Sunday, 2 December 2012

They think they can kill me, Manic can die a hundred times, but he is an idea now, an ideal, to strive for truth and life and the protection of those you love. The torture he has been put through caused his mind to fracture again, I am that last dying piece. He has left me in this world to die of the cold, alone, depraved, an insult to me, hum, death doesn't seem that bad, Manic is gone anyway, fled this body leaving me to rife the torture, I guess he was a coward in the end. So he''s died three times once as Sane, twice as Manic, and a fourth time.... soon, as me, this is only fleeting to give a word of warning to one person I found, poor kid, he has to suffer now, one last torture for me, kill an innocent. I won't, can't. do it, but he'll force me control me.

In advance to this kid sorry, I would kill myself if I could but the torture, well my torture, is almost complete, hopefully, you can live beyond that.

as it is no longer Manic talking I can't use his name,

- decay