Sunday, 1 April 2012

Suppose I better start doing my experiment

I've found the room, it was all part of Sirus' games,

It was the room where I started, it was the only room that was out of place in the entire area, with nothing mentally stimulating, pure functionality. I didn't notice before but it had two windows one that looked on to a forest and another that looked on to a nursery or something like that, I don't know how this is working probably perceptually based but yeah explain the experiment so I can leave.

Experiment No. 629 (or something like that)

Subject: PRE 01, The Slender Man (Full profile)

Experiment Proposal: To attempt communications with subject to see if I could reason with the subject or strike peace without bloodshed.

Method: Simple really, use two computers, Sirus in all his engineering knowledge seems to have constructed two computers that have some sort of casing (possibly to protect computer from the Sigma radiation that subject emits). I have already shown in experiment 1 that the subject has some form of intellect, with a majority that isn't controlled or influenced by a hive mind. So contact should occur.

Hypothesis: Subject will respond to prompts and a conversation will ensue.
Null     "    : Subject refuses to interact despite taunts or prompts leaving me looking thoroughly stupid.

risks: I don't know, maybe mind fracture, even though from evidence it's to late for me.

Risk Level: Low, The only low to non existent risk experiments I've ever done, no clue why Sirus wants me to do it.

Well that's all from the muse tonight kiddies, I just didn't feel like degrading myself to an Aprils fools day post I'm not Sirus for Peters sake.

-Manic Muse

TAP: Fuck it I need a laugh,                                                                                 Forgive me.

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