Wednesday, 11 April 2012


That was Interesting.

Well remember I said I couldn't fight for Sirus, well, he got abit angry, getting on his self righteous 'All I've done for you, you can do this for me' speel.

WE argued for a long time, we only finished an hour ago, Sirus could never twig me as well as he thought, my brother, my 'protector' for so many years didn't protect me from the most damaging thing,       Himself.
All the nights he came back drunk, raging at me for some reason or another, blaming me for our parents death, why it should of been him. My brother, died a long time ago, the man who is left is a damn sight short of the man he was.

This is what happened:

S: Manic! You're out of bed and clean shaven, are you ready to train the recruits?
M: No
S: But why you said after you were done with your business yo would train them?
M: Yes, I did, unfortunately Sirus my business dose not involve war and death, I'm leaving, I can't train your people to kill, and I can't kill for you, that is final Sirus you have accept that.
S: What? You Sham! You Hypocrite, you have killed more people than you care to mention, you have done more debauched things than any of those people have, yet you say you can't kill.
M: I can't and you know why.
S: Oh yes Kat, that girl was always a problem, even when she was alive, do you ever think that it was your fault she died? You gave her hope that she could survive past death, that she was strong enough to take on an army of proxies and even the Slender Man himself, all because you got her to believe.
To Stop killing now you would have to count the lives you have already taken as worthless, as you see human life as so precious now, for all your self deprecating speeches, all your self loathing over the lives you've taken, you lie still, you are afraid. You are afraid as you still fell nothing for the pain you caused those people, the pain, you caused your family, your friends, you sacrifice those around you so you don't have to feel!!
M: Sirus, you should watch what you say, if you continue I won't be held accountable for my actions.
S: What will you do kill me, oh wait you love human life so much now don't you, come on Manic take your best shot.
M: My name isn't Manic, that man is dead, killed by his own hubris, thought himself above reproach, that man was a fool, I won't kill because the blood I've spilt would drown nations, I would advise you to stand aside and let me leave, or you will be in a hospital bed for a very long time.
S: Then why do you still use it, little brother, you know your mind thing doesn't work on me like mine doesn't work on you, anyway you'd have to fight through the guards and the recruits, the poor innocent recruits and that girl that came in here, you called her Red or something, are you really going to hurt them?

S: I didn't think so, now get to training my army, you are powerless.
M: *Chuckling* Sirus I was never powerless, you will let me leave or Rochene may not be as fortunate as you, she isn't immune to my mind 'thing', and she is far from innocent, and I know how much you adore her, it would be a shame if sh was to misplace her mind.

S: You Wouldn't Dare! *Through gritted teeth*
M: Try me.

* Sirus attacks me*

Now the problem with Sirus is when he fights he is in control most of the time making him a formidable opponent, but when he is angry he is sloppy, and easy to defeat, usually.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn't get the upper hand on him, the competition still between us, one day it will kill one of us.lock after lock, punch after punch, we must have fought for hours, the recruits and the guards eventually found us, but none of them intervened, as me and Sirus bludgeoned each other.

Until, I found the opening I had been waiting for he let his guard down just enough so I could get a punch to the sweet spot in his head, he dropped, and I took my bag, not very full, he can keep my notebook apart from those I've taken. I have a plane ticket to america, the land of capitalism, god help me, and them. I need to escape Sirus' gaze for the next month, and he hasn't properly branched out in to the colonies yet.

(This is all paraphrased of course, there was alot more shouting, blood shed, and general semantics)

So I shall see you on the other side of the Atlantic one way or another.

-That which goes bump in the night Hehehehehehe


  1. Any idea where about in the states your going to set up shop, or are you just going to wing it a bit?

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  3. I'm somewher in middle states, I'm not sure, mybody feels like its night time when it's mid day, I need food and sleep, I'll get a car or something when I wake up in what I hope will be the morning, I'll try a seedy hotel or something they can't follow me everywhere.