Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mind Games

*Future posts shall be monitored and amended for relevant information, under section 24 of our detainee procedure*

I despise my brother I don't know why Sirus *Reaper*, is making me play these games.

Have you heard about the analogy about freedom, where a man is locked on a room and when he wakes up he doesn't try to open the door, but thinks he is free, but in actuality he is not. My position was the opposite I believed I was detained and couldn't leave my soul destroying room , but when I tried the door handle the door was opened, I only then realized the deep hatred I harbor for my brother, so I set about exploring a means of escape, until I came to a room with four hallways, including the one behind me,  I took the left hallway every time, and always ended up, seemingly, in the same room. until I came to a large dinning room where Sirus *Reaper* was sitting eating dinner,

Me: Any reason your keeping me here when you could set up the experiment so easily?
Sirus *Reaper*: Technically I haven't detained you, was the door to your room locked? Was anything in your way to impede your progress, you are free to leave when you like, but I keep you here because you are curious, when that changes you can leave. Come have some food Steak and chips your favorite.

* I sit down relatively near Sirus *Reaper* So I could keep an eye on him and converse more easily, when out of nowhere Rochene appeared*

Sirus *Reaper*: Don't mind Rochene she doesn't bite, much.

Me: hmm, so why are you playing these games with me, is your life so devoid of purpose and meaning that you have to resort to kidnapping me and forcing me to play with you?

Sirus *Reaper*: Now little brother that would be petty and childish, and what would that achieve, you know Manic you have changed quite severely since we last met.

Me: really?

Reaper, I mean Sirus *Reaper*: Yes, I remember you used to poke a dead body to see what bubbled and oozed out, poke people with needles to see what happened, it, it was inspiring. But now, now it took you two days to test if the door to your room was locked, have you even attempted to find a secret passage, turly you've got lazy I expected to see standing over my bed with a knife last night, but no, you have got boring.

Me: you know Sirus, You monologue more than Sane, that's not exactly a good thing, and maybe I learned a few things from my poking and prodding, how that fit in with your view.

Sirus *Reaper*: hum, yeah Sane was always alot of fun, I remember john o groats like it was yesterday, but you were never satisfied, for all your talk you still aren't, you started your blog with the drive, but your emotion and empathy got in the way, people like you are needed in this war, I just you to be on my side. You opening the door was the first prod towards to your 'sanity' being restored.

Me: What are you talking about, I'm more stable now than ever.

Reaper: no you've been conditioned better, you have been subjugated by the society you have made yourself part of. Your experiment is set up and ready to run, all you have to do is  find it how else will you become Sane.

Me: You know Sirus you don't half talk out your arse sometimes, just show me the room so I can leave.

Reaper: No, that defeats the purpose of this entire exercise, and you know how I like my 'games', Don't worry Manic when you regain your 'Sanity' you'll find it.

* Sirus*Reaper* gets up and leaves me alone in his massive arse fuck of a mind game.

He is Such a Dick.

-Manic Muse


  1. He sounds like one to be honest, what's the point of going through the whole process of hiring goon's to kidnap you and not even lock the god damn door?

  2. *Manic's responses are monitored under section 12 of our detainee procedure*
    He's proving a fucking point, that I could have escaped two days ago if I tried hard enough, he's proving that I want to stay here.