Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The worst has happened

I don't know what came over me but,.... I went to see Tom and Aoife, that wasn't really fun, especially as Unicorn was there in his imitation of me. He also had a gladiator sword, my *Non existent* God, Why does this guy have to hold a grudge, and I could see Sirus sitting inside talking with them, and Aoife was gripping Tom. I went to the door but Unicorn decided to block my way, I chuckled and punched him, surprisingly he didn't seem to shift except his nose bled.

S: Oh so you've been training?

He just stared at me, not moving, I teleported behind him and he grabbed me by the arm as I appeared behind him and broke my arm, I was just enjoying using my arms again. I took out my sword, " So Unicorn, how many people have you killed?" Just that look, "That many, has Sirus showed you what you are fighting? Cause I can."
" We are not fighting the Slender Man, we are fighting you, you are the problem, they want you to end you ends their plans" "Oh", Was how I replied before I went for him, I was surprised to see him block my blow, "oh you've been practicing?" We started fighting Until I took out my knife, who cares if it's not fair, life isn't fair. I started my dual wielding, by striking him with the sword which he blocked and then I went to stab him with my knife and as he was using both hands he had to take one off the sword to stop my knife so I had the chance to deposes him of his sword, leaving him with only his knife, too easy, I kept him on the back foot, striking for the legs, then the arms, my guard wasn't good so I only landed a few light blows, as I had to block his knife.

I finally teleported behind him opened up an entrance to the Path with my knife, and teleported in front of him, I waved good bye to him, he stabbed me in the gut, Before I kicked him into the Path, and watched, with no small amount of pleasure as the creatures feel on him, he fought well, but these things aren't properly living, so he couldn't kill them, I watched as he disappeared amoungst the shadows, until reality cauterised itself. I turned battered, bruised and bleeding, to see Aoife looking at me in horror, and Sirus was Smiling, with noname by his shoulder, patting him on his shoulder, Sirus winked at me, and walked off. "Help" Were the last words I said before I collapsed from pain and exhaustion, I just saw Tom running to me, as my vision became green, then black.

I woke up in my old bed, and I was content until a pain split my sides and I remembered everything, I went downstairs of my old home, and Tom was cooking breakfast as Aoife just seemed to rock back and forth as her mind adjusted. "She was Alive you know, Tom, she was", he didn't respond, I took alot of the bacon on the table with bread and butter, and bangers. After eating my first proper meal for a while, "Tom are you even going to acknowledge I'm here?".

T: He told us what you did, and why you thought it was a good Idea.
S: What part, the killing, the wiping your memories, I really haven't been a good boy recently.
T: All of it.
S: So the Centurion, Maya, Antonio, Paul, Noname, Narcissus, Kat?
A: Who's Kat?
S: Old friend, She's probably dead now
A: Too bad.
T: Wait, she's dead, I thought you said she was alive?
S: Yes, Was, Past tense.
T: He didn't tell me that, did he know.
S: Yes, She almost killed him, That was fun, Where I almost killed that Unicorn guy the first time.
A: He said you were a proxy?
A: Manic?
S: I'm not Manic anymore, not anymore, Aoife, I'm Sane, Manic is Dead.
A: * pain in her voice* Oh.... are you a proxy?
A:well are you?
S: Can I get back to you on that.
T: What Either You Are Or You Aren't Sane, Which is it.
S: I Don't know, Manic was before he Died and I'm being pushed around in some big Butt Fucking Game that those Fears have.

They both looked like they were contemplating something, Aoife looked like she was particularly struggling.

T: You need to leave Sane, everyone around you is Dying or are close to it, all those people you talk on your blog thing, are wither dying or in a terrible state, even those that don't help you. Just leave.

I took my coat, my sword, my knife, held it thoughtfully fro a second and threw it to Aoife, "you'll need this it's more powerful than it looks, more than just opening the path, you may need to kill someone"

She held it like a diseased rat, and said "No, we don't want anything of you left in this house, we were happy until you decided to come back, so I don't want or need your knife" I took it, put on my backpack, Walked out the door and stuck the sword in the ground where I killed Unicorn. And walked off, leaving the last remnant of my past behind, one down, the rest of Sirus' army to go.


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  1. Well there's a reason they say "You can never go home again"

    I am sorry my friend that could not have been easy.