Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Back on task

Well, I'm back.

And I have a couple of posts organised from before this thing happened, one is about proxies and one is one of my observations of the Slender Man.Hmmmmmmmmmm, observation.

WE are all aware about how the Slender Man isolates his pray from society, and such, well I have dubbed this Flat world syndrome, simply referring to the medieval times when the earth was believed to be flat, lest everyone was to fall off it. Now say you had the wild notion that the earth was a sphere, like a ball, for some reason, maybe an experiment that lead to that conclusion, if you told this to anyone they would call you mad, insane, etc. even though you would be right. Now this would lead to ridicule, and paranoia, alienating the individual from society, until they do go insane in the end and doubt their reality, and sanity.

With the Slender man this is done in two main types of ways:

Firstly, his mere presence, the main cause, the slender man is an eldritch being, meaning that he is impossible for us to truly conceive, so he applies pressures upon our minds that cause doubting of realty and sanity on the part of the subject. Now if you add upon that, the inability of those outside wouldn't believe you if you told them that a tall, thin, faceless man was stalking you, you would receive the same response as our sphere man did. This would leading ultimately to the subject doubting their own reality, sanity, and senses making them prime targets for hallowing, as I believe this is a major part of the process of creating Numb, or for the Slender Man to pick them off.

The second can be seen here, the subject, Soulpatched 'Patchy', has had his family abducted, possibly murdered by the Slender Man or his minions,  and all evidence of their existence subsequently wiped, no physical or mental proof exists, apart from the mind of this one man. This is usually achieved by the fast tech support that proxies have remote deleting files, etc. and using that teleport thing rearranging the furniture that needs to be, they are very meticulous, as on wrong move and the charade shatters. This again leads to similar results as the subject would be presented with a past which they knows is fictitious  but has no evidence otherwise, this leads again to them doubting their reality, their position, again breaking down the subject for them to be more easily eliminated.

Actually this is all perceptually based, so it slotted into my perceptual physics theme quite well, pne is well chuffed with ones self.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp, And Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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