Saturday, 21 April 2012

Eventful day

Maya may have helped me onto something concerning the whereabouts of Patch, I am not disclosing this information on to the PUBLIC blogosphere, but I believe that the source that delivered me the information which was confirmed by Mayas knowledge of Patch's life. So as we only have a few days until the plan is out into effect I healed the last break in Antonio's leg, and I am teaching Maya to fight properly against Proxies.

SO we went to a park and I laid down Antonio, still with his broken leg, under a tree, and we began.
Me and Maya took up opposite side of a clearing and told her to take the first shot, needless to say for someone who's never had to fight before the punch did very little, I evaded it easily.

ME: Don't hold back, The proxies won't, and so I won't, I will not hold back as we only have a few days until we possibly go up against a large group of Proxies.

She comes at me again, putting force behind it but not really trying to land a blow, I block, take out her legs from beneath her. with a knife I keep in my sleeve at her throat,

ME: Dead.

She was indignant, so tried to feign a few  blows and tried to aim a punch at my face, I ducked and aimed a punch at her knee, so she collapsed, again knife at her neck.

Me: Dead,

She was obviously getting sore, so I let her take a shot again, she tried aiming one square in my nose, I simply grabbed her fist in front of my face, again it was under powered and lacking the drive that a fist for survival needs.
So I did a dickish thing.

ME: Tired are you?
MA: Yes, Why are you being so hard you're not teaching me anything?
ME: Because your not trying.
MA: But I am, you're just to good I can't get to you, also my knee and legs hurt, can't you go easier on me.
ME: No, as I said the proxies we will face won't hesitate to kill you, so you need to be able to fight.
MA: But I don't need to fight you, we're suppose to be friends, it's not fair.
ME: Life's not fair, it's no surprise that you couldn't help Patch, you give up too easily, you are weak, useless, maybe Ryan should have taken you, atleast Patch would be fine, he wouldn't have given up on saving you so easily, he would learn everything he could from me, but you obviously, don't care about Patch.
An: GO easy on her Manic, she can't help that she's not as strong or as fast as you.
ME: Shut up, so what is it going to be? Are you going to save Patch, the man you 'love, Or are you going to not because it's to hard and you're tired?

This got the reaction I wanted, this fighting was pure rage, instinct, she put her force behind it, nothing was important apart from her trying to hurt me, I kept this going for a while, leaving some of the gaps in her 'primitive' guard, so she would get a feel for it,
. Then I did my disabling shot, I punched her where the sternum end and punched upwards for the diaphragm, she was instantly winded, on the ground.

Me: Good, use that, don't hold any of that back, it's the only way you'll beat them,

It continued like this, she started using kicks, she is still a novice at best but in a few days, she'll be ready, This is where I healed Antonio, and he and I had a little bout, it continued for a while as I didn't want to injure him to severely and he probably didn't want to do the same to me, so we continued until we were tire, he used some of his powers, and I used a few of mine, until I planted a kick in his chest and followed that with a shot to his better knee so he fell down, we both needed to keep sharp.

Well, this will be the next few days, along with final planning for entrance and Exit points, Don't worry Patch,

Were Coming,

To every one else,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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