believe me, Nightscreams last post reminded me, so here it is my life laid bare beneath your gaze. Taken from the notebooks which will soon become the tombstone of dead men.

I was Born In Ireland to a man name Will, and a woman named Mary.
I was the longest of two Sons, Me and Sirus.
Ever since I could walk and talk, Sirus and I have been fiercely competitive with each other, who could break our parents first, who could eat faster, who could run, swim whatever.
Our father encouraged this as he had, we would later discover, anterior motives, so me and Sirus were playing one day and we heard sounds coming from inside the house our father was having an episode of being an arsehole and attacking our mother, at this stage we somehow developed our abilities maybe we were already exposed to the Slender Man and our minds were broken sufficiently to cause us to be able to alter the way we perceive  our interactions with the world. But as it is all speculation this is pointless to go into it.

Sirus and I hadn't discovered the extent to which our abilities worked, so I tried to shut the noise out, I felt all the anger, the pain and the chaos and I willed it to stop just stop, then Sirus nudged me as there was no longer any shouting, and he said that he heard thuds from inside, so we ran inside and found our parents unconscious on the floor me and Sirus didn't know what happened, so Sirus was trying to rouse one of them from their state and seemed to freeze in his spot, so I was scared and started to try and get Sirus to talk and he snapped out and looked surprised he never told me what had happened to him, but I assume it was the moment he found out what he could do.

We didn't talk about what we feared had happened for the next few days, until Sirus said, " *omitted* ? do you want to play a games?" And due to my competitive nature I agreed.

Sirus bet me he could guess anything I was thinking, and he did it, I guess he was practicing, I bet him I could get him to do whatever I wanted him to, he looked so smug and agreed, and I did what I did the other day, to him, I would say something then he would do it, he would resist it but he did it, He wasn't the only one who practiced. We stared at each other in silence both of us thinking the same thing and not wanting to admit it first, until we both said, "you Can?, But I Can?", we started causing the mischief that an 12 and 7 year old boy with psychic powers can get up to.

It went on like this for awhile me and Sirus were free to do what we wanted, until we found out how much off an arsehole he turned out to be. And I already told you about the whole spoon bending shit, cause that shit was amusing. Well my father saw this and turned out to be part of a Slender Cult, shocker there and he thought a telepathic child would make a great offering to his god, yes I know what a great thing for a 'loving' father should do. He got me whilst I slept and took me to a location that I don't remember, for some reason Tom was there maybe he was an initiate they were hoping to bring into the cult, which I used to my advantage getting inside his head until he let me out. The problem with this is that they would of used him as an offering instead of me due to his digression, so I helped him escape and we had to run, he told me about what the place did how he saw children the same age as him being taken, for the first few weeks he kept his nose buried in the books he brought along, he only ever helped me steal food when I was tired and couldn't convince the strangers just to give us food.

We continued doing this for a few years we eventually became close friends, no shit, and we met this girl about our age who kept  acting weird in this one area we used to spend alot of time in, and we noticed the Slender Man looking straight at her, so me and Tom went to her and asked her if she was in trouble, turned out her parents had just died in 'mysterious incidents' and she was being followed by a tall man in a suit. I almost gave her a no shit sherlock response but I didn't.

For about a year or two we went around watching each others back that when it got to the time that I was 13 we thought it was safe to go home. which is what Sirus talked about, he was ecstatic to see me, but when my father saw me he went as white as a sheet, as the cult had merely assumed the Slender Man had merely take the two children they had on the premises at the time so when he saw me and Tom he almost lost it there and then, my mother was also excited by my return but I couldn't tell her.

Thats all I can type for now, I'm going back to my corner to sulk, and be anti social I may post the rest i a couple of days.


Friday, 6 April 2012

Who gave Sirus the idea of punching me?

Patch as you seem to like blaming me for alot of your problems I'm going to blame you  for this one as no one else comments on this blog, you sir are a royal dick, deal with it.

I guess it's what I needed, I've been in a sort of slump for 2 or 3 days, not my finest moment. *it's hard typing when you're drunk and tired it requires alot of proof reading, or whatever it is*

*Me sitting in room, feeling sorry for self, probably breaking a few laws, Sirus comes in obviously mad*

S: Manic.
S: Manic!
S: MANIC!!!!!!!!
*Point he finally snaps and punches me (hard)*
M: *looking more than a little bit hurt* What the fuck was that for you little bastard?
S: That's why, you promised me something and that wasn't sitting around smoking your lungs out and drinking enough to embarrass a sailor.
M: Just leave me alone me alone Sirus, it's a bad time.
S: Really Manic? In these situations when is it a good time?! You have to pick yourself up now or you'll end up like before alone, unmotivated and with little hope.
M: Leave me alone Sirus I just can't deal with this now.
S: And what about when you came to me with problems, when I couldn't deal with them, I still put on my big boy pants and dealt with your problems, well now it's time to deal with it by yourself as no one can help you out of this apart from yourself.
S: Manic! You know this happens, just be thankful they got out of this alive, you've let enough of them die to let two live free from His influence to bother you.

*He crosses a line and I start attacking him, he fights back*
M: I didn't let any of them die, he did, I didn't want anyone to get hurt, he did, it's all HIS FAULT!!!!!

* I keep beating Sirus till he finds a gap and stops me so I was at his will now*

S: Manic, you're nothing but a child. you got them killed as soon as you touched them, especially Kat, you are one of the most deplorable, sorry pieces of shit I've ever seen, I'm just glad Mum isn't here to see you as I'd weep to think what it would do to her.

* Sirus leaves and I crawl back to my corner, which I haven't emerged from till now, appreciated the effort that went in to make this mostly readable,  due to my condition*

I still blame you Patch

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Their safe, I hope

I've been thinking for a long time about the results from yesterday, and with this war I'll try and save as many as I can. Starting with them.

This is the following conversation I had with Sirus;

S: So my general, how fair you?
M: How do you think?
S: Just because you're faith in something has been completely debased doesn't mean you can't be fun. So when will you start your training of the recruits?
M: Recruits, you've got more already? *Gives me a smug look* There's just something I have to do first and I'll need your help, then I'll start.
S: What do you 'need' to do?
M: Ensure the safety of the others, and I need your help.

* I never mentioned that Sirus also has a 'psychic' ability, he can delete and alter memories, so whereas I can destroy a persons personality by picking apart the mind his talent requires much more finesse*

S: Sure. * If I didn't know any better I would say that he had a mischievous look in his eyes*

We went to where Tom and Aoife were and I knocked on the door.

Aoife: Who calls at this time of the...... Tom, come to the door.
Tom: Aoife what do you want what is it.... MANIC!!!!! *I've never seen him happier to see me than at that moment*
M: Hey, there's someone you haven't met Aoife and Tom don't freak out when out when you see him.
T: Manic? What do you mea.. *Sirus comes into sight, Tom sot of flips* WHAT! Why is he here?
M: Because he is, just let us come in and rest, have you been doing what I've told you.
T: *Looks suspiciously at Sirus* Yeah not look at the blogs, minimizing exposure to The dark guy, we've done it, but where have you been?
M: I'll tell you individually, and you'll have to trust me.
A: But why can't you just tell us now what can't we be told together?
M: Trust me.
T: Okay, Aoife leave and Manic will talk to me first then you can see him.
M: Actually Tom, I'll talk to Aoife first then you.
T: But...
M: Tom, please.
* Tom leave the room leaving me and Sirus with Aoife*

M: So Aofe how have you been lately?
A: Good, My dreams are settling down and I am having fewer paranoid episodes, *She's not good at lying*
M: Do you wan't to leave here and go back to a normal life as I'm sure you know whats happening and that me and Tom aren't normal people. So do you remember where you came from, and do you wan't to go back there?
A: What do you mean, you and Tom are great I don't know where I'd be without you two, also you need me especially after Johnny.
M: Well now I definitely you read my blog and so you are in danger. you read the blogs whilst I was away didn't you?
A: I tried to but I just this feeling that you were in danger so I went checking up on you, don't be mad don't be angry. * All this only makes it harder*.
M: Don't worry, I'm not angry though all this must have exhausted you, maybe you should lay down and rest you've had a hard week.
A: Maybe I should I have after all, sing me a song to me.
* I sing an old lullaby, It sounded familiar but it was purely automatic*
A: *omitted*,
M: yeah
A: Kiss me good night.
* I lean in to kiss her, and as soon as I make contact with my hand on her arm she fell asleep*

S: Ah, you're so sweet to the little thing, little brother. What are you doing now?
M: checking her memories to see what you need to delete and have you can maintain continuity, she can't remember her home so it's best to keep her with Tom.
*gives Sirus the pertinent information*
S: I'm sorry *omitted* you have to do this, it'll be worse for Tom he's known you for about as long as anyone.

* puts hands on her temples, whilst he was working I saw a tear in his eye for once I believed Sirus was sad for me*
S: It's done, hopefully she won't remember any of this her subconscious has been near enough scrubbed anything she will remember will only be attributed to nightmares.
 M: Carry her upstairs to her bed and I'll get Tom in, wait until I call you then come in.
*Sirus leaves carrying Aoife up stairs in a bridal carry*

*Tom comes in*

T: Where's Aoife gone?
M: Upstairs she was abit tired, So Tom how have you been lately?
T: The same coping.
M: Because of the memories of Kat and me and he who shall not be screwed with?
T: Yeah, Why are you asking me this Manic?
M: How would you like to be free of these memories, be free again?  not having to constantly look over your shoulder for a danger that wasn't there before I started the blog .
T: But.... that's why you brought him here, I can't forget, you can't forget, for all the people we have lost, We 'NEED' to remember them.
M: No, for your well being you need to forget, it's the only way Tom. I'm Sorry real.

*I Bring Sirus in to work*

T: If you think we need to forget why did you sing Kats' lullaby to her, we need to remember Manic, we need to.
*Tom is crying at this point, and I am on the brink*
M: This won't hurt and if it does you won't remember anyway.
*I search thoughts whilst Tom cries, he doesn't resist he knows he can't overpower me, I've never felt him so defeated*

M: Sirus do it, before I regret it.

* Tom falls asleep (with a little help) and Sirus continues to change Toms life, to not involve me, not to involve, Sirus, Kat, Any of us*

S: It's done. WE need to make sure all your notebooks and resources are gone, clear the computers history and use so of our old contacts to legitimate their lives.
S: Manic, Manic can yo hear me.
M: Hmm, yeah, WE have to clean up my mess.

Happy now world I'm all alone now, just me and death, and all those that will die at my hand and my tactics.

This post is over move along
-Manic Muse ( I'm not deserving of that name anymore, it symbolized something that I'm not anymore, A creature of creation, now, now I'm just a creature of death)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Experiment 629 (sorta) results

Experiment: 629, conversation with PRE 01.
Location of experiment: Sirus' Compound.

We found a vessel, a proxy who was sneaking about, so he can type for the subject when or if he appears the room is covered in operator symbols with the intent of summoning him behind them.

I waited for a very long time, even got the hipster kid to entertain me by running around the compound with a traffic cone on his head.

Until I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise up, and my heart beat faster, the fight or flight response when one is confronted with the subject.

I went towards him and projected my intentions to him through thought and started typing.

Manic: Do you understand me?
Slender Man: YES.
M: Are you willing to answer some of my questions?
M: Great, What do you refer to yourself as?
M: Okay, What name do you give yourself?
M: When with me, and with the proxies.
M: Okay sort of depressing but pressing on, Why do you hunt us?
M: Hmmm, I see you can reason, why don't you find some kind of accordance, or peace,  with us humans, and then we wouldn't oppose you, and we wouldn't die.
M: No, it's an agreement between two parties that is mutually beneficial, that avoids loss of life.
M: I noticed you are quite good with words are you using a hive mind to gain your comprehension of what I'm typing?
M: How do you normally communicate and with who?
M: Alright, Why do you hunt our children?
M: I have one more question this one concerns me personally, Why did you release the Aoife girl so willingly from your service?

Conclusion: Subject is completely amoral, operates within own sphere of understanding, there is thus no form of peace between us and the Slender Man, Forgive me for being an optimist, Well, little duckies,

It's time for War.
-Manic Muse

Monday, 2 April 2012

A guest?

WTF, Sirus brought a guest here, why does he look like a hipster kid, he knows I hate hipster kids,

Sirus: Hey Manic meet one of our new 'converts'
Me: Hey
Hipster: Hey, I'm pleased to meet you.
Me: I'm not.
Sirus: Play nice Manic, you don't want to be scaring off the recruits.
*Hipster looking happy and smug, I got up and punched him in the face, went down quicker than a sack of potatoes*
Me: I weep for your army if he's the best you've got.
Sirus: *Un phased* That's why you'll be training him and any others I bring in.
Me: Why does it sound like your still expecting me to stay after the experiment?
Sirus: Because I know you Manic, you 'help' the week it's in your nature.
Me: What? My human nature, and I don't help hipsters their worse than proxies, all so arrogant and smug as fuck, they make my skin crawl.
Sirus: Maybe so but know how we usually work, your experiment will intrigue you more, and with my resources you'll test more and won't want to leave. Oh look our guest is waking up.

Hipster: What happened? I was up then I was on the floor, why does my nose feel broken.
 * Sirus gives me a condemning look, I respond with a what do you expect one*
Sirus: Come I shall show you to your quarters.
Me: Kid, what's your name?
Hipster: *Bright eyed and eager* my real name is Charles Goodwin, but the name I've chosen for myself is...
Me: Stop there otherwise I'll probably punch you. You are to be known as the unicorn, and  you will like the name, do you understand?
Unicorn: But I put alot of effort into...
Me: Do you understand?
Unicorn: *Sullen* Yes.

*Rochene comes in and takes the hipster away*

Me: I may kill him before the Slender Man does, your entire army isn't going to consist of hipsters is it?

Sirus: *chuckling* No, I just brought him in first to get you in the proper mindset, just like when we could have taken over the world.

Me: You went abit far with a hipster, even I felt sorry for the kid, and I was the one punched him.
Sirus: Everything we do is for a better position in the war and you need to get in your general role quickly so a hipster was the only way.
Me: Sirus you know we spend too much time together don't you?
Sirus: Yeah.
Me: Just checking.

that was the only interesting part of my day, experiment will be complete by tomorrow shouldn't take long it's a simple experiment we even have a vessel already to aid communication.

See you around
-Manic Muse

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Suppose I better start doing my experiment

I've found the room, it was all part of Sirus' games,

It was the room where I started, it was the only room that was out of place in the entire area, with nothing mentally stimulating, pure functionality. I didn't notice before but it had two windows one that looked on to a forest and another that looked on to a nursery or something like that, I don't know how this is working probably perceptually based but yeah explain the experiment so I can leave.

Experiment No. 629 (or something like that)

Subject: PRE 01, The Slender Man (Full profile)

Experiment Proposal: To attempt communications with subject to see if I could reason with the subject or strike peace without bloodshed.

Method: Simple really, use two computers, Sirus in all his engineering knowledge seems to have constructed two computers that have some sort of casing (possibly to protect computer from the Sigma radiation that subject emits). I have already shown in experiment 1 that the subject has some form of intellect, with a majority that isn't controlled or influenced by a hive mind. So contact should occur.

Hypothesis: Subject will respond to prompts and a conversation will ensue.
Null     "    : Subject refuses to interact despite taunts or prompts leaving me looking thoroughly stupid.

risks: I don't know, maybe mind fracture, even though from evidence it's to late for me.

Risk Level: Low, The only low to non existent risk experiments I've ever done, no clue why Sirus wants me to do it.

Well that's all from the muse tonight kiddies, I just didn't feel like degrading myself to an Aprils fools day post I'm not Sirus for Peters sake.

-Manic Muse

TAP: Fuck it I need a laugh,                                                                                 Forgive me.