Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hhm, this is annoying

My 'better' side has tried to regain control, it is very irritating I have people to stalk, hey Maya ;) , and people to kill, Hey Antonio >:) , Though this is all very banal, and unsophisticated , I looked at the Messengers post, which was more of a rant, and if you've read my blog long enough you'll know, I always thought this, even my 'Manic' part.

But the most annoying thing is not the random black outs, nor when I get mud on my new shoe, not even when I let a target go. No, it is when I am with Kat sleeping and Manic teleports me to Fucking Pittsburgh, he is clocking extra hours for me, which I don't need, and I'm always just across the street from that Maya girl and Antonio proxies, I've been tasked with the capture of the traitorous proxy when the currents events have reached their.... inevitable conclusion, for better or for worst, this will hurt all of them deeply, and he shall be given a 'trial', or just a death sentence, and be killed. That'll be fun, I must say, I just can't wait, I'm going to kill a target I can't contain myself.

ALSO, Manic is giving away information to those two Buffoons I mentioned above, I would take down the information like a good little proxy, but I was never one for following external constraints, so I will leave it up, the information will do you no good on it's own, so, heheh, Have fun with that. I'm finally back with Kat, I tired Manic out enough for him to leave me alone, I think she knows what's happening but she is letting me handle it my way. She is beautiful, ever so beautiful, she wasn't asleep when I got back, she just gave me a worried look, I told her it was just work, I could tell she didn't believe me, but I kissed her and told her I loved her, and   that there was nothing to worry about, and well you don't really need to know the rest.

My thoughts finally turned back to the notebooks, all of them, tomes to my madness, I contemplated burning them, but I still am against burning knowledge, even mad knowledge, it offers a different perspective on the world. That's why I was always interested in stories, showing us how people view the world and have an affect upon it. Kat's complaining about me typing on the keyboard, and that I should comeback to bed, she did all her cutest noises so I relented. I may be a monster, but I can still love.

-Sane Soliloquy


  1. Just to be clear proxy... we are not the same... harm either of them, and I'll show what's going to be left of your broken form, what's beyond the path...

    1. Don't you remember Paul? When Manic helped you when you were in trouble would you really repay the favour by killing the body which he lives in? You aren't a very good friend especially as he took care of your Maya and Antonio whilst you swaned of for your revenge, and also don't think I haven't seen you as well around Maya and Antonio. One last thing, whatever was done to you, you still are no match for me. ;)