Sunday, 24 June 2012

Voices in the night

hehheheheham they all think they know best, the proxies the runners, all those that claim some sort of moral superiority, but really as we all know everyone is as bad as each other, and why Sirus and his lot had to die, every last one, not the girl, there was a soft spot for the girl. No killing innocents, innocents it's hard to find any in this existence, Patch has a choice over killing his best friend and losing maya, or impregnating a teenager, and still face the former choice, it's so fucked up, yet I can't stop laughing, cause truly who's going to stop me. Cause the Beasts tried and I just came back, maybe he didn't try hard enough. Came back through other people, came back because of an idea.

But Sirus died, and died horribly, he didn't cry at the end, not a tear, not even when I gutted Rochene in front of him, nothing. I pulled out every singular tooth, got adrenalin to keep him awake, and continued to break every bone, tear and sever every tendon, not severing the nerves so he felt everything, the screams were beautiful, the pure un adulterated agony, until I came down with nothing left but his body, his major organ were still working, still intact, not quite going into shock, I was maintaining him, he had to die slowly,  I took some of the nerves I left whole, and snapped and pulled some, Sirus Roared with the agony of it, I tied some together, used them as mini slingshots. By the time I had finished he could barely move a finger, or talk, so he didn't do anything, just lay there bleeding to death, you messed with her, you've killed good people you got what you deserved, so Reaper, meet your maker. With that I stomped on his Trachea, this is the point his lungs realised they shouldn't be functioning and started to contract useless muscles, move a pierced and torn diaphragm, his body more twitched than convulsed, with the lack of nerve signals the muscles were actually receiving, he moved his hand quite abit. This didn't last long as his muscles contracted for the last time his eyes glazed over all pain going, his brain finally giving him a moments peace before he died, then out of his deep blue eyes all the life ran, like water from a blue balloon.

No words to end this one, unspeakable evil has been done, only some proxies will understand.

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  1. I'm glad you added "Only some proxies" to that statement, cause I anit getting it.