Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It was never worth anything

This is my update, for some unknown reason, I am updating this blog with concern to the events that transpired yesterday which involved Maya, Antonio, Paul and Myself.

Now as Maya has mentioned we were jumped by machine gun totting red necks, whether they were or not is of no concern of mine they're dead now. But I had retained one piece of equipment form my 'old' proxy days, my knife, alot of Proxies use some perception to open the Path, but after my first time using it I wanted to keep my mind as far away from it as possible, so I put all the power needed to open the path into that knife, why it is so sharp.

So after me and Antonio had agreed to go into the path I tapped into an ancient part of me and stabbed reality with my knife and pulled it down until the gap was 6ft high. My soul iced over at that moment, I saw the path for the first time in a long time. I saw the trees swaying in their dead breeze, the leaves black, sometimes falling sometimes rising from the trees, and the path that cuts through it, I was weary, knowing what lurks in this world independent of the Slender Man are a risk to all, except his servants, some beings are parts of the vines that sometimes hang from these trees, and animals ( if that is the right word), that are always just beyond senses ready to nab those that would deviate, it would make a fitting metaphor for following the Slender Man.

Me and Antonio entered, leaving Maya as it was already dangerous enough without her in danger aswell, as soon as I crossed the threshold of realities my heart slowed almost to a stop, my mind sharpened due to the wrongness and henceforth taking it all in. Antonio came in and looked at me worried, the path doesn't affect him as it does me, he was a proxy, he had nothing to worry about, I did.

As many proxies, and runners, know non proxies aren't suppose to survive in this path, unless they be attacked by its multitude of creatures. Maybe it was my ex proxy status, or the Slender Man had plans for me but I was still alive then the tear in reality closed, as the wound in being was cautherised, Antonio and I were thus immersed in this world, so we walked for what seemed like a day, time as we know works differently when you are exposed to Slender stuff, probably the presence distorts and thus stretches time, so a minute is an hour and so on. sorry again tangents.

Now the problem we had was that we didn't have a specific location in mind so we were just'in' the forest, the path was almost indistinguishable from the forest that surrounded it. We walked, and walked, never tiring, no hunger no thirst touched us. Then we came upon a clearing, it smelled like smoke, like burnt blood, and flesh, and decay, a memory was stirred in me, not substantial but there like a half forgotten dream.
This is where we found Paul talking to the Slender Man I was not surprised by this development, desperate men do desperate things in the name of revenge, and Paul wanted alot of it.

The Slender Man noticed our presence and merely looked at us, letting Paul talk whilst he 'listened', Antonio unable to restrain himself, why do some proxies have to be so dumb, called out and tried to get to Paul, now many of you should know interfering with ANY of the Slender Mans affairs is unwise, obviously not Antonio. He was ranting and raving whilst the Slender Man did his 'thing', I can't explain it any other way our language is far to restricted confined, but Antonio was lying on the floor not bleeding, nor broken bones his existence was merely being..... negated, have you ever watched someone as they were slowly erased from their own existence not pretty. So I fulfilled my promise of protecting them, and was Charging the Slender Man when..... he Smiled..... I was playing straight into his, Hand?

I heard Antonios screams cease, or I merely stopped registering them, beside the Slender Man was...... Kat, not in a billion microscopic pieces, not reduced to base metals that burnt spectacular colors. No she was alive, in one piece, and Beautiful, I didn't know what to do, a thousand thoughts hit me at once, the most strident, but quiet, was all for nothing. Every murder I have committed, was good for ..... Nothing, the Slender Man had his 'smile' upon his 'face', he knew he had won, even eldritch beings like winning.

I slowly crawled, and it was very slow, I made it inch by inch to Kat, I needed to verify the truth my eyes had shown me. I finally reached her, she was solid, and warm, and Alive, but not by my promise, that I made, I did not save her, I could never have saved her, or maybe I could have, maybe that was why the procedure failed, every, single, time, as she was, Alive. I hugged her taking in her hair, the feel of her skin so soft, and I kissed her, the first time in what felt like forever. Pouring everything I could into that simple action.

Then a choice had to be made, I had to choose between my life as a runner, with Paul And Maya And Antonio And Sirus.  I thought of Tom, how he'll never know that Kat was Alive, but never know she was dead in the first place. But neither will he have to suffer the pain of knowing she is a proxy.
Or life with Kat as a proxy, part of a family that I would never want to leave, but I couldn't just leave the others to rot. So I bartered for their freedom, when a being has wanted you for so long, they will give up a few generic targets easily.

But Maya has refused the offer of sanctuary back in Tachoma, she is going to find Paul, My deal completely depended on their free will, and they were always fighters, despite my teasing of Maya I could see it always, steel and fire in her eyes, Paul was going to fight for revenge, and the Slender Man will willingly give up Ryan to Paul.

before I ejected Antonio and Paul from the Path I whispered things into their respective ears, tow for Paul, one I advised him not to go after Ryan and Go straight for Maya and Antonio, and the second was for himself alone. Then I went to Antonio he was aware of all that was happening but too incapacitated to do anything, he murmured one thing, "Help me, stop him", I again whispered something for him alone to hear, and I told him something to tell Maya. I then ejected them without course or direction they were just ejected, expelled from a cell like a disease, I saw where they landed from my vantage point in reality, and sighed, they would never be as safe as I would like them.

I looked at my love, and my master, with every stark undeniable truth I know,

All that death was good for nothing, not even revenge,

I killed Johnny, something in me knew this for aslong as the fact had existed but had refused to believe it,

The Slender Man is My master.

I Have no master but Myslef.


  1. Shit okay i'm having that talk with Antonio now!

    1. I thought i said if you wanted to save Paul you shouldn't stop, you commented, you stopped.

    2. Cute, have you ever heard of having someone type for you?