Friday, 29 June 2012

Well, that's a...... shame

Well Patch. is dead, faded out of existence, I feared that may have happened I could tell the Bokken had too much power over him. I guess its only right I post my last thoughts on him, since he did it for me when he thought I was dead. Paul 'Soulpatched' Rayfield, to me Patch, he fought hard for what he believed in, only took life in the most dire circumstances. A runner in a world apparently inhabited by a multitude of proxies. I feel sorry for Maya to be released so soon and to lose Patch, I feel sorry for Anna who never got to now him properly, fight along side him, save him.

I may pop over to Tachoma to check on Maya, a friendly veteran face that's seen the Slender Man too many time. Finish teaching Anna where Patch left off, maybe there is one child I can save, for Johnny's sake. See if I can enter the Fade, bring him back somehow, but it's unlikely, places like that don't belong to those like us.

I remember the first time I met Patch face to face, in the middle of battle, with proxies breathing down our necks, and Ryan attacking him, I remember I couldn't save him from the Slender Man, I couldn't save him from himself, his anger. I did save Maya though, and when he was still 'good', Antonio.

I guess I could talk for hours about the man I knew, who lived as a runner for near 6 months, helped people, killed only a small few, always tried to keep those close safe.

He was a good man, but a few words may be enough to explain the end,

He lived his life his way, and he ended it his way

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