Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hmmmmm, Musing 1

Well back to my following of zero, (no pun intended),
        I am back, pain subsided due to beer and bacon.
My true purpose, is to try and reinvigorate the practice of the scientists of old, as this world seems to have been populated by fighters, runners, proxies, a few revenants ( I think unless I'm mistaken), but no one who dedicates themselves to theories it's all sort of fallen into intellectual apathy.

I went into central London yesterday, (oh no my location given away, oh dear) to meet a contact, I was seeing how close someone has to be to you to pass the 'infection' on, and how much they need to know, or is it purely intention that you will towards the person. Well this acquaintance, was relatively close to me and new next to nothing about my situation.

So I waited to meet them at southbank, A big place filled with lots of people, one of the few times I'll comply to   one of M's rules, considering he hasn't been heard from in months even by his standards he's pushing how long we believe he's dead. Well I got a call from them, when I picked up all there was,was static. So he was dead or being followed proving conclusively to me, you probably already know, that all they need to be is associated without any prior knowledge of the eldritch. I hung up and turned, walked to Waterloo bridge, and set off home. When, no day can be normal can it, someone came up behind me and said run, I was surprised for two reasons as firstly, people don't just tell people in central London to run even if they knew a bomb was about to go off. Secondly she knew I could see the eldritch figure, who was obviously standing in the middle of the road waiting to be hit by a bus. How has he lasted this long. Anyway even though I had no prior violent encounters with our mutual friend I followed suit and ran, what can I say I'm a stickler for pretty girls.

So I started pegging it down the main streets of London, and I thought if he's chasing me I could test something, as when you run for your life you'll notice your brain works on a moment to moment thought process making it unpredictable to you and blank to tall, dark and eldritch. So when I felt like he was right behind me I turned around and tried to rugby tackle him over the railing, except that seconds thought was pre emptied and I almost fell into the Thames. So I continued my pursuit of  PG (pretty girl) in the hope to get her experiences jotted down as everyone is different and a good scientist gets the most evidence they can to substantiate a claim but somewhere between Holborn station and St Paul's I lost her and with that occupy the world the world shit going down I got scared half to death by anonymous flags faceless suits *shivers*.

By this stage I was exhausted, so I must of passed out on the steps of St Pauls cathedral, I woke up this morning in my bed with a splitting head ache, and a bacon sandwich next to me with a note saying 'sorry', either this was PG, or eldy, either way this leads me to two possible conclusions, either he is a taxi for the mentally unstable, or he is my mum.o.O
Anyway, stay safe, stay sharp and stay alive

P.S. If this seems disjointed, bear in mind I have beer, painkillers and some memory lapses, (I know most of it happened as I took notes before I passed out, obviously due to my terrible hand writing)


  1. Trust me, he can be ridiculously nice and motherly, it all depends on who you are.

  2. Ah, Nathan Umbra, The executioner, a man of many faces and hats, firstly let me extend my paltry condolences for your loss, it is not fit for any to lose a loved one, and we all have in this.... 'war'. Between proxy, runner or whatever third party decides to join in, it is a debauched state of affairs when the loss of any individual is deemed acceptable, even if they're seen as 'evil', but we are all just people trying to survive in our own little ways. Secondly, in western tradition, where our friend eldy proliferates, mothers are seen as peaceful and life givers, not faceless beings who take the life of people who aren't a danger to him or those 'close' to him, So I see this as very unlikely, I much more inclined to let you stick with your 'father' lable for him. Again my condolences, truly.

    1. Oh "Manic Muse", would you mind a talk or.. maybe five? I'm wondering what your game is, and I don't feel like waiting.

    2. for someone who wanted to know more and couldn't wait you've been awfully quite, but it bothers me not

  3. Ah but I like games if you want, maybe one day, but gratification will have to be delayed. Nothing fun was just given away, and please call me manny or manic Manic Muse is so formal, and I just see it as abhorrent the act of murder regardless of motive or consequence.

  4. Besides my story isn't that interesting I'd much prefer to hear about you, as I said in my introduction, I prefer a more, indepth view than what on the blog get to know the actual you, and the actual me, is actually quite boring, so tell me your life story I have all teh time in the world.