Saturday, 9 June 2012

A change of pace- Sane's thought experiment

In my comfy chair I've decided to put up a thought experiment and see if focusing more attention on Slendy will help displace Noname in my consciousness.So I'm going to sort of wing it, Considering I've changed since I've started this Blog, I am going to talk about something like I used to, well Manic, but I have all his memories.

I don't know what to tackle to be honest, I have covered alot of the important issues surrounding the Slender Man, I thought I had an idea coming into this post. I may need to wing it.

Loop Worlds!! I'll talk about that, many of us have experienced this phenomenon, for those who haven't or maybe not even heard of loop worlds, then I'll tell you. A loop world is one which perpetuates itself with an environment that doesn't change and may involve only a small geographical area, or in one case I've seen (Jekyll/Hyde) time is looped only for the person so the whole of existence is the loop. Time also loops alot of the time, so it doesn't change or progress as it should. I have experienced this in my loop world I was trapped in where years seemed to pass, I thought I had grown old but really only a few days had passed.

Now I believed mine was a manifestation of the path, or the path itself, as we've seen I could survive in the path, and it shared alot of characteristics with the path down to it's inhabitants. However alot of the time the loop worlds are urban areas, with beds, walls, maybe in a hotel, or a room or house that may pertain to the subjects past. This has led to my theory it may be an extension of the empty city, I'm not sure whether it is a fear in itself or merely a dimensional gap which alot of the fears use. The main reason was that alot of the subjects are placed in an urban setting, but surely if it is a living being it can alter it's appearance and physics, and I doubt a fear could manifest an  entire separate reality for one victim, even the path relies on the Bleeding tree   and the Slender Man, And we don't even know that much about the Bleeding tree, Whether the two are part of the same being or if they are symbiotically linked.

I bring that point up as some people have referred to slendy as the tree man, and his suit is made of a material that, none of us that have attacked head on, can identify, some see it as part of his 'skin' leathery and such but not leather, or a separate substance from the entity, I have met with one runner who thought it felt like pliable bark or wood, and if I remember correctly Zero who had one of the few experiences of being close to the tree, it'd bark seemed like a type of living flesh that was leathery and moved and writhed. I could be miss remembering my facts but if it is, then they maybe part of the same entity.
So if we are able to get material from it we may be able to fatally harm PRE 01, or atleast find a way to deminish it's strength or effectiveness on us.

But back to loop worlds, a small tangent there, but wasn't it fun, I can see why Manic use to go off on them so often. So loop worlds, yes part of the empty city, access to those not affiliated in a positive manner with a fear is nigh on impossible, so it is a perfect prison, and I have seen very few instances of people being rescued from loop worlds.

However, some of these loop worlds are only mentally imposed like in the case of Reach and Ava, when they went to the Quarry that Reach was supposed to be protecting as a Revenant but again it's been a long time since I've read about this incident so some facts may be obscure and maybe wrong. Though I suppose that could easily be manifested by a single fear, as we have seen many instances where they have coerced our mental faculties, even into doing things we otherwise wouldn't if we had our normal control.

Even then there are rare cases where their bodies have been found in a Numb state, so only their soul has been taken to the loop world, this may happen in more cases but I have no evidence of that at this point in time. So I will have to keep with my main line of thinking that these loop worlds are part of the Empty city, I would look up the archive reference for this entity but I have neither the time nor the ability now, I can barely post this. Also as many fears find some aspects of us curious, they may be unable to replicate a stable environment for us, and with the Empty city housing meetings for the fears and some of their proxies, then it must have considerable experience in maintaining a hospitable environment for those imprisoned in it's confines.

My little friendly 'pet' is here, looking at my screen with a weird tilt to his head, who knew something so faceless could be so cute, ewww, did I just say something was cute, I feel unclean. Him and his brother may be housed in such a loop as they are still as young as when the story tells of them, or maybe Noname disrupted their body chemistry to stop them ageing, or maybe their are a different type of being entirely. Maybe they are an extension of him, so they are a way to influence him? Sorry, I can't go off on another tangent.

That is all I have time for, my little noname is signaling something to me, so I will update in a few days, see you then my little fruity darlings.

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp and Stay Alive,


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