Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Why does Ben have have to be so serious with his reports, cause he is so narrow minded, to think that the person killing is a copycat. A copycat, who would be able to precipitate a series of events the same way I can, and my form of murder. If you have deduced who this is, then maybe, I owe you an explanation maybe about why I'm killing, or how I've got to be here and in this state of existence, well I can't really tell you why I'm doing this, maybe depression, revenge, maybe grief. Sane isn't here to blame all the problems on, nor is Kat here to calm me, and how I got back to this state, well I shouldn't tell you, and if you have been following this properly you should be able to deduce how it happened.

But is it really a good thing to have me back here, and what I have learnt what I've learnt where I was.

-Who would you think


  1. Either your a convincing fake, or someone's pulling a Spock and needs punched in the balls.

    1. Me fake? NOoooooooooooo, And Spock, you and your TV references, I've lived almost my entire life on the streets, I don't know what you're talking about first it was your draagonball, now it's your spocks.

  2. Well assuming this is the actually blogger, you'd be interested to know that your friend Patch didn't make it last night...

    He's gone...