Friday, 2 March 2012


What, Where am I?

It looks like a forest, where the hell am I getting this wifi, Slender Man must pay his bills well, but this must be my loop world to try and break me. But it's not a city which most loop worlds occur in, which I assume to be the empty city as that is a place we can neither enter nor leave unless the Slender Man has a part in it, or some other fear.

But why a forest, all I hear is rustling in the shadows, or maybe they are the shadows I don't know I hear voices, murmuring half remember names, names I know yet don't know, memories that aren't mine yet feel familiar, I feel like I've been here for days, no weeks, more like years, but I haven't eaten a thing, would you eat something that is from an area that is completely black,.....Black Forest, not the one in Germany, maybe this is the path of black leaves, an extension of the Slender Man, but no none proxy can barely get through this place alive, let alone liv....., I may be dead might I? I could be typing these words in my imagination alone this could just be the final moments of my brain shutting down, You want witty, profound words from me well,......Fuck, all these secrets all this knowledge mine at the end at least that's some consolation, but what knowledge, theres just this river, safe river, cool river, MY river. My river, MY knowledge, I can get out of here I have beaten his mind games before and I shall do it again, Oh, I'm so thirsty must take a drink.

What? Where am I? What is this river, I feel so tired I must rest here, must notebook is full, how did it get that way, I haven't written anything in it, I must get out no forest can be endless, unless this is a loop world, but it's not a city, their usually cities, maybe it's trees, why are the trees black, trees aren't black their green, black trees, black....., I'm in the path of black leaves aren't I. Well Fuck, wait, but living things that aren't proxies don't usually survive in the path, it can't be the path, I mean I'm aliv....... I'm dead aren't I, DUDE seriously I just got a haircut and I die, my luck can't be that bad. What are these shadows saying to me, Why do I know their secrets, their names, their lullabies, such sweet lullabies I don't want to leave, but maybe this is all my brain dying in it's last few moments, giving me some peace, my notebook full, with a lullaby to lull me to sleep, but those shadows aren't friendly, maybe I'm going to hell and these are my devils ready to claim me, so this means I am probably not even typing this to anyone, this time I really am talking to no one, myself, it's official, I am forever alone, hehhe, sorry even at the end I try to crack a joke, if this is real, then you'll want last words with a profound meaning, like go forth and love thy proxy, or rise up and kill the black king, well hears what I say, Why?

Now that water was refreshing I should stay here a while and rest

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive
(my fruity little runners XD)

Manic Muse

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  1. dude if you don't know where the hell you are, then you need to stay safe as well!