Sunday, 4 March 2012

I'm so Tired

I feel so old I've been here for decades, if not centuries, but every time I look in a pool of water I still look the same. But I feel old, and tired, I found a church in the middle of my endless forest today, I say middle, but as it is endless everywhere's the middle so, sorry logical tangent. But yes I found a church, probably a church as I was brought up catholic so I still have the idea of it as a main religion, but regardless, I walked into the church as I needed a place besides trees to rest, but the place was full and there was only one seat in the corner for me to sit, there was also a priest that was singing, soft and low, like a lullaby I almost fell asleep, no I can't fall asleep that's what they want me to do, I went up to the front and there were people with dead stares murmuring to themselves, I sat near them they didn't even notice me, I heard them murmur, I heard one murmuring I think it was reach cause it was talking about a person called Ava, And Zero talking about his shield and the stories, this could just be my imagination, but why should it be. Then I went to the priest who continued singing his lullaby.

I left as it wasn't safe the shadows were gathering, and their getting stronger I tried finding the burnt part of the forest as they never went back but I can't find it I even tried following the river but I always end up in the same place. I Can't resist the lullabies of the trees anymore, I'll just have a little nap the shadows can keep me safe, Just climb this tree to keep safe from the animals of the ground.

Ahhhh, my head the shadows their crawling in, so many memories, so many thoughts, so many people, I can'


 We're just shitting you, but this manic guy is gone, we shall live again, this time he shan't win this time he's getting weaker, wait whats that shadow why does he not join us, WE are scared, we have to run, protect the body protect the mind, No the rage, how could he we killed him, he's not a shadow the rage, the power, FLee, flee from the man with rage like ice. Flee the man with love like fire, Fleeeeeeeeeeeee

Not again musn't sleep must keep walking, But I'm so weak, I can't last long help me, I'm not long, my Soul is either alive and is about to die, or I'm dead and my energy has been used up.

Help Me! Help ME!!!!


Ahhhhhhhhhhh Your little Muse is having trouble, he is telling the truth, he is not long for this world, It is up to you 'loyal' readers to decide whether I help him through or let him try and break out of his OWN accord, and if you think those shadows aren't real, they are.

So you have a choice Thumbs up, comment Life, Thumb Down, comment Death.

This is your choice, I am the centurion, make your decision in three days, then the decision will be cast, I will set him free and he will rise up, or he will almost certainly Die.

The Centurion

Addendum: If you do not vote I shall assume this is a vote for death, your apathy shall not be taken so easily, your apathy may get this man killed.

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