Friday, 27 April 2012

First (New) Blood

They don't hang about, well I don't need any training so it shouldn't have been a wait, but I got my first target today, and a new outfit, It's a suit, possibly to contrast my previously... Scruffy look, to be honest the smart hair doesn't look like it suits me, but what can I do Kat insisted.

Um lets see,

Target: Charles Flaherty

Age: I don't know, 20?

Ethnicity: With a name like that White

Status: before mission, to be terminated, after, Terminated

Report of events:

So my target was rather Naive. He ran into, yes a forest, now killing is second nature to me, maybe my repression led to my mental instability, but who knows, maybe the proxy shrink, I'm scheduled to see him, but yes death.

He saw me looking at him as I was bored and wanted to chase him a little, he got paranoid soon, and started walking, so I followed until he started running, I don't run in suits.So I merely followed my mind to where my target should be. I wound up in a park with a forest area in it, he probably thought he could lose me in there, especially as it was dark. But I strolled in, whistling absent mindedly a tune I had heard before, it must have been pants shitting scary for the runner, he wasn't much of a fighter, I took out the standard issue proxy knife, it wasn't as nice as my other one, but they wanted to check it wasn't a danger to one of them.

If only Kat was there she would have enjoyed it under the moon in the woods, chasing some damned soul, I know I'm a romantic aren't I. But my target got restless and tried to leg it, I made him trip, no use doing it the hard way, he started scrabbling to get up I let him but I got there before he could get far. He tried throwing a punch, miss, and another miss, Maya you fought better than this dude. He finally made it interesting, he got a knife to, a bigger one at that, proper Bowie knife shit. And lunged, this is what happens when no one trains them, I even stood still long enough for him to get a stab at my heart,..... before I vanished and called down from one of the tree limbs. He pissed himself right then and there, those with dignity wait until after their dead to soil themselves. I jumped down and he lunged again, this time I broke his wrist, bye bye Bowie knife, so now he was reduced to one fist he could barely throw, he was crying, snot running from his nose, if I was 'normal', I may have felt.... Compassion, ...... Pity?,  but no, I felt only disgust, that people this weak think they could survive.

I finally took the knife properly in my hand and let him pick up his Bowie knife in his one good hand, a man should die on his feet not on his back. H e did rule one of knife fighting don't throw your knife at your opponent. I stopped it as easily as his fists, he just froze, I dropped the knife beside him and walked away. The target gently sobbed, I reached out with my mind and whispered two words, 'Do it'.

A team reported he died shortly after, suicide, knife wounds all over his body, and also hung from a tree, the cuts matched one knife, his bowie knife.

Kat believes I enjoyed this one abit too much, I replied nonsense, so how did you like the show, more to surely follow >:)

-You know


  1. ..... Holy shit Manic....

  2. I... I think I know how to help Patch, without him becoming proxy, I... I just need to ask Kat she may know something about the process.

    I remeber her telling me something, after the kill I made, sort of fuzzy like it wasn't actually me, I was laughing at the misfortune of it all. She mantioned ,Paul Laughing that, Of Course the Slender Man would 'Release a monster like that into the world' I pressed a little bit she said ' I Don't know much about what happened, but I saw Slender Man carry his all but lifeless 'body' (She said this with a strange emphasise) into that place beyond the Path, the Place we don't even dare to go, even with our great curiosities' I nodded knowing where she meant, ' But he took 6 generic proxies with him?, It's just after an few hours..... only that guy, um, um, ...' 'Patch', I interjected, 'Yeah him, and the Slender Man came out, She said he seemed more 'alive than ever' Again she said it with a strange emphasise, I hope this helps you to stay ALive.

    Oh no their coming, Stay Safe, Stay Sharp stay Alive.

    1. I hope to hell she was not telling the truth...

  3. Oh no, it looks like I haven't regained full control of the body yet, he's still getting through, Oh look information, Well what use is it to you anyway, know it, examine it, it will break you all the same ;)