Friday, 29 June 2012

Well, that's a...... shame

Well Patch. is dead, faded out of existence, I feared that may have happened I could tell the Bokken had too much power over him. I guess its only right I post my last thoughts on him, since he did it for me when he thought I was dead. Paul 'Soulpatched' Rayfield, to me Patch, he fought hard for what he believed in, only took life in the most dire circumstances. A runner in a world apparently inhabited by a multitude of proxies. I feel sorry for Maya to be released so soon and to lose Patch, I feel sorry for Anna who never got to now him properly, fight along side him, save him.

I may pop over to Tachoma to check on Maya, a friendly veteran face that's seen the Slender Man too many time. Finish teaching Anna where Patch left off, maybe there is one child I can save, for Johnny's sake. See if I can enter the Fade, bring him back somehow, but it's unlikely, places like that don't belong to those like us.

I remember the first time I met Patch face to face, in the middle of battle, with proxies breathing down our necks, and Ryan attacking him, I remember I couldn't save him from the Slender Man, I couldn't save him from himself, his anger. I did save Maya though, and when he was still 'good', Antonio.

I guess I could talk for hours about the man I knew, who lived as a runner for near 6 months, helped people, killed only a small few, always tried to keep those close safe.

He was a good man, but a few words may be enough to explain the end,

He lived his life his way, and he ended it his way

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Why does Ben have have to be so serious with his reports, cause he is so narrow minded, to think that the person killing is a copycat. A copycat, who would be able to precipitate a series of events the same way I can, and my form of murder. If you have deduced who this is, then maybe, I owe you an explanation maybe about why I'm killing, or how I've got to be here and in this state of existence, well I can't really tell you why I'm doing this, maybe depression, revenge, maybe grief. Sane isn't here to blame all the problems on, nor is Kat here to calm me, and how I got back to this state, well I shouldn't tell you, and if you have been following this properly you should be able to deduce how it happened.

But is it really a good thing to have me back here, and what I have learnt what I've learnt where I was.

-Who would you think

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

more damned reports

The copycat of proxy C-558763 is still on the loose and can be connected to a significant number of proxy 'And' runner deaths in the past few days. Those associates of C-558763 who we have under surveillance have not made a move during the time periods of these deaths. So we are led to assume that this associate was very new, or only had a very brief time span with C-558763

We have started reviewing all these associates and have concluded the girl we found as a singular survivor of the attack is the most probable candidate for the copycat, however the post from the 24th would lead us to believe otherwise. Regardless, she shall be monitored heavily to ensure she doesn't cause damage to the organisation.

- Proxy F-269566

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Voices in the night

hehheheheham they all think they know best, the proxies the runners, all those that claim some sort of moral superiority, but really as we all know everyone is as bad as each other, and why Sirus and his lot had to die, every last one, not the girl, there was a soft spot for the girl. No killing innocents, innocents it's hard to find any in this existence, Patch has a choice over killing his best friend and losing maya, or impregnating a teenager, and still face the former choice, it's so fucked up, yet I can't stop laughing, cause truly who's going to stop me. Cause the Beasts tried and I just came back, maybe he didn't try hard enough. Came back through other people, came back because of an idea.

But Sirus died, and died horribly, he didn't cry at the end, not a tear, not even when I gutted Rochene in front of him, nothing. I pulled out every singular tooth, got adrenalin to keep him awake, and continued to break every bone, tear and sever every tendon, not severing the nerves so he felt everything, the screams were beautiful, the pure un adulterated agony, until I came down with nothing left but his body, his major organ were still working, still intact, not quite going into shock, I was maintaining him, he had to die slowly,  I took some of the nerves I left whole, and snapped and pulled some, Sirus Roared with the agony of it, I tied some together, used them as mini slingshots. By the time I had finished he could barely move a finger, or talk, so he didn't do anything, just lay there bleeding to death, you messed with her, you've killed good people you got what you deserved, so Reaper, meet your maker. With that I stomped on his Trachea, this is the point his lungs realised they shouldn't be functioning and started to contract useless muscles, move a pierced and torn diaphragm, his body more twitched than convulsed, with the lack of nerve signals the muscles were actually receiving, he moved his hand quite abit. This didn't last long as his muscles contracted for the last time his eyes glazed over all pain going, his brain finally giving him a moments peace before he died, then out of his deep blue eyes all the life ran, like water from a blue balloon.

No words to end this one, unspeakable evil has been done, only some proxies will understand.

Pesky little problems

Again I have been ordered to post on this shitty little blog.

It is in regards to an attack on a facility to day in the early hours of this morning after a classified proxy incident. The facility in question belonged to individual C-558763-B, all individuals in the base were killed, apart from s few seriously injured security staff, and one girl about 20 with red hair who was hiding in a room with a strange computer in it. 

The attack is consistent with reports and attacks pertaining to individual C-558763, so it is believed that a copy cat or ally has utilised what ever little training they received from C-558763 to take down the facility. The member who was most harmed or assaulted, was individual C-558763-B, possibly the perpetrator was seeking revenge for misdemeanors committed by individual C-558763-B.

Precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of pertinent individuals and locations to the case, however this should be proved unnecessary. As all individuals pertaining to C-558763 are under surveillance and our teams are ready to intervene if they are deemed a danger. 

End of report.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Death report

Urgggg, I guess I can't put this off any longer considering someone might have done my job for me, I shall give the full report.

Reporting proxy designation: F-269566
Deceased: Manic Muse/ Sane Soliloquy
Proxy designation: C-558763
Position at death: newly reinstated

Cause of death: Trauma, Blood loss, mind fracture, myocardial infarction.
Time of death: Sometime on Saturday, roughly 13:00 GMT

Location of body: Church hill road, London borough of Barnet.

State of body: The remains of the above had suffered slight decomposition, was missing and arm, and leg, with the other leg stripped of most of its skin. The face was swollen, possibly due to gasses produce by the bacteria composting him, but also probably from trauma to the face one blue eye remained in the socket and the other was empty, nose broken, chest pulled open, lungs have numerous lacerations. All other organs remain in place, no other significant damage to remains were observed.

Arrangements for body: It will be released to the authorities, or his last family member, so they can pay their last respects, a funeral will be allowed, body may be collected and restored if it is needed, but after funeral body will be taken to *Redacted* to fulfill other purpose, and body to be properly disposed of.

Perpetrator of death: Entity, Noname, position, unknown.

This blog is now officially dead, like its contributor, so move along if you please.

- Proxy F-269566

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ow, This hurts alot

My head, my arms, well arm, legs, everything hurts.

He has left me with this computer possibly to tell you lot that I am not Ok, hopefully he gives me back my arm, and my knife, I am screwed. I called his bluff, and now i am in this dimensional space, I can't feel anything with my mind, I am truly alone, it is just me. And this world of pain, thisw little bit has taken me 10 minutes to write.

My little Noname vanished when the big one turned up, and Noname grabbed me and tore my arm off, and busted me up, used the knife the first  twein dropped, and took the skin of my calf, so only the muscle is left, and used the sldge hammer to break three of my ribs. thats when he teleported me to his dimension, nothing was there, no creatures of shadows, no half living corpse, nothing only me, and this pressure. I have only this computer and a bed, which somehow manifest themselves.

I am resigning myself to what must be my fate now, goodbye everyone, I hope this is another one of my melodramatic I have no way out goodbyes.

I reall do.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hmmm, who would have guessed

I found that John guy dead in a rubbish bin I was scavenging through, yes even I must eat rubbish tossed out by those better off. He had a note around his neck which read "come at me bro" I see my brother still maintains his sense of humor. I have been killing those he sends after me at a steady rate, it's not like their a special army to kill me, oh wait they are, really Sirus I expected better from someone who's known me all my life, or are you sending out the weaker ones first to wear me down, or was Unicorn your prized fighter and now he's dead you don't have anyone to come after me, Is that it? I doubt it, even for assassin standards Unicorn was more a hired thug type than trained killer, but hey what do I know.

Little Slender activity, almost no Noname activity beyond my little buddy here keeping me company, it's weird all that effort he went to to get me close to breaking and doing his bidding, he just leaves me and lets me chase after the Slender Man instead. I don't like this, I had almost every terrible things in existence on me at one point, they took Kat from me and now, nothing. I thought they needed me for some big plan, and I'm remembering Manic's path of revenge, path of death, path of new life bullshit. Does he want me to become a proxy, as thats the only way I can think of entering the path I'm thinking about, but I don't see how it's a path to revenge, or new life, only death.

It's strange, I can't after all this time think Manic can actually be alive, I don't want to help, him, I don't want to be subjugated again, put in a box where I can't live. I can't give up my freedom, I have to save whatever's left of Kat I have to kill Sirus I need to make everyone safe, Manic will get preoccupied with his experiments his emotions, concerning more over Aoife and Tom than on Kat and Sirus, the guy trying to kill us, well me right now. But no I shan't save Manic, ah look who's arrived Noname showing his displeasure, yeah intimidate me all you like you eldritch  dick, What are you going to do, that'll hurt me more than what I already have to endure.

I'm calling your bluff, give me your best shot.


Sunday, 10 June 2012

It wasn't a few days

So I mentioned that my little mini noname was gesturing something to me, well it was a team of Sirus' 'Army' that I assumed had come to kill me, and the assumption was right, and without any people to judge me, I get to kill.

The first one that came at me was a bald kid with a sledge hammer, it helps that my arm had healed and I have lost what little compassion I had regained. So this kid, cause he was a kid, charged me with his sledge hammer I was surprised he could lift the thing to be honest, but I ducked and evaded as is the tradition when getting attacked by someone with a far larger stick. So yeah I did this, I teleported behind him and tapped him on the shoulder when he turned around I decked the little fucker and stomped on his throat. I swear I saw one of them shit themselves, that brought a smile to my face this person rushed me in what I assume was a blind rage, with a Bokken, he reminded me of Paul, but he was not very good with it, I grabbed the sword when he missed me with one strike, and snapped it across my knee, this time I think he pissed his pants, I hope he had changed his underwear before he came out. I took the jagged splintered wood and stabbed him in the leg, I would need this one for later.  There were also twins, obviously a fighting pair, they obviously had some sneaky trick they had to play on me, So I dropped the weapon I had and stood like a preacher infront of a crowd, ready for them to attack, and when they did they did it fast, I swear I blinked and one was right in my face, I think they can teleport was my first thought and I knew this would be fun, and I was stabbed from behind with some serrated blade or metal implement, thankfully it missed all my vital organs, and the pain was diminished due to a little trick I've acquired. I spun round and grabbed the person and winked and teleported her to about 500 ft above ground level, and let her hang there for a second before letting her fall whilst I vanished.

The other twin looked shocked and I did a childish thing and stuck my tongue out at her, that made her angry, she teleported to infront of me and I skipped a few steps back, I was going to play wit hthis one, I had like a minute before her twin died or teleported back. So I played with her abit, making jokes about her twin liking a certain season, and such, her attacks got more frantic and angry, before I teleported to where I dropped her sister, and caught her I don't know 10 ft from hitting the ground, I came back and the twin, who could obviously sense people teleporting as well as teleport herself, went to attack me, unfortunately, I had her sister clutched to my chest and the blades dug into her flesh with a sound that was familiar to me, and I felt the sister quiver, her heart had been lacerated by the blade just between the left atrium and ventrical, and a second laceration occurred on the pulmonary artery, I let go off her sister, when she died so the weight would be taken by the knifes, and the look of grief on the others face was beautiful, all that anger and toughness, gone. I left her alive, but my little pet noname didn't, he put a little contraption in the dead one's pocket whilst the other wasn't looking, it played a little tune and when the other took it to her ear to hear it 3 inch spikes ejected from the object and she twitched and yelped, then slumped over her sister, dead.

Well, Slendy do you want me back I thin I've become a better killer personally and my conscience died recently, so no more problems from him.


I went back to the injured member, who was in too much shock to even try to crawl away, and pulled him up.

S: Hello, I would like some answers, and if you want a painless death you'll answer them.
Guy: Wha...... Wha.... What do you want to know, I'll tell you everything, just don't kill me, please, I was forced into this I never wanted to fight, or kill anyone. II just wanted that thing to leave me alone.
S: If you are after Slendy why are you attacking me?
G: Sirus said you were important to him, so he ordered us to kill you, half the army is out looking for you, we weren't even expecting to see you, it was just a routine sweep.
S: Why did Sirus change the bases position?
G: Yeah, he also has a room which no one else can get into, but we always find strange things, wrinkles in the walls, like it's been torn apart and shut again.
S: Hmmm, where is it?
G: I can't tell you, I've always been blindfolded every time I've gone to and from the place.
S: That's Strange
G: I know, he told us about your ability and I guess he doesn't want you mind reading one of us to get to him.
S: You know what dude, What's your name?
G: John, why?
S: because I want you John to go back to your base and say that I am coming for my brother and no one not even noname can stop me.

J: yeah, yeah, sure, sure,suresuresure, um as long as you let me live, Cause He 'nodding behind me' seems to want that privilage.

* I see Slendy standing behind me, with a happy aura about him like he was pleased*

S: You don't have to worry about me killing you, my brother will do it for me, when you give him this news, you aren't so happy I've let you live now are you.

J: How do you know he will kill me, for just bringing him news.
S: Because you came back alive from a confrontation with me alive, you shouldn't do that, he will have to make an example, kill me or die.

*I laughed and walked off as he frantically tried to call what I assumed was base*

I cast a wink to Slendy and teleported to my place I'm staying.



Saturday, 9 June 2012

A change of pace- Sane's thought experiment

In my comfy chair I've decided to put up a thought experiment and see if focusing more attention on Slendy will help displace Noname in my consciousness.So I'm going to sort of wing it, Considering I've changed since I've started this Blog, I am going to talk about something like I used to, well Manic, but I have all his memories.

I don't know what to tackle to be honest, I have covered alot of the important issues surrounding the Slender Man, I thought I had an idea coming into this post. I may need to wing it.

Loop Worlds!! I'll talk about that, many of us have experienced this phenomenon, for those who haven't or maybe not even heard of loop worlds, then I'll tell you. A loop world is one which perpetuates itself with an environment that doesn't change and may involve only a small geographical area, or in one case I've seen (Jekyll/Hyde) time is looped only for the person so the whole of existence is the loop. Time also loops alot of the time, so it doesn't change or progress as it should. I have experienced this in my loop world I was trapped in where years seemed to pass, I thought I had grown old but really only a few days had passed.

Now I believed mine was a manifestation of the path, or the path itself, as we've seen I could survive in the path, and it shared alot of characteristics with the path down to it's inhabitants. However alot of the time the loop worlds are urban areas, with beds, walls, maybe in a hotel, or a room or house that may pertain to the subjects past. This has led to my theory it may be an extension of the empty city, I'm not sure whether it is a fear in itself or merely a dimensional gap which alot of the fears use. The main reason was that alot of the subjects are placed in an urban setting, but surely if it is a living being it can alter it's appearance and physics, and I doubt a fear could manifest an  entire separate reality for one victim, even the path relies on the Bleeding tree   and the Slender Man, And we don't even know that much about the Bleeding tree, Whether the two are part of the same being or if they are symbiotically linked.

I bring that point up as some people have referred to slendy as the tree man, and his suit is made of a material that, none of us that have attacked head on, can identify, some see it as part of his 'skin' leathery and such but not leather, or a separate substance from the entity, I have met with one runner who thought it felt like pliable bark or wood, and if I remember correctly Zero who had one of the few experiences of being close to the tree, it'd bark seemed like a type of living flesh that was leathery and moved and writhed. I could be miss remembering my facts but if it is, then they maybe part of the same entity.
So if we are able to get material from it we may be able to fatally harm PRE 01, or atleast find a way to deminish it's strength or effectiveness on us.

But back to loop worlds, a small tangent there, but wasn't it fun, I can see why Manic use to go off on them so often. So loop worlds, yes part of the empty city, access to those not affiliated in a positive manner with a fear is nigh on impossible, so it is a perfect prison, and I have seen very few instances of people being rescued from loop worlds.

However, some of these loop worlds are only mentally imposed like in the case of Reach and Ava, when they went to the Quarry that Reach was supposed to be protecting as a Revenant but again it's been a long time since I've read about this incident so some facts may be obscure and maybe wrong. Though I suppose that could easily be manifested by a single fear, as we have seen many instances where they have coerced our mental faculties, even into doing things we otherwise wouldn't if we had our normal control.

Even then there are rare cases where their bodies have been found in a Numb state, so only their soul has been taken to the loop world, this may happen in more cases but I have no evidence of that at this point in time. So I will have to keep with my main line of thinking that these loop worlds are part of the Empty city, I would look up the archive reference for this entity but I have neither the time nor the ability now, I can barely post this. Also as many fears find some aspects of us curious, they may be unable to replicate a stable environment for us, and with the Empty city housing meetings for the fears and some of their proxies, then it must have considerable experience in maintaining a hospitable environment for those imprisoned in it's confines.

My little friendly 'pet' is here, looking at my screen with a weird tilt to his head, who knew something so faceless could be so cute, ewww, did I just say something was cute, I feel unclean. Him and his brother may be housed in such a loop as they are still as young as when the story tells of them, or maybe Noname disrupted their body chemistry to stop them ageing, or maybe their are a different type of being entirely. Maybe they are an extension of him, so they are a way to influence him? Sorry, I can't go off on another tangent.

That is all I have time for, my little noname is signaling something to me, so I will update in a few days, see you then my little fruity darlings.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,


Thursday, 7 June 2012

My days

Noname hasn't shown up recently, his chair just sits there empty and welcoming, I just end up sitting there half the time with a opening to the path just in front of me. And just watch and stare, and feel my mind mingle and connect with those eldritch minds, and they whisper to me, luring me to them, I see dark shapes darting in and out of my peripheral vision, but there is this one shape that lingers longer than most, I don't know what it is, it could be Unicorns spirit hanging on, or Manic trapped in the alternate dimension of the not really living.

I see the little boy sometimes but this one is taller and thinner, he comes close to me and picks up a toy that was under the chair and starts playing with it. I would kick him away but I don't have the heart to do it. Each time I sit in the chair I feel like I'm sinking deeper and deeper, like maybe this time I won't get up.

I've been thinking of the people I've killed, the people I will have to kill, I realised I have to kill Red and her sister Blue, The bald kid, from Sirus' Army. I will have to kill Sirus, at least to protect Tom and Aoife. I feel tired of all the murder and the blood shed, I'm not even being chased by the Slender Man anymore, I can't even do experiments, I can't finish what Manic started, all those notebooks filled for no reason, I know it's weird to say but I miss Slendy, at least I knew what I was facing I had years of experience, of research based around him.

And I'm not even facing him, he has buggered off, and left me alone with something worst than him, I feel so empty, noname, has stolen me, I used to think that Slendy was the fear of losing one's identity, but I was wrong, if he is a fear then Noname is that. I need Slendy Back and there's only one way for that to happen, he needs a claim on me that supersedes Nonames superiority over him. Either that or I need Manic back, but hes' dead, so how will I do that.

Paul, I may teach Anna a vital lesson, don't trust any of those around you, I may make her watch someone die, then again Maybe not, I don't know what I'm going to do right now, everything is in Flux, everything is up for grabs.

Nothing is Final.


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The worst has happened

I don't know what came over me but,.... I went to see Tom and Aoife, that wasn't really fun, especially as Unicorn was there in his imitation of me. He also had a gladiator sword, my *Non existent* God, Why does this guy have to hold a grudge, and I could see Sirus sitting inside talking with them, and Aoife was gripping Tom. I went to the door but Unicorn decided to block my way, I chuckled and punched him, surprisingly he didn't seem to shift except his nose bled.

S: Oh so you've been training?

He just stared at me, not moving, I teleported behind him and he grabbed me by the arm as I appeared behind him and broke my arm, I was just enjoying using my arms again. I took out my sword, " So Unicorn, how many people have you killed?" Just that look, "That many, has Sirus showed you what you are fighting? Cause I can."
" We are not fighting the Slender Man, we are fighting you, you are the problem, they want you to end you ends their plans" "Oh", Was how I replied before I went for him, I was surprised to see him block my blow, "oh you've been practicing?" We started fighting Until I took out my knife, who cares if it's not fair, life isn't fair. I started my dual wielding, by striking him with the sword which he blocked and then I went to stab him with my knife and as he was using both hands he had to take one off the sword to stop my knife so I had the chance to deposes him of his sword, leaving him with only his knife, too easy, I kept him on the back foot, striking for the legs, then the arms, my guard wasn't good so I only landed a few light blows, as I had to block his knife.

I finally teleported behind him opened up an entrance to the Path with my knife, and teleported in front of him, I waved good bye to him, he stabbed me in the gut, Before I kicked him into the Path, and watched, with no small amount of pleasure as the creatures feel on him, he fought well, but these things aren't properly living, so he couldn't kill them, I watched as he disappeared amoungst the shadows, until reality cauterised itself. I turned battered, bruised and bleeding, to see Aoife looking at me in horror, and Sirus was Smiling, with noname by his shoulder, patting him on his shoulder, Sirus winked at me, and walked off. "Help" Were the last words I said before I collapsed from pain and exhaustion, I just saw Tom running to me, as my vision became green, then black.

I woke up in my old bed, and I was content until a pain split my sides and I remembered everything, I went downstairs of my old home, and Tom was cooking breakfast as Aoife just seemed to rock back and forth as her mind adjusted. "She was Alive you know, Tom, she was", he didn't respond, I took alot of the bacon on the table with bread and butter, and bangers. After eating my first proper meal for a while, "Tom are you even going to acknowledge I'm here?".

T: He told us what you did, and why you thought it was a good Idea.
S: What part, the killing, the wiping your memories, I really haven't been a good boy recently.
T: All of it.
S: So the Centurion, Maya, Antonio, Paul, Noname, Narcissus, Kat?
A: Who's Kat?
S: Old friend, She's probably dead now
A: Too bad.
T: Wait, she's dead, I thought you said she was alive?
S: Yes, Was, Past tense.
T: He didn't tell me that, did he know.
S: Yes, She almost killed him, That was fun, Where I almost killed that Unicorn guy the first time.
A: He said you were a proxy?
A: Manic?
S: I'm not Manic anymore, not anymore, Aoife, I'm Sane, Manic is Dead.
A: * pain in her voice* Oh.... are you a proxy?
A:well are you?
S: Can I get back to you on that.
T: What Either You Are Or You Aren't Sane, Which is it.
S: I Don't know, Manic was before he Died and I'm being pushed around in some big Butt Fucking Game that those Fears have.

They both looked like they were contemplating something, Aoife looked like she was particularly struggling.

T: You need to leave Sane, everyone around you is Dying or are close to it, all those people you talk on your blog thing, are wither dying or in a terrible state, even those that don't help you. Just leave.

I took my coat, my sword, my knife, held it thoughtfully fro a second and threw it to Aoife, "you'll need this it's more powerful than it looks, more than just opening the path, you may need to kill someone"

She held it like a diseased rat, and said "No, we don't want anything of you left in this house, we were happy until you decided to come back, so I don't want or need your knife" I took it, put on my backpack, Walked out the door and stuck the sword in the ground where I killed Unicorn. And walked off, leaving the last remnant of my past behind, one down, the rest of Sirus' army to go.


Saturday, 2 June 2012

He's here

He's just standing there he looks like a normal man, just no face no distinguishable difference apart from the face, or lack of it. At least with the Slender Man, he is tall, a lurching gait, like there was a roof to the world that he was inhabiting. But no He just sits there, in an armchair, in the corner, even if I'm on the road just under a bridge, he's there with his armchair, looking and writing.

He sometimes turns the pages to me, and shows me the people I've killed, or caused their death by my actions, I saw Johnny, Kat, her brother, father, and her mother, all the runners I've killed, even a picture of myself, inferring that I killed  Manic. Well I'm not alone, that's a good thing, I think, but I have no human contact. I can't risk others dying for helping me, I keep seeing Kat's dad dying, relived the moment so many times. I left Ireland, as that was where I was. I need to check how Tom and Aoife are, I need to make sure her dreams aren't putting her in danger, Tom is stubborn his mind won't let him accept what he has forgotten. I am going to go and see Sirus, and his poor excuse for an army, I will see all my old contacts, Manic may be brought back if my hunch is right, though I doubt it is possible.

But he is here, always there shaking his finger at ideas that he doesn't approve of, smiling when I fall too far into despair, and I've started to see a little boy with no face, sitting by his chair playing with some, vicious looking contraption. I'm almost sure he is one of the boys from the story, I see him in my dreams as well he leads me through my life all my terrible deeds, he has led me through all my good moments, he said to me once, don't worry Sane I am your friend, you won't die, not yet.

I am going to die soon at his hand or my own, Paul, if I die or Manic is the only one that survives, live for the dead, as you are one of the few that can remember them, and Manic will not be the same as if I am right his mind will not be the same he will not be able to feel like before, he will be like he was before, cold, unfeeling, dead.


TBP: 100 posts and I am going to die soon I wonder if I've lived my life well, splurged over this virtual tombstone of 1's and 0's. I would like to say yes, but that would not be the right answer, I can't decide if my life has been lived well. I'm not dead yet.

Friday, 1 June 2012


Why must there be those which live through this and live like Dia and others have to suffer excessively, like Paul, ME, and almost everyone.

What has happened:

I during my running came to Narcissus and find out what happened, I came to a house very opulent in its design and execution. I went up to the door and knocked with Kat looking about paranoid, the man that came to answer it could be classified as a beautiful man, but all I saw was a smug face I wanted to pummel. He merely turned back and we went in, this house is full of mirrors I noticed I looked like a member of the walking dead, My face was grey and haggard, Kat looked like a frightened animal cornered. I believe the only way to describe Narcissus, is.. Narcissistic, he never once made eye contact with either one of us.

We eventually gave to a room that didn't contain a mirror, which made me feel alot less paranoid, and he started to talk, for the first time looking at something apart from himself.

N: SO.... you come to find out what happened to the muse, do you want to know what happened?
S: Yes, I don't really have a choice.
N: *He looks at me quizzically* Really? do you really?
S: Yes, my life is forfeit otherwise.
N: Okay, It was night when it happened, I was part of a detail to make sure that Manic didn't escape if he had a change of heart, then he appeared, he sort of flickered in and out of existence and a dark leaf was tucked under the epaulettes of his coat, and he came up to God and said

*M: Well now you have me what are you going to do with me?

God reached out a tentacle to place on the forehead of your muse, and the muse's back arched to the point of breaking, he screamed, screamed against what was happening, he was being ripped from his mind being killed. God then retracted a tentacle as if in pain, the Muse laughed, saying, what not use to your meat fighting back. God then hit him into the corner of the room we were in, all the proxies there remained silent and still, waiting for the end of this great traitor.

Then We all feel down, clutching our heads in pain as a scream permeated everything, right into my mind, then the body flopped down on to the floor, dead. We thought that was the end until a gasp came from teh body, God looked happily surprised. And you were returned to your home and you were left mostly in piece until the centurion went after you, never liked him, didn't follow the right mythology.

K: That's it, that can't be all there is, why did noname send us if you didn't have anything useful to say.
N: n...noname, sent you , leave, leave now, never come back, NEVER!

S: Please we need this what do you mean he flickered in and out of existence, and the black leaf did he come in by the path?
N: *jumpy* Well he was a proxy, he probably came by the path, but you cant exist in both dimension simultaneously, well not if you want to keep your soul, and Manic had his soul when he came in, but I've only seen a few instances of people acting like that and I didn't like how those ended aswell. Leave the only reason I told you this much is because I respected Manic, I'm linked to alot of the things he's done, partially responsible for helping you find that Paul bloke.


N+S: What!,

K: He's her.

 I turned to see noname, and behind him Slender, looking imposing over the shorter man, but the shorter man obviously held more authority. We ran.

With all the mirrors I could see them always just behind us, almost walking, whilst we ran, Narcissus turned us to a secret passage way I hadn't seen when I first came in.

N: Quickly, they won't stop and you know it, I will plee mercy from my master.

I tried to stop him but he shoved me off, I watched through the grill as Narcissus knelt before the Slender Man, and I watched as he was decapitated, he made a pretty corpse was what I heard noname say.

We ran, by the time we got out side, everything was there, all the disgusting things I had ever seen, they all attacked at once I killed a few of them, well those that could be killed, I used the centurions sword to cut my way through swathes of proxies, until I came to Kat, she was being overwhelmed, before I could reach her she fell, I furiously cut my way through them, I came to her as they swarmed over her, I grabbed her arm trying to free her, but there were to many of them and they were to strong, I wept, I told her I'd save her no matter what, I told her I loved her, She smiled, she said me too, and let go of my hand, I couldn't hold on any longer, my hand was too sweaty, my body to tired, then I just let myself sleep, waiting for them to consume me to.

A man came by and kicked me, "What are you doing lying asleep in my field, are you high Son?" "Where? Where am I?", "Hmm, I see you were, come down to the house and I'll get my wife to fix you a proper breakfast, with everything you could ever want. "No, I can't it's not safe, just let me leave" , "Now I won't let my hospitality be turned down by someone who obviously needs it" he looked down at my body, I saw I was covered in cuts and bruises. " I must go save her...." This is when I fainted, I woke up in a bed warm, safe, I thought I was home in Ireland for a second then the Man came in, "I notice you're awake now, I called the doctor, but he won't be able to come for a day so you'll have to stay here until you're healthy and fit, here my wife made you this, eat it up you need your strength".  "Why are you helping me, you don't even know me?",   He stared off into the distance recalling a memory, "You remind me of my son, he was always trying to leave to 'keep is safe', he left I don't know it must be year now, about August he left, I don't know where he is poor little sod, but Liam was always a good lad, he should be fine"

It was then I noticed the significant markers that father and son share, "Dude what is your name, I feel weird talking to a person who's name I don't know?", "My name is Rick O'Hanlon, what is yours son?"
"Sa..... *Ommited*" I told him my real name, I thought he deserved that much. "Come down and meet my wife, she'll be happy to know that our guest is up again, I got up and walked, well more limped down the stairs of this family, I noticed pictures on the wall, and noticed the picture of a small girl, by small I mean, like barely 6, "Do you have a daughter aswell?", He looked sad "My wife did before she met me, she was a lovely child, she was called Kathryn,  she was my little girl, I loved her to bits" .

I now knew I couldn't stay I took two children from this now empty house, I saw his wife and she looked exactly how Kat would if she were to grow old, "Ahh, isn't he a strapping lad, so tall, and strong, maybe when he gets healthier he could stay and help on the farm if he has nowhere else to go", "Mary, leave the child alone, let him eat some more I'm guessing he needs it after how long he was out", ""How long was I
out?" "A day, not too long, you should be fine, come eat", he said tearing off a chunk of bread and dipping it in the soup. That's when HE appeared again noname, he put his finger to where his lips should be, Don't get too comfortable, remember you still need to find Manic". "Are you alright hun, you look like you've seen a ghost", " I have to go.", "nonsense" he replied, "We shall not have a guest leave with an empty stomach and as badly battered as you"

S: "You Don't Understand, You are in Danger, you have to let me leave,"

Man: They'll have to get through me yet, I won't let people pick on those who can't defend themselves

He takes out a rifle,

S: That won't work!* I screamed* The only way you will survive is if I leave you have to let me leave, I don't want you two to be killed by them.

M: Whats so bad that could kill three people in a go.

*With a sad tone*S: That.

He turned around and saw noname and shot, the round went straight through his head and out the other side not hurting him abit.

S: Run, For Fucks sake, Run.

I got them out the door, "Don't kill them please" he waved his finger from side to side, "You need to learn, no one gets out alive, no matter how nice"

By the time I was outside noname was killing them killing the wife infront of the husband, and he killed the man next, I won't divulge the details they're to gruesome even for us, I ran to the man, and tried to see what I could do my perception didn't work, I opened the path to try and use te energy, the man looked at it in disbelief, until I just broke down and started whimpering, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so so Sorry. he Replied "Don't worry Son, we're going to see Kat and Liam now, everything will be alright, everything wil...." Then he died.

Nothing else important happened, So It comes to now, Manic must have come through the path somehow, a weakening of the walls of the worlds, but he's gone again, I am responsible for the death of an entire, happy, family, I am a monster, truly I am.