Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pesky little problems

Again I have been ordered to post on this shitty little blog.

It is in regards to an attack on a facility to day in the early hours of this morning after a classified proxy incident. The facility in question belonged to individual C-558763-B, all individuals in the base were killed, apart from s few seriously injured security staff, and one girl about 20 with red hair who was hiding in a room with a strange computer in it. 

The attack is consistent with reports and attacks pertaining to individual C-558763, so it is believed that a copy cat or ally has utilised what ever little training they received from C-558763 to take down the facility. The member who was most harmed or assaulted, was individual C-558763-B, possibly the perpetrator was seeking revenge for misdemeanors committed by individual C-558763-B.

Precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of pertinent individuals and locations to the case, however this should be proved unnecessary. As all individuals pertaining to C-558763 are under surveillance and our teams are ready to intervene if they are deemed a danger. 

End of report.


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