Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ow, This hurts alot

My head, my arms, well arm, legs, everything hurts.

He has left me with this computer possibly to tell you lot that I am not Ok, hopefully he gives me back my arm, and my knife, I am screwed. I called his bluff, and now i am in this dimensional space, I can't feel anything with my mind, I am truly alone, it is just me. And this world of pain, thisw little bit has taken me 10 minutes to write.

My little Noname vanished when the big one turned up, and Noname grabbed me and tore my arm off, and busted me up, used the knife the first  twein dropped, and took the skin of my calf, so only the muscle is left, and used the sldge hammer to break three of my ribs. thats when he teleported me to his dimension, nothing was there, no creatures of shadows, no half living corpse, nothing only me, and this pressure. I have only this computer and a bed, which somehow manifest themselves.

I am resigning myself to what must be my fate now, goodbye everyone, I hope this is another one of my melodramatic I have no way out goodbyes.

I reall do.



  1. Well shit!!! Your a super genius at this shit? Figure a way our of it!!

    1. I wish there was, but no, I have to give up now, he's got me in the perfect prison, without my knife I can't cross dimensions, I'm sorry Paul. Atleast I can be a hiccup in their plan by my death. See yah around Paul.
      -Sane Soliloquy