Sunday, 15 April 2012

What sort of happened

AS you should know now, for any who care, Paul 'Patch/Patchy/ Soulpatched', is missing, in action, I was to late to save him from the Slender Man, yet again too weak, always too weak to save anyone.
No! Patch is Alive, Slendy wouldn't have taken the body, why should he, he's not exactly an important blogger, Patch has to be alive, it's the only logical conclusion, logic dictates it must be so.

So now I, have me still recovering from my injuries, another proxy with something broken that has to heal normally for a while, and a unstable blonde, I have to keep an eye on her, she looks like she may go in to shock or become 'Numb', I just got rid of two people from my life why must I gain two more. The only people I saved, were the ones I didn't intend to.

So I'll relate what I remember happening, you'll need to ask Antonio and Maya for their perspectives,

So I got Patch's post and started driving down to Tachoma from Seattle, properly breaking all the speed limits, who ever built the car loved it and made it a hell of a beast.

I came in quite late, I was told to get Antonio out of there, I took him to a small room in Seattle where I was staying, but I wen't back to help out.

There were so many bodies, every floor I wen't up strewn everywhere, so much blood, I was angry they tried to attack one of my friends this way, I met two proxies a flight or two up, in my rage they didn't stand a chance,  they were down before they could rush me, I met one more before I got to the roof, he tried to run, my reputation obviously preceded me, but he fell like the others.

I got to the roof, Ryan was already gone, Patch was injured, I told him I should have taken Ryan If I died it wouldn't have mattered, but he fought, he told me to get Maya out of there, and said to meet him at the pub he told me about, I knew he wasn't coming, but I hoped, so I took Maya to where Antonio was, I was tiring by this point, I knew I shouldn't have risked more teleportations, but I did, I waited at the bar until Maya alerted me to what was on his blog, I disappeared right then and there, but as I said I fell out cold, my body and mind couldn't take anymore, what I saw was Patch looking rather sad as he saw me appear, sad but determined, he was going to beat what was coming.

I woke to find the place covered with quite abit of blood, not enough to be lethal, but alot, and the blade of Patch's Bokken, he loved that thing from what I could gather. I steeled my self and brought Maya back to collected a few clothes which I assumed were Mayas, she's not going to be able to return any time soon. Antonio will have to make do like I do in what he has on.

I got bandages and fixed Antonio up as best I could in my condition, but before I could do myself, I went out cold again.

Patch why didn't you let me fight Ryan, I could have taken him, even injured, why?

Again Ryan I issue you this warning, end it yourself as once you and me are in the same room, you won't be coming out in a recognizable piece, fear me, as I am your death.

Paul if you can read this

Stay Sharp and Stay Alive


TBP: I was going to say I told you so about Ryan but now doesn't apt.

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  1. I'll be okay, I'm more worried about Antonio right now, his leg was pretty bad, he said some proxy jumped him with a Sledge hammer, there was allot of damage...

    But... If Paul could still be alive then I'll keep my chin up.