Sunday, 10 June 2012

It wasn't a few days

So I mentioned that my little mini noname was gesturing something to me, well it was a team of Sirus' 'Army' that I assumed had come to kill me, and the assumption was right, and without any people to judge me, I get to kill.

The first one that came at me was a bald kid with a sledge hammer, it helps that my arm had healed and I have lost what little compassion I had regained. So this kid, cause he was a kid, charged me with his sledge hammer I was surprised he could lift the thing to be honest, but I ducked and evaded as is the tradition when getting attacked by someone with a far larger stick. So yeah I did this, I teleported behind him and tapped him on the shoulder when he turned around I decked the little fucker and stomped on his throat. I swear I saw one of them shit themselves, that brought a smile to my face this person rushed me in what I assume was a blind rage, with a Bokken, he reminded me of Paul, but he was not very good with it, I grabbed the sword when he missed me with one strike, and snapped it across my knee, this time I think he pissed his pants, I hope he had changed his underwear before he came out. I took the jagged splintered wood and stabbed him in the leg, I would need this one for later.  There were also twins, obviously a fighting pair, they obviously had some sneaky trick they had to play on me, So I dropped the weapon I had and stood like a preacher infront of a crowd, ready for them to attack, and when they did they did it fast, I swear I blinked and one was right in my face, I think they can teleport was my first thought and I knew this would be fun, and I was stabbed from behind with some serrated blade or metal implement, thankfully it missed all my vital organs, and the pain was diminished due to a little trick I've acquired. I spun round and grabbed the person and winked and teleported her to about 500 ft above ground level, and let her hang there for a second before letting her fall whilst I vanished.

The other twin looked shocked and I did a childish thing and stuck my tongue out at her, that made her angry, she teleported to infront of me and I skipped a few steps back, I was going to play wit hthis one, I had like a minute before her twin died or teleported back. So I played with her abit, making jokes about her twin liking a certain season, and such, her attacks got more frantic and angry, before I teleported to where I dropped her sister, and caught her I don't know 10 ft from hitting the ground, I came back and the twin, who could obviously sense people teleporting as well as teleport herself, went to attack me, unfortunately, I had her sister clutched to my chest and the blades dug into her flesh with a sound that was familiar to me, and I felt the sister quiver, her heart had been lacerated by the blade just between the left atrium and ventrical, and a second laceration occurred on the pulmonary artery, I let go off her sister, when she died so the weight would be taken by the knifes, and the look of grief on the others face was beautiful, all that anger and toughness, gone. I left her alive, but my little pet noname didn't, he put a little contraption in the dead one's pocket whilst the other wasn't looking, it played a little tune and when the other took it to her ear to hear it 3 inch spikes ejected from the object and she twitched and yelped, then slumped over her sister, dead.

Well, Slendy do you want me back I thin I've become a better killer personally and my conscience died recently, so no more problems from him.


I went back to the injured member, who was in too much shock to even try to crawl away, and pulled him up.

S: Hello, I would like some answers, and if you want a painless death you'll answer them.
Guy: Wha...... Wha.... What do you want to know, I'll tell you everything, just don't kill me, please, I was forced into this I never wanted to fight, or kill anyone. II just wanted that thing to leave me alone.
S: If you are after Slendy why are you attacking me?
G: Sirus said you were important to him, so he ordered us to kill you, half the army is out looking for you, we weren't even expecting to see you, it was just a routine sweep.
S: Why did Sirus change the bases position?
G: Yeah, he also has a room which no one else can get into, but we always find strange things, wrinkles in the walls, like it's been torn apart and shut again.
S: Hmmm, where is it?
G: I can't tell you, I've always been blindfolded every time I've gone to and from the place.
S: That's Strange
G: I know, he told us about your ability and I guess he doesn't want you mind reading one of us to get to him.
S: You know what dude, What's your name?
G: John, why?
S: because I want you John to go back to your base and say that I am coming for my brother and no one not even noname can stop me.

J: yeah, yeah, sure, sure,suresuresure, um as long as you let me live, Cause He 'nodding behind me' seems to want that privilage.

* I see Slendy standing behind me, with a happy aura about him like he was pleased*

S: You don't have to worry about me killing you, my brother will do it for me, when you give him this news, you aren't so happy I've let you live now are you.

J: How do you know he will kill me, for just bringing him news.
S: Because you came back alive from a confrontation with me alive, you shouldn't do that, he will have to make an example, kill me or die.

*I laughed and walked off as he frantically tried to call what I assumed was base*

I cast a wink to Slendy and teleported to my place I'm staying.




  1. You don't think very highly of me if that rookie reminded you of me.

    In the right hands, a Bokken, or a Katana, is a part of you, it's soul is part of your soul.

    In the wrong hands, a Bokken is a stick.

    1. Nah the guy reminded me of you before you knew the slender Man properly existed, I thought it was cute, urg, I'm using that word again. And to be honest Paul it's a stick regardless of what you say, apart from your death stick, which is still a stick.

  2. Killing like a Rockstar huh? But your Folks are proud of you.

    1. Well, they're dead, and my father tried to sacrifice me to a child eating abomination, I think I don't give a flying fuck.