Thursday, 21 June 2012

Death report

Urgggg, I guess I can't put this off any longer considering someone might have done my job for me, I shall give the full report.

Reporting proxy designation: F-269566
Deceased: Manic Muse/ Sane Soliloquy
Proxy designation: C-558763
Position at death: newly reinstated

Cause of death: Trauma, Blood loss, mind fracture, myocardial infarction.
Time of death: Sometime on Saturday, roughly 13:00 GMT

Location of body: Church hill road, London borough of Barnet.

State of body: The remains of the above had suffered slight decomposition, was missing and arm, and leg, with the other leg stripped of most of its skin. The face was swollen, possibly due to gasses produce by the bacteria composting him, but also probably from trauma to the face one blue eye remained in the socket and the other was empty, nose broken, chest pulled open, lungs have numerous lacerations. All other organs remain in place, no other significant damage to remains were observed.

Arrangements for body: It will be released to the authorities, or his last family member, so they can pay their last respects, a funeral will be allowed, body may be collected and restored if it is needed, but after funeral body will be taken to *Redacted* to fulfill other purpose, and body to be properly disposed of.

Perpetrator of death: Entity, Noname, position, unknown.

This blog is now officially dead, like its contributor, so move along if you please.

- Proxy F-269566

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  1. Yeah shit..... I read that on what his face's blog... that's a shame...