Sunday, 29 January 2012

Experiment 1.0

As a scientist I should have at least one a day, and they may end up quite long,
Subject (as designated by the archive): PRE 01, Slender Man, AKA, Slendy, The Tall One, Faceless King, Black king, Der Gossman.
Strengths: Forests, Fire, Fear, Knowledge of existence by target, The internet, The Mist.

(Supposed) Weaknesses: Operator Symbols (apparently its the context of use), If he uses pyrokeniesis and fire then water would be a logical weakness, Energy? energy can be neither created nor destroyed so reason dictates with enough Eldy can be transformed from pure matter to pure benign energy (purely speculation), Being Forgotten, Children escape before he can take them strengthens link to mental knowledge of existence, however pre gained evidence suppose not only factor.

Characteristics ( I'm sure you all know but humor me): Tall (ranges from 6-15ft or larger depending on conditions), faceless (supposedly meant to represent the fear of the unknown, I have my own theory but that's for later), tentacles (number varies maybe due to subjects importance, supposedly the sages saw more than someone of low threat like me, used as weapons in many cases), Business Suit (Not made out of actual fabric, seems to comprise of Eldys own 'skin', meaning I have my theory for that as well), Kenesis and mind control of many forms (makes prey susceptible, compliant or  insane, making capture easier, also believed to be a form of protection, may suppose a higher level of intelligence)

Resources: The Numb( I like Muad'dib's name for them for my own reasons),  Agents, Proxies (some unwilling, some ignorant, some crazy, revenents(not sure of their status)), The Rake? (Could be own autonomous creature but seems to be loyal to Eldy in blogs such as H(a)unting, and seen in connection with Eldy in EVERYman Hybrid), mind control, pyrokenisis, height.


Targets: Children, or those who escaped him in childhood, or just got too close.

Experiment: To test theory that PRE 01 is part of a hive mind, or is super intelligent, as many try to assert he is merely a creature of instinct.

Method: I shall challenge him to many puzzles and challenges, ie chess, If he has hive mind a collective sense of fair play should overcome him and he shall refrain from reading my mind, and due to the many voices in his head his game should be sporadic. If he is hyper intelligent he will stick to one style and defeat me conclusively whilst he may still maintain a sense of fair play, If not he will read my mind and beat me anyway but I shall know he is not as sentient as he could be.
Also Puzzle such as a rubiks, as most people find these frustrating and many voices will complicate the matter but if he is hyper intelligent he should have no problem, He smashes all the puzzles due to inability to comprehend.

Hypothesis: I believe that PRE 01, may most like go option two for my challenges, if he chooses to play, which I hope he does.

Null Hypothesis(as every good scientist should have): PRE 01 Make no contact, or refuses to play fair or by the rules.

Additional information: Risk, If PRE get overly agitated may result in my death then I should have short lived glory, Mind fracture over exposure may lead to my mind snapping like the Numb, Proxy attack for 'baiting' and testing their master.

I have commenced proceedings by leaving a note by my chess set reading "Do You Fancy A Game?" This could take days or hours so I shall keep this as a running experiment.
That's me for today,
people Proxy, Runner, Numb, most importantly Human,
Stay Safe,  Stay Sharp and most importantly for me Stay Alive
Thoughts Before Publish (TBP): Stories are important they are the most important things to humans, They're all that's left of us when we die, they teach us not to go into the woods, tell us not to be selfish or greedy, teach us to Love.
These blogs are the most important things to any of us, they are our legacy, they are hope to those who have lost their way. These blogs are A thousand points of reference a Thousand points of light guiding those that don't know their way to safety and to home. Zero may have been crazy, but he was right, as stories mean as much to Eldy as they do to us, so they could be a weakness not his death but his weakness, anything that bleeds can die.


  1. You've been doing your homework. Where did you pop up from, I wonder?

  2. :D, I like to stay informed, very informed Ms grey hat, my friends used to say I had the mind of either a philosopher or a scientist, so I suppose such a career as running for my life from and eldritch lovecraftian being was a happy accident, may no be your definition of happiness, but I feel..... fulfilled :D

  3. Michael here: Fascinating. To see so much information gathered on the Dark Gentlemen. It really is quite amazing.

  4. Why thank you my anti Slender orientated friend, It's all absoroption and retention information, Basically I like to read and again these blogs are our legacy we better put as much effort as we can into them.

  5. Your taking/took a real risk here you know that right?

    1. only if I was unprepared, You have to risk life to save it