Monday, 2 April 2012

A guest?

WTF, Sirus brought a guest here, why does he look like a hipster kid, he knows I hate hipster kids,

Sirus: Hey Manic meet one of our new 'converts'
Me: Hey
Hipster: Hey, I'm pleased to meet you.
Me: I'm not.
Sirus: Play nice Manic, you don't want to be scaring off the recruits.
*Hipster looking happy and smug, I got up and punched him in the face, went down quicker than a sack of potatoes*
Me: I weep for your army if he's the best you've got.
Sirus: *Un phased* That's why you'll be training him and any others I bring in.
Me: Why does it sound like your still expecting me to stay after the experiment?
Sirus: Because I know you Manic, you 'help' the week it's in your nature.
Me: What? My human nature, and I don't help hipsters their worse than proxies, all so arrogant and smug as fuck, they make my skin crawl.
Sirus: Maybe so but know how we usually work, your experiment will intrigue you more, and with my resources you'll test more and won't want to leave. Oh look our guest is waking up.

Hipster: What happened? I was up then I was on the floor, why does my nose feel broken.
 * Sirus gives me a condemning look, I respond with a what do you expect one*
Sirus: Come I shall show you to your quarters.
Me: Kid, what's your name?
Hipster: *Bright eyed and eager* my real name is Charles Goodwin, but the name I've chosen for myself is...
Me: Stop there otherwise I'll probably punch you. You are to be known as the unicorn, and  you will like the name, do you understand?
Unicorn: But I put alot of effort into...
Me: Do you understand?
Unicorn: *Sullen* Yes.

*Rochene comes in and takes the hipster away*

Me: I may kill him before the Slender Man does, your entire army isn't going to consist of hipsters is it?

Sirus: *chuckling* No, I just brought him in first to get you in the proper mindset, just like when we could have taken over the world.

Me: You went abit far with a hipster, even I felt sorry for the kid, and I was the one punched him.
Sirus: Everything we do is for a better position in the war and you need to get in your general role quickly so a hipster was the only way.
Me: Sirus you know we spend too much time together don't you?
Sirus: Yeah.
Me: Just checking.

that was the only interesting part of my day, experiment will be complete by tomorrow shouldn't take long it's a simple experiment we even have a vessel already to aid communication.

See you around
-Manic Muse


  1. Punching hipsters, and International phenomenon!

  2. He just needs to tell himself he's "Gundam" Unicorn and everything will be alright.

  3. heheh, I got bored and made him run round the complex with a traffic cone on his head, if you were to call me a dick right now you wouldn't be far off.