Sunday, 11 March 2012

Collaboration part 2 Results

So Tom tried to stop me doing work but I did it anyway, experiments need to be done as consecutively as they can.
Collaborative experiment 2: Effect of liquids on subject, PRE 01.

Location: Park with forest and playground.

Results: Well like gargoyle I set myself up in a park on a Saturday, meaning children were out of schools the sun was out and in a place that I know the subject to appear. So I waited, and waited, until at noon subject appeared in between the treeline and the playground, so I drew my water pistol and fired and got a similar reaction from the subject as gargoyle, ie. the water rolling off and the subject appearing confused off my attack strategy. So I immediately switched to my other pistol which contained the herbicide solution, now on contact with the subject it produced what I assume was smoke, or steams, maybe he was getting angry or something akin, because he teleported right in front of me, so I legged it into the forest, dumb Idea, I think not as if he still has his pyrokinetic abilities he would be less inclined to try and burn me for the sake of his forest, also this forest near me doesn't have tall thin trees there's one huge stocky oak tree it is the least slender looking thing in the forest so I was aiming for there but along my way I picked up one o my other water cannons this one filled with beer, I turned and saw him not 5ft away, so I fired and doused him in the cheapest larger I could find, it may have been my imagination but I thought I saw flames enveloping him, now I knew he was angry so I legged it, this children is why you shouldn't try and take the piss out of the Slender Man as he will bitch slap you half way across the forest, my t-shirt was burnt, but I was closer to my final Water cannon I had this one made out off glass as it doesn't react with acids and such, This one was filled with HCl so I grabbed for it but subject Appeared right in front off me and threw me into a tree, I fell down more than one bone broken, I grasped at the earth in pain looking for anything a log, a stone, hell a doll even, but I found something much better my special Cannon. I quickly took aim, but he was gone, so I got up and looked around for him, I saw subject enticing a child in the woods where the parent was I don't know but if I shot subject child would still go to subject, but I may lose my chance to get a solid shot. So I put one shot in the air landing on the tip of the childs toe, his own fault he was bare footed, so he ran away, This was quickly followed by one to the back to subject who turned round so I got Nice coverage, he seemed confused a to him it seemed like water but stung, so he was confused swiping at himself with arm and tentacle, I drew my water pistol off my back again, again I'll remind you when HCl and H2O react it creates a massivly exothermic reaction So I shot when it landed I swear I saw something come out, it was another tentacle, and subject seemed to be confused and in some pain, not great but enough to cause him to show it. He proceeded to bitch slap me half way across the forest again teleport me to teh bottom of an ocean, the mouth of a volcanoe and nearly the highest mountain, so that when I got back I was scorched frozen, battered crushed, anything you could think of it happened to me. So I am in a hospital again.

Conclusion: Water and beer minimal affect, Herbicide affect unknown, probably none, HCl and H2O Incured severe reaction from subject, possibly as it was water producing a great amount of heat which he associates with fire so it was eldritch to him, and therefore it affected him, although the effect was limited, this is only to be used in drastic cases, using numerous times for subject to understand it.

So I am in a hospital again I don't know why I don't feel teh pain yet, the Doctors think it's shock as they probably think I got attacked by a gang.

Anyway this is me signing off,
-Manic Muse


  1. Well I know that's on my list of shit never to attempt.

  2. Hey if I didn't test it who would, besides you'll have to do more dangerous things than that to get back at your proxy.