Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hmmm, who would have guessed

I found that John guy dead in a rubbish bin I was scavenging through, yes even I must eat rubbish tossed out by those better off. He had a note around his neck which read "come at me bro" I see my brother still maintains his sense of humor. I have been killing those he sends after me at a steady rate, it's not like their a special army to kill me, oh wait they are, really Sirus I expected better from someone who's known me all my life, or are you sending out the weaker ones first to wear me down, or was Unicorn your prized fighter and now he's dead you don't have anyone to come after me, Is that it? I doubt it, even for assassin standards Unicorn was more a hired thug type than trained killer, but hey what do I know.

Little Slender activity, almost no Noname activity beyond my little buddy here keeping me company, it's weird all that effort he went to to get me close to breaking and doing his bidding, he just leaves me and lets me chase after the Slender Man instead. I don't like this, I had almost every terrible things in existence on me at one point, they took Kat from me and now, nothing. I thought they needed me for some big plan, and I'm remembering Manic's path of revenge, path of death, path of new life bullshit. Does he want me to become a proxy, as thats the only way I can think of entering the path I'm thinking about, but I don't see how it's a path to revenge, or new life, only death.

It's strange, I can't after all this time think Manic can actually be alive, I don't want to help, him, I don't want to be subjugated again, put in a box where I can't live. I can't give up my freedom, I have to save whatever's left of Kat I have to kill Sirus I need to make everyone safe, Manic will get preoccupied with his experiments his emotions, concerning more over Aoife and Tom than on Kat and Sirus, the guy trying to kill us, well me right now. But no I shan't save Manic, ah look who's arrived Noname showing his displeasure, yeah intimidate me all you like you eldritch  dick, What are you going to do, that'll hurt me more than what I already have to endure.

I'm calling your bluff, give me your best shot.


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