Wednesday, 14 March 2012

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

These are the words of Albert Einstein, and seem apt to how we must deal with the Slender Man, we fell into our problems by not believing the Slender Man was real, in most our cases, and thinking we were safe in our own little bubbles of reality, in that world we believed we could defeat something from our armchair and live a comfortable, long life. But times changed and we became hard, callus, caring for none but ourselves and those close to us. Therefore the way we perceive things must change, most of us don't believe we are safe in our own little 'castles', that we can't change anything from our armchairs, but most still believe we can defeat this thing and still live long comfortable lives, in order to survive some must die if not all of us, if the mememic nature of the slender man is applicable, if those that give the meme power die so does the meme. I know this is to much along the sage zero line of thought but there is a point to it, but this very mememic nature can impede him by stories, as our notion and conception hold at least slight sway over him.

But then again stories are usually fictitious, with very little grain of truth, but there is usually some grain of truth, if we create stories, impossible stories, we may unlock secrets held in our subconscious,   as I believe that is what hides the Slender Man from people in the 'real' world from his influence, but again pure speculation, and as I am on some sort of opiate medication you shouldn't pay to much attention to me, or does a drunk mind speak a sober heart, I don't know if that was even pertinent. 

Anyway, we have a prophet of war it appears in our midst in the form of the skeptic, and what I assume is his nemesis peppercorn or something like that. But he believes in his runner army deposing the Slender Man, by some means, one of the main constituents is that proxies 'must' be dehumanized and killed, and now you probably know my view on killing, so you know I find this idea distasteful. There is reason behind him though, but then again given a certain mindset you can reason anything, but yes if you wanted to depose the Slender Man it would require an army of runners organised in the same way as the proxies are.

It's almost mothers day and St Patrick's day, too bad I'm in a hospital, no drinking and paying respects to my mother, but that is just me whining, but I'm sure the Numb Aoife will not be drinking, I need to see if Alcohol has an affect on the control Aoife has over her self.

Oh and I sort of been testing one aspect of Perceptual Physics the ability to heal serious wounds at an accelerated wounds, it caused a bit of a panic amongst the doctors as they have no idea what is causing me to heal at such a fast rate, and me saying I have a strong immune system doesn't seem to cut it. So whether this is a result of Slender Man repairing me so he can play more or me harnessing the energy I don't know but I shall be out before the end of the month, where the Doctors didn't think I shouldn't have been walking ever again, I like causing professional to scratch their heads, I was doing it even before the Slender Man.

-Manic Muse

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