Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Brother Grim

Well, why is it I can't go a month without someone detaining me by some degree and then why does it have to be people crazier than me, they are monitoring my posts so I doubt this post won't get through like the others I put up.

Well lets start from the beginning,

* I wake up in a room full of miscellaneous rubbish pilled up high as hell and a man sat on this throne of detritus with his form in shadow* ( Why do all the kidnappers have to have a dramatic flair)

Man: Do you know where you are?
Me: Yes
Man: Do you know who I am?
Me: Yes
Man: Do you know what I want with you?
Me: Truly I don't care, you could have called and I may have been in a good enough mood to talk to you.
Man: Really? *contemptuously*  
Me: Not really.
Man: Now Manic, I believe that's what you call yourself these day, That's no way to talk  to your brother.
Me: Well Sirus, Brothers don't kidnap each other and hold them prisoner, yet here I am.
Sirus: Yet here you are. Well how else would  gain your attention and keep it?
Me: Cut the shit Sirus your monkey Rochene gave me one hell of a headache, Why did you bring me here?
Sirus: But Manic I thought after all these years we could have a deep felt family conversation?
Me: .........
Sirus: *deflated* Okay, There's a war coming Manic and you know it *picks up a roll of paper*, and you have to choose a side and you will have to kill again and you won't have a choice, neither will you want to, and how ever many differences we have I want you to join my side, against my better judgement. You can't stay neutral now, you will get swept away and die, By the 'bad' side for interfering in their fun with your 'peace', and fraternizing with the runners and such. you will be shunned and possibly killed by the 'good' side as you are seeking peace with a beast they see as complete evil, and by extension they'll see you as evil, on the who men of peace die in war. Also men like us die, the insane, the ones who see the truth are killed, unless we band together, So what do you say?

I contemplate what he says for a long time, a really long time, he has a point and he's always been able to get inside my head, arg, it still feels like he's in there squirming about.

Me: Sirus......, No, I can't I know what your suggesting, No, I go against myself, I'll lose myself, and I can't do that, I'm sorry Sirus, But, I can't.

Sirus: *Coldly laughing* Losing your self, You HYPOCRITE! You destroyed me all those years ago, you   can't say Any- Thing! You took from me my chance to be normal, to be happy, to be free!WHEN YOU   DIED I MOURNED YOU! WHEN YOU RETURNED, I REJOICED FOR MY LONG LOST BROTHER! WHEN YOU GOT OUR PARENTS KILLED, I RAN WITH YOU,  ABANDONING EVE-RY-ONE I KNEW, WHEN YOU RAN FROM ME I LOOKED FOR WEEKS, FOR MONTHS, AND NOTHING!  *tired* You can't say anything about losing yourself, when you stole from me my identity. You think that's fair, you think your precious peace and reason should allow that, if you think so you are just as bad as that monster you 'fight' and are trying to 'reason' with.

Me: Sirus..... I'm Sorry.
 Sirus: * laughing again* sorry, sorry, Sorry, SORRY! YOU DON'T GET TO BE SORRY, WHEN YOU PLUCKED ME FROM A WORLD WHERE I WAS LOVED, WHERE I WAS SAFE, YOU KILLED 'ME' AS SOON AS YOU KNOCKED ON THAT DOOR ALL THOSE YEARS AGO! You got me killed, you got my friends killed, and you got your friend Kat killed.

* I tried to rush him then but his monkey restrained me*

Sirus: Oh what does Manic have a weak spot, who would have known? *sarcastically*

Me: * Hack and cough up blood* What else do you want me to say, to do, I can't change teh past, you know I can't all I can say, Is sorry.

* Sirus walks down from his 'throne' and crouches in front of me*
Sirus: You know you were always their favorite?
Me: who's?
Sirus: Everyones, poor little ....... all defenseless, you can't leave him out in the cold Sirus, he'll catch a cold,            You are a virus, infecting and destroying everyone, and no one knew until it was to late.
ME: Sirus your rambling, I've given you my answer, Sirus? Sirus ?! SIRUS!?

Sirus: I'm not FUCKING Sirus, I told you, you killed that man, I, I am Reaper, yes that has a good ring to it, * unrolls paper* look at this Manic.

Me: what its a shit load of dots and boxes, and what?

Sirus these are my agent, and all the runners my people could find, and some proxies.

Me: you really prepared for war aren't you? * Sirus looking proud*

Sirus: You have your experiments I have my tactics, I was always the only human that could out maneuver you, together we are unstoppable, we could take this world, recruit some runners, convert some hallowed, with your talent.

ME: Sirus, I can't..

Sirus: Reaper, I'm REAPER!

ME: I can't take part in your childish pissing contest we are talking about human life and the subjugation of thousand if not millions, I can't.

Sirus: *obviously conflicted* OK, just do one experiment for us, then you can make your choice, you can stay with us or walk free and continue your stolen life.

Me: WHat one? 265, 397?
Sirus: yes those ones are funny, no I want you to perform no. 629.
Me: ? Why? How can that interest you?
Sirus: Humor me. Well it was nice talking to you Manic, I shall see you later.

I was then knocked out cold by his monkey, Rochene, and woke up in this mentally destroying  room white as anything and with one laptop on which I am typing.

OH Well
-Manic Muse


  1. Nice you know your still on the right side of the dirt.

  2. *Manic's responses are monitored under section 12 of our detainee procedure*
    It's good to see your still so easily influenced Patchy.