Thursday, 19 April 2012

Abstract thinking, for runners

Well if you notice the, sort of, control for my perceptual physics didn't exactly succeed in doing anything beyond ordinary, and having read through the comments that have been posted to the mentioned post. I feel it is my duty to try and tease out a more cohesive explanation, as runners seem to be surprisingly  reluctant to grasp the abstract, despite them being chased and hunted by an abstract abomination. But look now I'm ranting.

Well lets see,     I suppose the best way to explain it is by analogy or allegory, I always got those two mixed up, Suppose that you are merely a liquid, which conforms to different shapes depending on forces and such that  affect it, like sound, air pressures, temperature, the shape of the container. Now suppose this liquid has sentience, slightly above consciousness, and could control how it flows and moves, regardless of outside influences, drawing on its own will, or from energy from something else.

wait, that's an imperfect analogy, but I shall keep it anyway.

So as we know from people such as Everyman Hybrid, the Slender Man emits something called Sigma radiation, and those that have encountered the Slender Man are saturated with it. Now as most of you are aware, I'm sure, Radiation is another form of energy that can be converted into another form. This is inherently the purpose, or telos, or maybe it is something entirely different of my experiment. So if we can convert the energy by thought, or perception as me and Gargoyle say, then we have a weapon, a weapon of logic and knowledge, knowledge is like a mathematical equation. Small tangent don't worry, Love in this world often leads to death of one or both parties, this can be condensed into a simple formula   L=f(D) ,    where L is love, And f(D) is a function of death. Though this is not a destructive weapon as most weapons are, this is creative as  thought is creative and through our thoughts we reach our perceptions.

This may help you Gargoyle to perceive in an equation.

Suppose you are an X
and then there is another person Y
Y=(A certain reaction, lets call it P)

You believe you can't achieve P as you are S so, X=S
instead you should substitute Y with X so X = P

Or maybe this is all pointless, trying to change the mind of someone who has absolute belief in everything that is tangible, but faith seems to be the problem. Don't worry this is not praise be faiths, this is belief faith in something and be able to have it and hold it as part of yourself, Gargoyle I think has a problem with this. Making him a good choice for a control, I'd like to see him try some of the other experiments, and I never said you could fly that's just silly, the pinnacle of mine is merely teleportation.

Maybe one clarification, free from postulation.

The mind controls the body, true, when we think of an act we use our body as a medium to act upon the world, true, now why can't the mind affect the outside from the inside without the medium?

Logically it follows,

but enough for now I have to try and teach a blonde to fight, this shall be fun,

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,

-Manic Muse

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